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Minimeds Guardian REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

I am thinking about getting Minimed's CGM and was wondering what peoples thoughts on it were. Love it/Hate it? Any other suggestions for a CGM? Any input is much appreciated.

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Have you done some comparisons among what's out there?
Have you compared the size of the inserters?
Have you studied so you know the best is 15 minutes behind blood glucose, since interstitial fluid measurements are a bit behind?
ok, I'll ask it this way: if you are going to stick a needle in you to insert a sensor, have you thought of inserting the tiniest possible?
My biggest issue with the Minimed CGM is the needle size and its offense to my poor stomach. It roughs it up pretty bad. And because of this, and because the CGM is so sensitive to the position I place it, it can be challenging to find a good spot for it after a while.

Some people have accuracy issue with Minimed's CGM as opposed to the Dex. I haven't tried the Dex system, but Minimed's has been fairly accurate for me (so long as I insert it in a good spot!).

I like that Minimed's works with my pump. The Dex would be a separate device, and I really don't like the idea of that at all.

Overall thoughts on the CGM: LOVE it. Addicted to it...honestly I forgot how to be a good diabetic without it, sad as that sounds...and that could really be seen as a positive and negative point for the CGM. The trends are truly valuable to me. I have a tendency to freak out when I'm not connected to it.

Ever since I started the CGM over a year ago, my A1cs have been in the 5s. Previously they were 7s, but this was pre-pump as well because I got my pump and CGM around the same time.

I think there's a bit of a learning curve with the CGM. You have to figure out its tricks, and it can definitely be a huge pain in the butt. The benefits I get from it still out-weigh all its imperfections though!
I love my MM CGMS. That being said, I would do a trial if I were you of MM and Dexcom. As for the huge needles for the MM, I don't like 'em. but I also don't use them in my stomach. I put them in my thighs. It works okay for me.

I tried it once in my thigh and I almost cried from the pain.


One trick I found as far as getting the sensor "wet" is I put the new sensor in the night before I need to start using it.  If find I have less problems with calibration that way too.  Also, I have found I can get away with using my sensor for up to five days before I start getting errors without sacrificing accuracy.

Agree with Jaclyn. I too use MM. I have great results with it. I place the sensors in my thighs, where I seem to get the best results there. Dexcom was out of the picture for me as I use Tylenol often, which skews the Dexcom. Because it is integrated with my pump, it is very convienent. If it isn't attached to me I would likely forget it!

I love the MM sensor.  Like Jaclyn, I am addicted to the data stream!

The needle is about the only downside for me but it is pretty wicked.  And I didn't mind injections at all!  I usually use them  for 6 days at a time, if only to preserve my abdomen?  Someone hear speculated that they suspected MM had 'engineered' some sort of 3 day reliability issue to prevent people from doing this (to sell more sensors...) but I have not run into this problem.  A lot of times, the second 3 days seem to have 'tighter' telemetry than the first day at least?  I don't take notes so I don't have data to support this, more of a feeling? 

I also use my sensors for at least 6 days. I too find that the better correlative numbers come after a couple of days. Why pull it then?

Just when it's getting warmed up! 

Huge difference between introducer needle and comfort of wear of Dexcom 7 Plus and Minimed.  Dexcom also was more accurate overall, shorter warm-up period, less wobbly, flush to the skin, no extra tape needed, just a little skin tac.  Not of fan of Minimed, though that could change with their next generation product (they are promising the "comfort" sensor). Not to mention, leave Dexcom on for 7 days, and restart without removing the sensor.  Minimed process a PITA.

Does the Real Time minimed pump have the "comfort" sensor, or is this still expected some time in the future?  I've got a Dex now and love it alot but I'm anxious for an integrated system.  Dexcom's integrated system got hit with an FDA "do another study" setback.
I don't think that they currently have the comfort sensor?  It is a pretty significant needle.  Like you would expect Dr. Frankenstein to use to inject hormones into his monster.  Lately I've been trying to relax more and have had a string of smoother insertions so either maybe they did something to improve it or I am due for a gusher? 

I found the Minimed Guardian to be incredibly inaccurate and very difficult to calibrate.




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