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Here is the link to this lady's website.

It seems she claims to have cured her daughters type 1 diabetes with diet. I don't understand how she is managing this. I think a honeymoon period would explain some of it, but that should be over by now. A carb-less existence would help for a while. Those of you with more knowledge and experience please check it out and let me know what you think. Don't worry, I don't think that this would work for us as my 12 year old would starve on this diet.

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It does not work for one or two kis, if the child in question has Type 1 diabetes. It could work as long as they are in the honeymoon stage. There are some children who do experience long honeymoons, though it is very rare. You must supply the hourly basal needof insulin your body would give you if your beta cells were still functioning. Plain and simple. It is approximately .70 to 1 unit an hour for each 100 pounds of weight for most adults, I believe. If you are drinking nothing but water and you don't get this basal need met, you will die. I don't know why there is so much confusion about this issue.
It looks like they took it down.

Sheesh. Some people are just...not very nice.

When I was diagnosed with melanoma I was horrified to see all the snake-oil salesmen preying on cancer victims on-line. It was shocking. I learned which websites to trust, i.e. PubMed, and which sites to avoid like the plague, i.e. anything where a "doctor" was selling supplements.
Okay..... Here's how it works. Regardless of the amount of carbs eaten, if a child is not getting her hourly basal rate of insulin either through Lantus or the pump, that child would die, and quickly. If disconnected from the pump accidentally, in the absence of any food or drink, we have seen numbers in the 400s after two and a half or three hours (which is the most time she has been accidentally disconnected; it happened twice in five years). She is on a pump so no Lantus which lasts 20 hours or more. Once a child has been diagnosed and is past the honeymoon stage, if basal insulin is not supplied by an external source (because they are not getting what they need since their beta cells have died), they will be in trouble fast. I believe, after about eight hours if on a pump, you would have an emergency situation and go into DKA. You have 24 hours plus another four or eight if you are on Lantus. No insulin equals death. With or without a no carb diet.
I wanted to respond to your post because I know Kim personally and have witnessed what she has discovered. I actually just found this thread when I was searching for a recipe on her website and I need to respond. I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for 12 years and spend a lot of time counseling to Type 1 and 2 diabetics as well as creating meal plans. When I first heard what Kim was doing I was just a skeptical as everyone else here and bombarded her with questions, stating over again that I wouldn't last 1 hour without insulin, how can this be possible for her daughter? She graciously invited me to begin attending their meetings (trust me, she is an excellent mother) and I got to know all of these young children that have Type 1 Diabetes who had gone from pump users to no insulin at all. This kept me up many sleepless nights in wonder of how it is possible. The difference between standard western medicine and Kim's idea is she is getting to the root of the problem as it begins, instead of masking it with drugs. Over time, after needing all the evidence everyone else wanted, I really feel like this is a cure. Keep in mind, this is not an easy lifestyle! The diet is very rigid and would require a lot of home cooking. Yet the difference is, the children will not have to live their life being a slave to insulin injections. If they chose to live this way forever, they can have a relatively normal life. I'm 28 and recently married and my husband and I want to have children. I think everyday about how I need to prepare for this high risk pregnancy, and even worse, how life will be if my child gets Diabetes. I am very knowledgable about Diabetes and I would practice Kim's plan on my children! The difference is, I had no choice when I got Diabetes. I started injections that day and suffered horrible control for many years. Who knows if I would have chosen to stick to such a diet in my teens, but I would bet that I would have. The difference is, families can have a choice. I was not given a choice. Please do not disregard this but take the time to research. Why is Diabetes so prevelant and getting worse? Why are more and more people getting Type 1? I know it is the genetically modified foods we eat. Toxins create disease. I used to read stories of poeple that reversed Type 1 by eating a plant based, organic, clean diet. It angered me that they would make such impossible claims! But now I'm a believer. But keep in mind, if you have had Diabetes for more than a year or two, your beta cell production is gone and this plan is impossible. The idea is to rest the pancreas while 20% of insulin production may be available (the honeymoon period) and let the body heal and rebuild itself, which it will do! But I know this could not work for me and I am on an insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor, and of course many glucose tests each day. But I guarantee if you tried the plan even at a later stage, you will notice much better clontrol with low glycemic increases and more energy. I have not talked to Kim in years and it would break my heart if she saw this thread and what people have accused her of. She was a mother that insisted on finding a cure. I'm reading the book right now of the family that first had their daughter use insulin. What if that family had not insisted there was more? Ok...I'm ready to face the firing squad. Feel free to contact me with questions or my personal story. I have run marathons, been a professional dancer and traveled the world with Type 1 so I'd be happy to lend support to anyone who needs it.
Sorry, DI, I don't believe you one iota, and I do not believe there is a cure. A pancreas that has lost its capacity to produce insulin does not all not all of a sudden start working again because of a change in diet. As a person with diabetes, I get so tired of the false claims and charlatans. Please, stop! If you want to honestly help those with diabetes, please!, let's keep it real.
It's the newby T1 who are most vulnerable to such nonsense. They are the ones who are most desperate to be taken in by the miracle cures. I've been around the block a few times, so I know better. But hey, if YOU want to believe her, be my guest.

