Does anyone else ever get a call from their insurance company if they are late ordering a med and they think you are not taking it? My internist office called today saying my insurance (secondary since I am on Medicare) called them to say I was not taking my (specific med)! Well, I am taking it and was a bit late in sending a new script for more but I try to build up extra meds and had enough to last me. I had gone beyond my 90 day supply in reordering.

This has happened to me once before with a different med--same issue, last year.
I think it is strange. It had never happened with me before last year so I wonder if this is a new policy with insurance companies that they keep track of your med orders and "tell on you" to your MD. And I certainly have been late a few times over the years though it is only a very occasional thing. And, as noted, I build up a supply by ordering a bit early each time. I do not like to run out. My secondary is BCBS. It feels a little like Big Brother is monitoring my med intake.

Could it have anything to do with my being on a pump? Or just Big Brother.

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You should tell them you mugged an old lady and stole hers and see what they say!
I think this is the greatest answer I read yet. My Pharmaist told me the Dr. doesn't know if you fill your meds or not. I get free samples on insulin sometimes from my Dr. and so far Liberty hasn't called to tell me that I'm not taking my required amt. When on a pump and your BG's are normal, you sure don't use as much insulin but then again if your BG's are high and use more and run out, is your pharmacy going to ship you more if you call them? I'll just go to my Dr. and get a vial to tide me over. I can believe anything the Gov. is involved in can sure get things screwed up and everything that involves money is the name of the game today. The heck with your health. Ain't like the 50's or 60's. It's all a crooked game out there. Fishinglady
Haha! Wish I had thought of that!
I've had the pharmacy call, but not the insurance company.
I like ARs answer!

I have never had that happen. I think I would be really ticked if that happened to me. I frequently skip stuff for a reason. I take a diuretic and when I go to doctor's appointments, it is an all day trip to Pittsburgh for me and it is not possible to be running to the bathroom when you are in a car. I have stopped taking stuff when I suspected it had gluten in and would wait until the symptoms cleared up before taking it again to rule it out.

I also have a Medicare plan. Maybe it is possible that they call the doctor & the doctor just ignores the call. There is a new Medicare ruling that just went into effect having more coordination of care to have better outcomes - I haven't had a chance to read that yet to see what is going to happen there. My first thought was that maybe that had something to do with it but you said it happened last year also.
I have Caremark. They do these types of things all the time. The more you order your meds the more likely it is they make a profit. Even though it seems like those with insurance pay very little compared to cash pay prices you can bet these pharmacy programs are making money every time you order so it is in their best interest to call your doc to get them to "yell" at you for not taking your meds.
I believe I would hit the roof before realizing they are just trying to look out for your health. After all a healthy you will cost them less in the long run. Even realizing that it would still rub me the wrong way. I've about had enough of the so called nanny state.

I also like Acidrock's answer. That might teach them to mind their own business.
I got a call about 3 or 4 years ago when I was on Lipitor. Blue Shield of California (BSCA) called to make sure I was taking it and asked if I stopped. They told me if I stopped taking it, I needed to discuss it wiht my doc. That is the only one I have received of that type. A nurse from BSCA calls me every 3 months to check on me and my meds and see if I have any questions ro concerns.
Ya, AR's answer is really cool. Like that, but I don't think it will deture them.

Yes, I've had calls about reordering meds, even Target has called to ask if I wanted to refill a pers. Also an old doctor I left, keeps sending me literature of seminars he is holding, and he called Target to reinstate some meds for me after a year of not seeing him. This was surprising that he would call them in, and you'd think maybe he would realize I was not coming back.

Also, I've had BCBS call and ask how my BG's are, my A1c's, how much insulin I take etc. Funny thing is I am deaf but they refuse to talk to my husband, so he has to tell me what they are asking and I have to answer them. Oh by the way they did not agree on the A1c that my doctor said was good. Doctor was ok with 5.5 but BCBS said a 7 was better. I told them I go by the law of small numbers and explained what that was, they did not think this was healthy at all and told me to eat more and take more insulin.

My HMO has a robo dialer that actually called and said someone in our household was on a cholesterol med and were we taking it?
That was me. I am terrified of the side effects since I have fibromyalgia. I waited until just four weeks before my next appointment to start the pills. It apparently noticed. Or something.
Then, the pharmacy where I get my strips called and asked why I hadnt picked them up.
I have a bit of back log on them, and dont usually run out. But I decided, ok, if they are going to be checking up on me then I will fill them more often and keep them around. If that is what they want to do, fine, I will be happy to pick up my order monthly.
The Dr.'s don't even check the side effects with other meds you're taking. I was prescribed one med for esophogus and was on Actonel for osteroperois and was reading the insert on Omeraprozale and it stated it promoted osteroperosis. I never took another one or got it refilled. So far neither Dr or Pharmacy or ins. has called. Just get that drug out there and make the billions, then check the reactions when the patient nearly dies. Look at Avandia and Actos. The Pharmacutical Co. is all for the money, not your health. How many new med samples do you get when you go to your Dr? Nexilant for GERD, Livalo for cholesterol. The Drs. dont read the inserts before handing you the samples. Pays to read the inserts first.
Actually, you would be surprised at the amount of presumably "private" health information is actually usurped. Drug reps can get listings of all the prescriptions a dr has made and use that in their marketing. Insurance companies monitor what prescriptions you buy and intervene in your medical care. During my personal "cholesterol wars," I had to actually notify my insurance company that they were NOT licensed to make medical recommendations and to please stop sending out letters to everyone suggesting that I be put on statins. Statins were toxic to me and it was just stupid for them to undertake a campaign to eliminate me from the earth.

At times over the years, my insurnace has also assigned a "nurse" to "help" me with my care. After a while it became clear that the nurse was of no help, she was minimally competent, had no advice for me, would not intervene or advocate for my care with my doctors or even help get insurance approval for things. The point of the "help" was to collect information about me. So I no longer cooperate with the clandestine intelligence operation.

So yes, it is big brother and I consider it an inappropriate monitoring and intervention.




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