What do YOU do when your BS is low and you are not hungry? There have been several occassions when I have found that my BS is low and I need to take in some food but I am not hungry and don't want to eat unnecessary calories. If this happens to you, what do you do to carry you over until the next meal? Sometimes I use this opportunity to drink Orange Juice, which is something I NEVER have because of the sugar content. Milk also makes my BS spike!
I might be answering my own question here but I'm just curious to know what you do in this situation.
Blessings, Autumn

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I take glucose tablets. I also don't want to eat if I'm not hungry. Glucose tablets are the quickest most precise way to raise your blood sugar. Find out the exact number you need to raise your blood sugar (it may vary depending on how low you are) and just take glucose tablets and check again in 1/2 hour (not the 15 minutes recommended).

Like Zoe, I try to take glucose (not food) to treat a low. And I consider it medicine and take only the amount needed to restore a normal blood sugar.

Carbs used to properly treat a low do not lead to weight gain, they simply restore a normal blood sugar. Only when you overeat and cause a high blood sugar will your body convert that extra glucose into body fat.

So this means no butterfinger candy bars then, right?? LOL!! I have been known to indulge in candy bars to bring it up even though I know in the end it's going to plummet even lower after the "high" is gone. To my benifit I have to say I do choose "good" candy bars like Snickers or Peanut M&M's
Thanks for your reply!
Blessings, Autumn

I'm not even going to comment on "good candy bars"..lol. But the problem with things like candy is they have a fair amount of fat as well and so will not raise your blood sugar as quickly as pure glucose. In addition, there should not be a "high", you should take only enough glucose to raise you to a normal blood sugar. Roller coasting between lows and highs is not a good thing.

point taken :)

Hi Autumn,

I use glucose tabs a lot of the time, too, although if it's convenient and not a total emergency I prefer to eat something that's nutritionally better than glucose tabs, like a piece of fruit or some yogurt.  I figure if I need the calories I may as well get some nutrition out of it as well.  Since low sugar needs to be fixed no matter how I feel, I guess I don't really figure my hunger level into how I treat it.

Good thought however, my point was IF I'm not hungry, what should I do to keep my BS up. Yogurt makes my stomach hurt but I like fruit. I'm trying to eat one piece per day. What fruit raises your BS higher than others? For me it is bananas and pineapples that make it go HIGH.

Are you talking about treating actual lows or are you just asking what to do if it's mealtime and you're not hungry? With the modern insulins you shouldn't be going low between meals. Technically you should be able to fast all day and stay steady with the right basal dose. I know this is far easier to do with a pump than shots, but still if you are feeling as though you have to eat regularly even when you are not hungry your basal is too high. Try taking it down a unit, or play with the time you take your long acting and see if that keeps you steady without having to eat.

If you have a real low--you eat. PERIOD. No messing around. Or as Zoe asked, you are just not hungry at "designated meal time?" She is correct--you SHOULD be able to not eat at all and remain at a steady blood glucose level always.

When I am low, my go to is apple juice. I always keep it in the house and car. I have non chocolate "medicine candy" (tell my grandbabies that, so they don't think they can eat it!) in my purse.

However...I find times when it is "time to eat" and I just am not hungry: I drank a lot of water, had some milk or a soda and my tummy is full. I just eat less.

Went to a retirement buffet today and ate mildly, but a more than a usual lunch. Had a short abbreviated dinner of soup, low carb, healthy as I made it...

I like the Apple Juice idea! That is great. Thanks for the info.

I keep powder gatorade on hand, if I am in the 45-50 range 1 tbs of gatorade in some water picks me up well.

And that won't melt or go bad in a LONG time...GOOD ONE!!!
Thanks :)




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