Here is the link to this lady's website.

It seems she claims to have cured her daughters type 1 diabetes with diet. I don't understand how she is managing this. I think a honeymoon period would explain some of it, but that should be over by now. A carb-less existence would help for a while. Those of you with more knowledge and experience please check it out and let me know what you think. Don't worry, I don't think that this would work for us as my 12 year old would starve on this diet.

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Doris, you've been dealing with diabetes for many years. You understand.
Yes I have and I have a Type 1 daughter too. Thank You BMD!
Ken, you said it was NOT a diet, but then in this you reply, you say it's a diet. I'm confused.
Its the newby T1's and the parents of those that will find the cure, open your mind to possibility. Why are people on here so angry and cynical?
MaddysMom, many of us are angry and cynical because we have been confronted with many false hopes and have been exploited by unscrupulous charlatans. Many of us feel exploited by the medical community and pharmaceutical companies as well. When you have a chronic disease, it comes with the territory. You learn to have a watchful eye.

That being said, pioneers such as Dr. Bernstein haven taken risks and moved beyond the medical practices that were in place when he started his research. Bernstein's own grassroots research has benefited many of us, so I don't think anyone here is against honest research, even at the grassroots level. That being said, controlled studies built upon solid research are important, especially when children are involved as subjects of the research.
The woman Kim who is the first to use this method with her daughter followed Bernstein's method. I guess what I don't understand is why people are so angry with regard to this, we are mother's trying to share our findings with you guys. Kim took her site down and other Mother's have as well from people filled with anger sending hate and threats, its sad that grown people have to behave this way. I am a MOM of a toddler with T1D for 2 years, I don't want people selling me false hope or their s***** herbs I want my daughter to lead a normal healthy life and because of these theories and methods and our trying new things our lives have changed, that's all I was trying to share to possibly help others. Kim, myself or any other parent never made money, asked for money or tried to sell anything.
People are angry and cynical because those are the type of people they choose to be. We are all on the same team and all against the fight on Diabetes. The difference is, some of us who have had Diabetes for a long time don't get worked up at every little possibility of a cure. Chances are, we will not be cured. If I hear if something new, I just do the research and know if it is ridiculous or not. But there are actually a lot of interesting things out there that are worth looking in to, and this is one of them. We can give back by supporting better regiments and new ideas for the next generation. We can help young children with Diabetes by educating them on foods. Dismissing people who are doing things successfully is working against the cure for Diabetes.

MaddysMom, thank you for having a heart to educate and leading the way in a new regiment.
Thank you! :) I agree 110%
You must understand. This is a community of diabetics. The vast majority of people here believe in the science that T1 is caused by autoimmune reaction where your body destroys your beta cells, eventually leaving you unable to produce insulin. Eating some diet, exercising and even praying can help. But in the end, the autoimmune process is relentless and over time none of us knows how to stop it. Every so often, somebody comes around, they tried a particular diet, they took some natural herb and their diabetic symptoms seemed to go away. Well I've been waiting here for evidence. I've never seen any strong evidence that anything stops the progression of T1. And when I hear yet another claim that someone has a cure for T1 I am dubious. And when I hear about these cure's being applied to children I am not only dubious, I am scared. Our children are not given a choice. When people come around making such claims, people can and will think this stuff is true and put children in danger.

I would urge parents to take heed, I've seen no evidence of any kind that you can halt (let alone reverse) the T1 autoimmune process. If you want to follow some organic low carb diet, that is fine, but please, never withhold treatment (such as insulin) from your child in the mistaken belief that T1 can be reversed or cured. Such claims are irresponsible and outright dangerous.
bsc, well said!
You said it GOOD bsc!!!!
you need to learn to read before posting! No one is denying insulin or doing anything dangerous. I've stated numerous times that what I and other Mother's are doing is a perfectly healthy nourishing diet in addition to vitamins all kids should take. My daughter TAKES insulin when she needs it, I test her 8-10 times per day, she has an Endo that knows everything we are doing and approves, she gets an A1C every 3 months and does everything she is supposed to do. What's dangerous is people who feed their kids McDonald's, twinkies and ding dongs someone should report them to CPS.

As far as evidence, that will most likely never be. The medical industry won't waste money researching because there is no money to be made if you can be cured by food, supplements and a few trips to the Endo. Until T1D's step up and start doing the research, putting in the work and effort or someone of importance gets a diagnosis and puts money into this research there will never be a cure. You guys should be angry at the Diabetes Associations and the medical industry that have led you on for decades and taken your money and kept you sick. They take your money for supplies, insulin, meters, walks, runs, fund raiser dinners, balls and galas all to pay for people to create more supplies, better meters and smaller needles, this method will NEVER produce a cure -- I hope that I'm wrong but I'm sure that I'm not.




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