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I'm back with yet another question... My first question is it normal to have a itching feeling around my injection site? This is the second time that I've noticed it... not sure if I'm supposed to scratch so I pat lol and another question I have is is traveling hard with the pump as far as airport security? Do I need to get a note stating anything specific? I know when I usually travel I have my doctor write a note saying I'm a diabetic and need to keep my supplies on me, but this will be my first time traveling with my pump?


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If you click on "Forum" on the top banner, and enter "airport security" in the search box, you will find many discussions on travelling with a pump. here's one


If you are itching around the infusion site, it could mean it's starting to get infected. how many days were you on the same infusion set? also, please take care to rotate sites well. many of us long-time pumpers have areas with a lot of scar tissue from using the same areas over and over. I do not go within a square inch of the same site within a calendar month.
Hey Jae - yeah itching around the site can happen from time to time with the infusion set (how soon does this happen?). I know when I used the teflon cannula's I sometimes had the area itchy (heck - I scratch - just try not to - there's a cream I've put on the area where the infusion set goes into - that helps with that - can't remember what it is - but someone will no doubt say what it is further down). Anyway, I discovered I'm allergic to the teflon cannula in my skin - plus the angled infusion sets make me get that way - maybe due to the angle and more flesh in contact with the cannula? I now use the stainless steel infusion set (90 degrees - straight in).

Be prepared to stop at the airport security for a few minutes (I average 5-10 minutes) - incase the alarm goes off when you go thru' all the high tech stuff we do with air travel. I always set off the alarm, get pulled aside, etc. etc. I don't mind it, as many others will tell you too. Some don't, but it's part of air travel now.

I've never had my letter from my endo updated since going on the pump. It just says the same as yours. I make sure that I have all my prescription labels with me for every med I use (e.g. insulin) - so they know that it is my medication. Other than that, just relax, and it should be alright and enjoy your flight! You'll be a pro at this in no time, and able to offer up the same advise as some of us do here.

Where abouts are you flapping your wings to? Make us jealous, and expect a few of us to ask if you can pack us in your bags. I always try - for some reason - people don't say "Yeah - FatCatAnna - make yourself tiny - get in my bag" :)

Anna \\^^// at The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes! Whoo! Whoo!
well I've only been going between the left and right side of my back side because it hurts in my stomach becasue I jump everytime I do it there. It only itchs every once in a while and its not everytime I change my site, I change it every 3 days sometimes 4(per my dr) but was told not to do it that way too many times(waiting til day 4). I saw where it said something about not putting them thru xrays cause it can cause damage, just my luck that I do that and something happens, I'll probably just try some of the ways that are listed on the site. THanks guys...
Oh and I'm going to Houston, never been so I'm excited.
The magnetometer you go through (metal decector) is not x-ray - so they say you are safe to walk through that. Some people had said they disconnect and put their pump with their carry-on through the x-ray machine. I don't think however, the manufacturers recommend that.
I think that's what I was talking about, the x-ray belt u put ur things on I should have been clearer I
Yeah - Jennifer has got it right. NEVER take off your pump for them - or disconnect. They may ask you to unclip it from your pants or wherever you keep it, as they'll probably swab it (mine is always swabbed - has a little cleaning behind it's ears ).
Scroll down to the Diabetes area in the following link - and you'll understand your rights in the USA for traveling (Canada is much the same where I live) - http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/specialneeds/editorial_1374....

You may get itchy BTW with leaving in the infusion set over 3 days. My stainless steel ones actually say every 2 days - but I leave it in for 3. I know with the teflon cannula itchiness would occur after 3 days (I used to wait until my cartridge ran dry - e.g. 5 days - but was told DO NOT DO that - so I obeyed that diabetic pumpers advise - due to scarring and absorption issues with insulin later on).

Oh and if you luck in like I have at some of the major US airports - the Advanced imaging technology screening is so non-evasive - bing, bang, boom - you are finished in under 3 minutes. Some don't like it because a screener in a private room "sees" your body - but heck - if it's as fast as it has been for me - I'm not complaining. Just don't wear holey underwear (only kidding).

Houston - lucky girl - take me with you - take me with you!!!!!
I looked at the website and will probably do as it says just trying to make it less hassful as possible!

Though I can't take u with me, I'll have fun for everyone lol




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