Hi everyone. I started my low carb diet a little over a year ago. I cut out, sugar, grains, fruit, starchy veggies, and anything that included some carbohydrate sounding ingredients on the back. my diet mostly consists of eggs, fish, nuts, and veggies, i do have meat from time to time but i have never been very fond of it seeing as i was a vegetarian before i converted to the low carb life.

my weight loss was amazing and first. i was feeling great, both mentally and physically, and my numbers were excellent too. I managed to lose close to 30 pounds, which i have been trying so hard to keep off. lately, within the last month or so, i feel it creeping back on. the only diet change i have come across is that i may be taking in more veggies than before. (spinach, lettuce, kale, cucumbers, and avocado) i am wondering if those are small amounts of carbs with high fiber are throwing off my diet? i would really like to get back on track and feel that success again. i have gain ten pounds back and feel pretty down about it. even increasing my exercise (walking and jogging) has improved my blood sugars, but not my weight.

Has anyone experienced a plateau or setback like this from the diet? if so how did you break through?? wondering if the carbs from the almonds and fresh veggies is the cause. Thanks.

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The best way to be sure about diet is to weigh and/or measure everything you eat for a few days or a week. Make no assumptions about whether a piece of fish weighs three ounces or five, or whether you're going to eat a full cup of broccoli or two-thirds of a cup. Write down everything and look up the carbohydrates in each food. It's amazing how we can be off by an ounce or two at times, particularly when it comes to food we think we know about! You might discover that instead of eating less than 50 grams of carb, you're eating about 80, for example. You'll know what to cut back and where very quickly.

Gary Taubes has a very good article on his site, "The Soft Science of Dietary Fat." and you can calculate your daily protein requirements here.

It's also very helpful to check your measurements. If your waist or hip measurement is getting lower, that's a better indication of how things are going than your weight.

I go through some gain and loss every year, winter +10 -15 lbs and then I lose it over the spring and summer months. I'm into cycling and as soon as the weather breaks and I can get on the road my weight drops back in my comfort range in about 30 days. It is to hard for me to adjust my diet for the winter months and the gym does not have the same impact on my weight (I do go to the gym but it sucks). My calorie intake is  900 to 1500 plus I add carbs when active but never count them, The 600 cal swing is caused by me skipping a meal on the weekend...I gain weight during the winter on a 1500 cal diet...it's about 20% carbs and the rest is fat and protein. I'm 58 so it does not take much food for me to sustain my weight. I'm sure about my food intake I always weigh any new food at home and I'm very good at estamating how much food is on my plate...I started on insulin using food exchanges long before we switched to counting carbs using food labels.

 I'm not worried about my small winter weight gain because I'm confident that I will lose it during the spring and summer months. 


You need to adjust your life style and get off the diet, I think you will be happier...JMHO

Dear Andrea and Jan,

Weight issues and balance can be so frustrating!

Just a thought, but have you had your thyroid levels checked recently? There's a lot of information about this in the Hypothyroid Diabetics group.

Best wishes,


that is an excellent point.

I think lantus makes you gain weight. It could be because you've changed around the timing of your dose. Try cutting out a little bit from your diet... like 1 egg from breakfast, measure out your almond snack to just a serving size, change your bedtime snack to celery or something with fewer calories than cheese or PB.

Also, I tend to gain weight over the winter, even with no change in habits/food and more exercise. Try to at least make a few changes to stop gaining weight and if you keep doing what you're doing you might just drop some weight naturally come spring.

I wouldn't think fresh veggies were the cause.I often allow myself "unlimited" veggies, especially salad. Since you're not using dressing, I wouldn't guess that is the culprit. If you are adding cheese/nuts to your salad, that might be the cause too. Also, are you using any different sauces/marinades/oils in your cooking? Those can stealthily add some calories, sugar, and salt to your dishes. Salt might affect weight gain too by making you retain water.

Also, I'm not sure if you drink, but alcoholic beverages have a lot of extra calories and sugars too. Good luck!

When I turned 50 I made the decision I needed to lose weight. I would lose 10-20 pounds and then plateau or even gain weight. I think your metablolism may be fighting back a little. So in 11 years I have lost over 80 pounds. When I hit those plateaus I try to switch somethin around. I may add a few miles to my daily walk or add a weight workout in the evening. I try not to cut too many calories but sometimes I do lower carbs to 20 a day for a few weeks. I also find cutting back on the nuts does help. I care more about my bgs than the pounds. But stick to your LC diet, increase the intensity of exercise or add intervals. I am about 5'3.5" and I now weigh 121. I would love to be 115-118 but I am happy in the 120 range. I think the important thing is how your clothes fit.

I agree that nuts can make a person gain weight and if you are using some type of oil dressing on the greens that would contribute. I do sympathize with the feeling miserable about gaining as I had gained over the winter from 135 to 142 lbs on May 2nd and was really fed up about it, so decided to try 4 different Raspberry Ketones brands and found Nuvocare was far too little and useless even at the three per day as Dr Oz recommended.

