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Just Curious, Is there anyone who is generally happy with the Omnipod?

I recently switched from medtronic to the omnipod..,so far things have been great, but after ready a few of the discussions on here I am becoming a little scared... and thinking maybe I made the wrong choice?

I think all pumps have "quarks" and "issues".. I had plenty with the minimed... but just looking to hear some positive feedback... as well as the main issues.


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I'm confused, you put your omni pod in the freezer? Is this a common thing?

Freezing the screeching pods silences them, then you can throw them out.

I have only had my OmniPod for 9 days now, but I love it. I would hate the thought of going back to my Paradigm 715.

It has changed my 13 year old daughters life. When she was diagnosed at 12 18 months ago, she was 65 pounds. she did not want to eat because everytime she put anything in her month she had to take a shot. she has been podding for almost a year and is 5'2 and weighs 90lbs, looks healthy, can play sports again, and eats like a normal teenager.
Yes there are issues but not all that many quite frankly. Its a great thing, and more importantly she is happy and feels in her words "normal"

That might be the happiest oPod story! What a relief for you.

Thanks everyone, I've been on Omnipod for 3 weeks (about) now... and I did have my first "bad" pod today... However, I am still in LOVE with OmniPod. Years of medtronic ruined my stomach, and caused a lot of scar tissue. Not to mention I it was always awkward to wear a dress... since the Omipod I have been able to wear dresses, and give my stomach some breathing room! (No pun intended). I was scared at first, but now the only regret I have is not switching sooner :)

4 years this summer on omnipod. I don't have any issues with it at all. I recently trialed the mm revel for a week and the ping for 2 weeks as our insurance would have approved a new pump. But decided to stick with the omnipod. The screen is great and is easy to bolus from and frankly the no tubing aspect tips the scales every time for me.

I think you will find people who are happy don't post as often, because they are ... Happy with it and those who are having problems can come here and ask for help so it seems that lots of people are not happy, but at least for me, I don't regret choosing the pod ... It just works for me .

I will join my voice to the chorus that really likes the Pod. This is my only pump experience, but I would not think of changing back to MDI or to a tubed pump. Do I sometimes have trouble? Of course. But bad lots eventually go away and the freedom and control I have with the Pod generally make up for rough spots. I have had good luck with the Pod over the last two years, so do not be afraid of the system. As was mentioned earlier, most people do not post when they are pleased; they only post when they are frustrated. (That's why I do not trust "product reviews" online either. The whiners will outnumber those pleased with a product 4 to 1.)

As a general rule on the internet, you'll see more negative than positive on everything. Humans normally prefer to gripe than to praise. That doesn't mean something is bad, and everything has it's positives and negatives. Learn from the negatives and move foward.

I am a new OP user in Canada, first in my area, and although I've had some minor challenges, I am extreemly happy with the device. I've been diabetic forever (at least, it feels like forever) and have been waiting for this thing to arrive in Canada for years and it finally did.

Being a new pumper, there was a brief adjustment period while I got al the parameters adjusted, but even so, still managed to drop my a1C by 1.7 in the first 1.5 months. I've had a few pod issues, and a few body locations that didn't seem to take the cannula well, but Im sure most of that is just me getting used to the process. The Canadian support people were extreemly helpful and easy to deal with when I had issues or questions.

So, I am a very happy Omnipod user and hopefully things will just keep on getting better and better. I really didn't think pumping would make such a big difference, but it most certainly does.


I love the omnipod! I surf with it, run with it, hit the gym with it etc. No tubes, no unplugging, I wear it on my butt cheak and don't notice its there most of the time.

Insulet is really good too. My insurance was taking forever on a Prior Authorization refill and Omnipod emergency overnighted me 6 pods to tide me over.

My daughter's been on the omnipod 3 weeks. It's been a rough 3 weeks with 1 week of crazy numbers due to the initial adjustment, 1 week of great numbers and then this last week we're dealing with a virus that caused her numbers to soar. Had 2 pod failures in 1 day - one in the middle of an extended bolus and 1 in the middle of a regular bolus. After changing out the last pod, I said to my husband: If this one beeps, we're going back to syringes at which point my daughter said, "No - please, no!" Long story short...she'd rather deal with the quirks of the pod than MDIs and that's good enough for me. And even with those 2 "pokes", it's still 5 pokes less than she was getting on MDI on a daily basis.




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