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I'm completely confused. In November, my brother left the hospital emergency room and he died shortly after in his bed. As they could find no other cause they are saying it must have been diabetes.
I saw my doctor before Christmas and I told him about this. He was clear that my brother "must have had a different type of diabetes". Really? Until June we were both prescribed the same meds which simply did not work. Of course, we were both pushed and pushed with the diet and exercise stuff as well. Even now... the doctor's advice to me is lose more weight and get more exercise.
I weigh 130 right now and get plenty of exercise. I have just recovered from neuropathy and diabetes-related infections in my legs. The way I was able to accomplish this was to stop taking the drugs that were causing my numbers to go sky high. I was pleased that he at least gave me B12. I can't change doctors because this is the guy who took the non-compliant off my record, supported me when I stopped the sulfs and was the first to prescribe test strips. Following the advice on here really helped but managing my numbers is a constant battle. How can he tell me that I have "just a little bit of diabetes"? He did promise me insulin if the numbers went up again but, now that he has built his new practice, he has forgotten that and is just like all the others...pills, diet, exercise.
So now that I'm clinically depressed... I know this because it is familiar and always triggered by grief... I'm afraid I will lash out or burst into tears at my appointment next week. I just want to scream that the only test for pancreatic function of T2s in this country is death!! I hope that posting this on here will prevent me from saying these things to the doctor on Thursday. I want to stay quiet get my prescriptions for Metformin and test strips and get the h out of there.

Thanks to anyone who listened to my vent.

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Hi Nel. Hope you had good results at your appointment.
My doctor was not concerned by the number. When he saw that I was, he offered to refer me back to the endo. I declined. Honestly, I don't think there is a safe and effective treatment for T2s with an A1C of 7.4. I have decided to stick with this doctor and once again, pay the trainer at the gym to help me. Unlike the endo and the Clinic, she will actually analyze the food logs, meter readings, meds, and workout routine. While she doesn't prescribe meds, she does help me to adjust the timing for the food and Metformin. Best of all, I consider her to be a friend and know that she will believe what I tell her I am doing. I think that's my best hope for the next 3 months. I have an appointment with the chiropodist in Marchto check on the neuropathy and then back to the GP at the beginning of April.

Hello Peetie , you don't want to find out if insulin is required ? Your Trainer sounds very knowledgable !! ...I did not realize till now, you responded here , incl the question about my visit ...lazy or is it smart me ?? ...I copied and pasted partly from the FB response : " more work , ha, ha ...had to have the potassium( K) test redone ( last Fri ) 5.3 ( norm at hi end is 5.0 ) ...we are clear , it is not the bananas I can blame ...hardly eat bananas ...could be the lab's " error " ??...Vit D3 result not in yet ...sent to Vancouver . A1C 7.0 it my meter ??? Fasting BG was 6.9 , meter check 5.3 ...30 percent variance !!! I received a free OneTouch VerioIQ in Nov. and will start getting this one going ...My chol HDL ratio is just a bit less than in July at 2.83 ( no meds ) ...acceptable for me ; kidney function : creat good .

Gee Nel that's a real variation in A1C. Hope you get it all sorted out.
Yes, the trainer is very good. She used to work in a hospital and this summer, she visited a variety of sites including Bloodsugar and TuDiabetes so that she would have current information. She would make an excellent Diabetes Educator but then she wouldn't get the exercise that she gets in her current job.
It is interesting to read all the information and treatment options for T2 that are posted on TuD. Too bad that it is not the way it is really treated... at least not where I live. I don't read too many success stories either. The idea that one might discuss treatment options just seems so foreign to me.