False hope is much more cruel than little hope or no hope at all.
kenx, I'm a scientist, so I'm all for finding solutions to problems and answers to life's deep mysteries. By the same token, I'm very sensitive when it comes to people making wild claims that fly in the face of science and evidence-based research. Does the sun rise each morning because it hears the rooster crow? Some people may think it so because to them it seems that way, but I know better. I'm happy as a clam letting you go about believing what you wish; however, if you try to indoctrinate me or my children with nonsense, I'm not going to put up with it. I feel the same way when people try to take advantage of diabetics and the plight of our disease. Enough is enough.

Believe me, if there were a CURE for T1, JDRF would be all over it.

Also, when you paraphrase or quote someone, please get it right. I NEVER said little hope was better than no hope. I said the following:

False hope is much more cruel than little hope or no hope at all.

BTW, when marketing ideas, such as diets, building a foundation of devoted believers is often the goal before the diet is marketed in printed form.
kenx, you just don't get it. The isn't about MY research. It's about claims being supported by evidence-based research. Someone can come on here and post that drinking 32 ounces of pickle brine per day, sleeping on one's back, and running around a gym track backwards 2 miles, 4 times per day is a promising cure for diabetes. Are you going to believe it? Are you just going to let that get posted without question or challenge? I won't. But again, hey, you can believe what you what you want to believe. Go for it!
NO, kenx, you still don't get it. To whom did I respond in MY initial post? However, it's pointless for us to continue arguing here. Let's just agree to disagree. Have a nice day.
I totally agree with you BMD! If there was such a cure my mother would have found this years ago. Yep she tried every new idea put out there and none of them worked.

It is CRUEL to tell a newly dignosed diabetic there's a miracle cure for the d out there and all you have to do is this.........................
If it dosen't hurt the child then try it alls I'm saying is it NEVER woked for me and those ideas of something getting anyone over a lifetime desease can hurt the child in the long run. I'm not really missing the point here, God knows how many things I've done to find a "cure" but alast it never worked. I just don't want any false hopes and the child having to go what I went through as a child, then an adult (those hospital stays and being in DKA isn't fun at all)I haven't read this thread I just stated my own opinion on those "you can control it by diet alone" things when it comes to us Type 1's.

In other words be sure and have the insulin avalable to these ppl you want to put through these "cure thingys"
Thank you kenx! It is not a cure because we don't yet understand how it works, its working for some and not for others. But this is REAL people there are kids (I've met them) that were 100% diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and now have no antibodies, normal C Peptide and a perfect A1C which in the words of an Endo means "no diabetes". The problem is from what I've experienced every body needs different treatment. There is no "plan" you can follow you have to put in the work of eating a gluten and dairy free diet then see what foods trigger your blood sugar and eliminate them. My daughter can eat carrots and go low but she'll then eat a green bell pepper and shoot sky high. Will the diet work for an adult longtime T1D, who knows not a one (as far as I know) has been open minded enough to try it and put in the work. It is work. It is not starvation, it is not total carb elimination. It is finding YOUR trigger foods and eliminating them, taking vitamins and supplements and filling your body with healing nutritious food that works with YOUR body. Some can have rice some can't, some can have fruit some have to limit it, its not one size fits all. All I know is that the common denominators I've found is that most all of these kids show signs of "leaky gut syndrome" and they all have inflammation. The common thread between T1D, Celiac and Hashimoto's (which my daughter also has) is that they are all inflammatory related illnesses. Is it so hard to believe that if the body is no longer inflamed and suffering from sensitive foods it might begin to heal? Stop loading your body with foods that trigger it and it will stop attacking itself. There is no doubt in my mind that the pancreas can regenerate on its own that diabetics can create insulin producing beta cells again, the studies are being done, its only a matter of time. It wouldn't be the first time science has been wrong. People should stop putting all of their eggs in basket and open their minds. As far as the JDRF they've been told about this, they have acknowledged it works but that it is "too hard for most people to do" uhhhhh yeah because diabetes isn't hard. As far as giving so much hope and faith to the medical/pharma industry just remember that its easy for the people that are planning your death to make themselves look really good at trying to save you.




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