Anyone else get the reaction that I get when I mention I'm diabetic? I mostly get it from RNs who do not specialize in diabetes. They say, "You're kinda young...." What the heck is that supposed to mean??? My chart says I'm "Type 1." I can understand getting that reaction when I was first diagnosed at 19, but not now (at 32). And they say it with an aire of, "That's really unusual....Who did you p*** off to get that disease?"...almost an I-feel-sorry-for-you-but-how-did-you-deserve-diabetes tone. So, if I were old and decrepit, then it would make sense??? *steps off the soapbox*

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I went to see a Gastroenterologist a few years ago and he asked me how long I had diabetes. I told him 28 years and he gave me a weird concerned look and said "ohhh" very slowly. Was like he had no clue that someone could have diabetes for nearly 30 years and still be alive.
If I ever move to your area, give me the name of your gastroenterologist so that I NEVER see him. You would think that especially specialists would have experience dealing with diabetes.
I was diagnosed with Type 1 at 49. Even my Walgreens pharmacist who had known me for a few years told me I don't look diabetic when I went to get my first round of supplies.
You look kinda young for 32. Are you sure you don't have diabetes?

I have told people that I have type 2 diabetes and they have responded "well I guess you do look kinda fat."

ps. I am at a good weight and I didn't "look" fat before you knew I had diabetes.
Oooh, burn! Love how people assume things. Maybe they didn't think you were diabetic because you were actually educated about it. I think some medical professionals automatically assume that I'm clueless or lazy about my diabetes because they encounter too many diabetics that do not take care of themselves, which gives us healthy diabetics a bad name. I've experienced being talked down to because I was judged by my disease. I've encountered one too many diabetics who don't take the disease seriously, sad to say.
I was diagnosed when i was 4 and when people find out they blame me for eating too much sugar or they saw AWWWW you poor thing. some think im still too young to know how to manage my diabetes
i guess usually because they just link diabetes with youngsters or elderly but never think that the youngsters will eventually grow up.
I get this all the time. Also since I'm a bodybuilder, people look at me and say you don't look diabetic. I've given up trying to explain the differences because the majority of people just don't care and they really don't understand the science/physiology/etiology behind the two diseases. I could sit there and explain it to them and make their eyes bleed with boredom, or just move on. Kind of like a party when people try to explain the differences between two types of apples or topoisomerases. I just change the subject and move on since 90+% of the diabetes are T2, it's a losing battle to get the majority of people to understand.

The problem in healthcare with people not understanding the difference is pretty pervasive. Again, since 90+% of the people they deal with are T2, they're going to assume that all diabetics are T2. Even the media has given up on differentiating. If they reference diabetes, it's T2. For better or worse we're all lumped together. Is this annoying? YES! Is it going to change? Not a chance.
Actually Type 2's are more like only 75% now that they have recognized all the misdiagnosed ones!
I'm glad I don't "look" diabetic. That way, I don't have to explain my diabetes as much. However, it is pretty annoying to get such a comment.
newtoheaven, I used to get the same thing. I feel your pain. I used to keep it a secret when I was in school all the way thru college. Now it is just water rolling off my back. I am now 56 almost 57. I was dx'd July 5,1958. I was 3. My daughter was dx'd May 4,2006 at the age of 23. She gets that all of the time. Still going strong and will not stop for anything. Keep a stiff upper lip and march on young lady!!!
Nurses who we think know everything medical huh???? I get that all the time. It was alot harder when I was 10-20 getting that from ppl I thought knew everything medical but now I've learned over the years that they really don't and I wind up explaining it to them. Yep it gets me all the time but I got to where I look at it as a learning experance for them. Not all diabetics get it because their old or over weight.




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