Maybe I did not make myself clear ?? I try again : I most of the time at the Lab also do a BG meter check ( has to be ordered by Doc , otherwise Lab will not record the test result ) My meter test was 5.3 and recorded . My fasting blood test ( 2 min after I did my poke and similar to a random BG test in this case ) was 6.9 : 30 percent variation, not 20 percent as the BG companies " allow " ( between finger poke and lab test ) ...I have spoken to the Bayer people before about same problem .
And because of these results I question my A1C result .
Peetie, I know many Canadians from coast to coast who use insulin ( and are type 2 , including 2 fam members, husband and wife team and living in ON and those who were misdiagnosed ... I fit into that category almost 30 years ago ( 1983 ) ..on meds first , 2 ms later GP followed up on my request : insulin , please . No tests available then , if pancreas produced insulin ...but he listened .so I just don't know what to say in your case .


I brought several brands of meters to test them against the lab result to see which one was closest. Not a good test for accuracy because our meters test from a finger stick & lab test was venous. Venous blood & finger stick will never be the same. So, this has no bearing on A1c results.

Gerri , please explain , if all or most fingerpokes results are so different why do a meter test to compare against Lab value ? Where does the " 20 percent allowable variance " come from ...did I dream this up ?? Last result is 30 percent variance .
I act on my 10- 12 times finger poke results every day ..if the meter shows a number for instance 3.4 ( x 18 )and treat . That 3.4 finger poke result may show at the lab 30 percent higher and I will not need to treat ...would this not have a bearing on a 3 month A1C ??

Sorry Nel... I did misunderstand. I hope you get it all figured out before your trip.

I really think that treatment is based on being in the right place at the right time. I was doing fine until my doctor quit and I ended up going to the wrong doctor. Until that time, I had no idea that doctors believed that they could yell at patients for bad A1cs, asking questions etc. although my brother told me that it had happened to him for years.I'm not really afraid of this doctor because he certainly doesn't yell. He doesn't push unnecessary pills either. I was worried about my reaction because I was still really upset about my brother.
While I believe in keeping current, I don't feel qualified to to prescribe for myself. I'm really disturbed that we must tell doctors what tests to order and which medications are dangerous. It would seem to me that if a patient did not respond to treatment or exhibited serious side effects, the doctor would take action.
I agree with Janina. We are definitely over-medicated. One day they will go on about how stupid we all were. At this time and place however, there are just too many of us so... while depression is best treated with drugs and therapy, there has been a move to drugs alone...oh yes... those drugs may cause suicidal thoughts? pensions are being de-indexed and Federal pensions will now be withheld for 2 years ... hospitals are closed and patients face triage...there are long, frustrating commutes to work where many individuals sit for hours before computer screens only to travel home again to sit before a computer to complete mandatory online courses. No, I don't believe it's about how polite you are. It's all about date of birth, date of diagnosis etc.

Hi Nel. I can't seem to get this comment out of my mind. It makes me feel so disenfranchised!! Last summer you showed me the Canadian protocols which clearly called for meds until one achieved an A1C of 9+. Even then it was at the doctor's discretion and to be combined with the oral meds. The T2s in my area take a high dose metformin, a high dose diamicron and Januvia. This is exactly what was prescibed for me when my A1C was over 10. Are you telling me that you know T2 diabetics in Ontario who get insulin without meds when they present with an A1C of 7.4????

Hi Peetie, I don't recall saying, that I know T2's in ON , who use insulin without other meds; this is not what I ment and apologies if I did ?? There are type 2's on insulin living in Ontario and are TuD members ??
I tried scanning page S57 of the 2008 Clinical Practice Guidelines and was not successful . On the web guide lines are available at page S57 /recommendations .I have always believed in being pro-active with my treatment to the best of my know how , going back to early 1983 , when I asked my GP to put me on insulin , because the weekly Lab bloodtest results were too high to my liking( and what did I know then ...much , much less than today ??) . A very complex disease , called diabetes !

OK, I'm repeating myself. Lobby for insulin! Today Chardonnay, Cheers!

Thanks Trudy. I plan on approaching some MPPs when I'm off work in the summer. What I would like to see is some accountability for treatment. Baco Noir... Cheers!




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