The next two I tried, Best Naturals which also had Green Tea in it as well worked well and I lost 4 lbs in thee weeks. Then tried Waist Away brand also a green tea and raspberry ketones product of 90 capsules per container. I used three per day and as it cost me $30.50 including tax I found that was worth it as I lost 8 lbs in one month using all 90 capsules which is more than I ever have been able to achieve on my own. I was not even walking, as I was indeed eating very little as it does cut back on appetite. I took more other supplements too to make up for the small amount of eating and I was on a super low carb approach and ate 1-2 meals a day of beef with tomato sauce on it. Then the fourth brand is totally useless called SUNN Herbal of 500 mg per capsule. Seems like a good thing BUT it was not at all like the two that did work in terms of colour, taste and smell. Since it is an aromatic component of raspberries, for it to be just a white crystalline substance made it totally suspect as well as it not even working, so avoid that last brand.
I am 5' 6" and 128 lbs now. Above all, realize that RKs work by intensifying an already fat burning mode so it will not work if you switch to eating carbs because that turns off the fat burning. But for my 4 experiments, I was eating and doing the same each day.
I have ordered 2 more containers of the Waist Away (WaistAway) brand so I hope I remember to tell you what happens in the next two months as I only want to reach 115 lbs which I was 20 years ago. I expect it might be harder to lose the closer to a low one gets. I am not in favour of being anorexic, so I am certain I will stop at 114 at the lowest.
A person who switches from low carb to high carb will experience a water retention as the liver retains about 2 lbs of water for a 1 lb amount of glycogen but only to a certain extent. When the glycogen is used up, the water has been released too, so it will come back even if one has a big carb meal. It can be discouraging to gain 3 lbs in one day, but it can happen due to refilling of the liver glycogen stores. But it does not go on forever as there is only so much it can hold. If anyone gets the idea that they have blown it so they better go all out, is crazy because that would just mean more back tracking is required. So even if no one is watching, be assured that your body is watching. There are ways to overcome things and I am grateful for Dr Oz mentioning the RKs as they sure work for me if the brand is not a scam.

Thank you for this comment. It has been a few months now and my weight is continuing to fluctuate. I go between 140 and 145 but am still eager to reach 120 or 130 like I used to be. I still eat extremely healthy but have incorporated more vegetables into my diet which has raised my carb intake a bit. I have tomatoes and peppers and zucchini where as I used to stick to mostly eggs meat and greens. Lowering the meat intake has actually helped me to drop some weight so I have kept nuts in my diet in order to keep me full and satisfied. I don't consider my diet high carb. I avoid grains, beans fruit (except for when low) and all junk food. Do you think I should give RK a try?

Hey Jenni, as I wasted money on two useless brands, that is why I suggest the one that is available that I can attest worked even without my walking. I just walk around my apartment and out across the street maybe once a week.

By the way about other supplements, some may not show noticeable differences, but they are likely working to some exttent. I have made an in depth study of this for so many years. And I need so little insulin because of it.

Jenni because you are in BC, one of the stores I used is there in Victoria BC and the brand I like best is $2 more expensive there, but they have a great site. Shipping is free if the invoice is $70 or more, so the Waist Away product is the brand I REALLY like that made me lose 8 lbs in one month under the same conditions. You could get other things and try just one container and see what it does remembering to be eating very low carb like Dr Atkins suggested and take three capsules per day on an empty stomach.
I'm getting two more of that brand to finish off my last 12 lbs to lose, which should be harder to lose, so I am planning it will work at 6 lbs a month rather than 8, so I bought 2 containers to last me 2 months as I am that certain it works. I have never lost so much weight in a single month in my life.
Be careful and DO NOT buy the SUNN Herbal as that is the one I am currently using that is useless. That store sells three brands. The other one I have not tried, so can not make any judgement.
The other store I use is in Ontario and I should get the shipment any day.
It ships for free if the invoice is over $50 to places in Canada and requires over $100 for shipments done free to the USA.
Notice I am not saying anyone should buy two of something until they know it works for themselves. The Waist Away product is costing me about $30 per month and I am taking a larger than suggested dose which likely makes it work better and at a cost of $1 a day it sure is worth it. Notice they might say it is a three month supply, but I disagree. It takes more than that to force the intense fat burning, and you MUST be in fat burning mode on a low enough carb diet that fat burning is happening. You can NOT intensify a process that is not even taking place. That is the biggest problem with these. They just don't explain it. You can't eat anything under the sun and take a pill and lose weight. I'm not saying that you think that way, but I am astounded at the complaints some people write in their reviews. The complainers said next to nothing, but the happy people wrote more. I'm referring to the Amazon reviews.

Andrea, the brand I liked most appears not available at amazon.com. It is made in Canada. But the second best one, of the 4 brands I tried, by Best Naturals with raspberry ketones and green tea is just $9.99 for 60 capsules which if you even took 4 per day, would make it $5 for a week, or $10 for the two weeks I suggest you try it, by even going as high as double the dose. I was taking three per day. I have not seen any mention of negatives and I did not experience any except that I didn't feel like eating and that is a bonus that even my boyfriend said was true as he is also experimenting with them. But he goes off them when he travels and just regains almost as much, but he likes to eat and he eats carbs and even candy.

You're lucky, the Best Naturals brand for 60 capsules is half the price I paid in Canada...so lucky for you. It is definitely worth trying. If you get only one container, then find something else you know you need and trust and get the invoice to $25 to get free shipping. I do not know if they mix books with supplements in the same shipment as books are packaged differently if sold 1-2 at a time. So just try to find $15 worth of other supplements and that will work to get free shipping. You get to read all the user reviews too. OR...find three friends and each agree to pay for a third of the invoice and all try together, like I am doing with my boyfriend.

The Best Naturals 120 caps is almost $22, so it pays to try the 60 capsules container at $9.99. So if you don't like it, then $10 has been spent on your first order.

This will NOT make you burn fat if you are not already in that mode....and that is the absolute reason why some people say it doesn't work. They might think they can eat lots of healthy, no fat fruit and fail to realize that insulin is what causes weight gain and carbs are turned into human fat very quickly. All the people who are not diabetic know so much LESS than we do...which is because they spend less time thinking about health, likely.

Thanks so much! I will order them today. I recently bought collagen supplements from Costco, they are supposed to help thickn hair and ease joint pain. Hope it is ok to take both at the same time without minimizing effect of RKs




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