When I starter pumping a couple of weeks ago with my Medtronic Minimed 522, I was offered two choices for my infusion sets, including the Silhouette and The Quickset. I wasn’t particularly attracted to a manual insertion of the gigantic needle, so I settled for the Quickset infusion sets.

Now I've decided to compare a few different sets to see which one I like. The full story is here in my blog

Does anyone have any suggestions of sets to try?


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i am sorry.but am i missing the point?
i mean.a lot of people likes sure T's,i really dont understand.i am not a pumper,YET,but i am going to be,and i want to make the right choice when it comes to an important thing like this.
doesn't wearing sure t's means wearnig two infusion sets,or to be more exactly,two needles,thats what i have seen
and it doesnt have an inserter'
the same thing with the sil's,it seems long and thick
no offence,but i just think if i am going to choose
the qualities i am going to look for are ""
-the length of the tubing(it has to be in two lengths)
-the needle is a mystery to me,what is better,metal or plastic?
-an inserter is diffenetely a positive

i really would apreceate if some one gave me a hint based on experience
I have been pumping for 4.5 years and I started with the Quicksets with the 9mm canulas which was really nice, to start with. I changed to the Sil Sets after about 2 years and then about 6 months ago went back to the Quickset but went with the 6mm set. I have never had any problems with the Quickset it has an inserter, which I have to have. Sillouhetes also have an inserter which I used. The problem I had with Sillouhetes was that I had problems with it leaving a lot of scar tissue in my insertion sites. I have never tried the Sure T's so no comment on that. Quickset has 2 lengths of tubing, I think the Sil does too, I always go with the shorter length. Both of these sets have metal needles that are in the middle of the canula when inserted that are pulled out and what is left is a flexible plastic canula in the insertion site. I hope this helps. It is scary when you first start pumping!
Saya, "doesn't wearing sure t's means wearnig two infusion sets,or to be more exactly,two needles,thats what i have seen" ...
I thought , that maybe Donna or Dave may respond to this better than I , but I''ll try and for visual effects google Sure-T infusion set ( I don't know how to place the MM set here ) : the Sure -T consists out of 2 parts, 23 inch tubing .Part 1 about 4 inch tubing and the infusion set with a 6mm very fine metal needle ( no inserter required ; place it where you want it to go , press ) .Part 2 , attach to clean skin ...this is the part , that you can disconnect with the 23 inch tubing.. One has to have the tubing filled ( both parts ) prior to attaching to clean skin by priming the pump . Leave a bit of slack between part 1 and 2 .
I have contacted MM Canada about tubing length...I really prefer 40 inches ; have not had a response ...next week a call to them to follow up .Who knows my e-mail is in cyberspace ?
Did I make " it " clear ??
And why not ask for samples of all types, when you start pumping ?
The Sure T only has one length of tubing (23 inches). There is a very short tiny needle 6mm, but seems even shorter that can simply be pressed into the site without an inserter. The other "site" that you are seeing is just an "anchor" taped to the skin a couple inches away from the site where the set is disconnected. There is no needle there. It is simply taped to the skin to prevent any tugging on the needle and possible displacement. Hope this helps answer your question.
I use the quicksets and haven't had a problem with them. I am also using the Mio and like them too. Have only had two go bad in nine months.
same here. i've been pumping for 12 years and have only used sils. had great success. in fact, i average about 7 days per site and never had a problem; maintain great numbers. big help when insurance is stingy.
Jacqueline,thanks a lot for the information you gave,i sure would need it in future

thanks nel,you are a wonderful reacher,i too was hoping for dave since the only word he would say is sure t's and he sems enough of an expert to me too!
so then it is true,two infusion sites!thats :(, :0

so donna you mean the other (infusion)is simply a mere tape!i still dont get it,just place extra adhesive and thats all,why double the site?
and iam really grateful for you for w=explaining,i just cant get it
Saya, ONLY one infusion to deal with ; the other part is used for as Donna said : " anchoring ( ie needle dislodging ...the word Medtronic uses ) AND disconnecting " . I googled Sure-T infusion set again and the picture MM shows is : top part left is the needle part , attached to the bottom right part , where you can disconnect.. One would not want to take the needle out , every time one disconnects. Some people are allergic to the teflon of a cannula set , instead can use the needle .
Oh , I wish I could show you in person ;-)
PS I think Donna responded at same time as I did ( 18 hours ago ) !
I was taught to train oneself to use manually insertion with any of the other sets. Serter may break , misplaced , forgotten to take along on a trip etc. etc.
Quickset, 6mm, 24 inch tube works very well for me.
Although I use a Ping I use comforts that are the same as silhouettes. I went through all the other ones because I did not want to use the long needle. Finally I tried it and I don't think it hurts any more than when I was on MDI.

I did try the contact and detach which I believe is the Ping version of the Sure T. If this is true, it has a stainless steel straight needle and for me that was more painful than the insertion needle of the comfort/silhouette
SO, i have been using the silhouettes since my last supplies order, but still had one box of the 6mm quicksets, which I figured I could use until the new order arrived (probably this week). I am still fine tuning a few basal tests, but am shocked at the different results day to day back on the quicksets, much higher sugars, much less absorbtion as far as I can see...

It's not a huge issue as I do not plan to use the quicksets any more,and it is often difficult to precisely pinpoint the cause of any rash of high glucose numbers (I have been getting less sleep, thought I might have a cold last week, etc.. ), but the one consistent thing has been the temp switch back to quicksets - I am a fairly lean guy, so that may be the issue. Has anyone else noticed huge differences from set to another?
i do manual insertion with sil, but i don't know why when i used quick set it hurts a lot more than sil




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