my ttc+diabetes and my diabetic and pregnant journey update.

Hey everyone just wanted to stop and give everyone an update to where im at. This year has been a journey let me tell you. ..

When I was pregnant the first time the doctor recommended me to a program called Sweet Success its a program for diabetic women who are pregnant. At that time my a1c was 8.5 The day before my appointment  i had a miscarriage at around 10 weeks. So i had to cancel the appointment but when I called they told me that also have a program called Preconception consulting a program for diabetic women who want to get pregnant. I went to my first appointment  it was 3 hours long and i met with a team of diabetic professionals, They reviewed my bl number and set up a meal guide and helped me with a plan to get my numbers right so i can get the green light to try to have a baby again.

I went to the apointments and within 2 months around june my a1c already dropped to 5.7 so i got the green light to try again within 2 months i found out i was pregnant!! I was so excited! This time i scheduled an apt with a high risk doctor that the sweet success team recommended.He is great! My second apt the doctor told me my a1c was 4.8!! I couldnt believe how great Im doing! So here I am now 20 weeks today! 5 months i cant believe it! I found out the other day that Im going to be having a little boy! I couldnt be more happier.

This whole time i was trying ttc and then the miscarriage and then ttc i would watch youtube videos of other women and their journey, I only came across one women who was type 1 and pregnant ( )she gave me so much hope. Cuz people would tell me diabetics cant get pregnant, or that its too dangerous. I watched hundreds of women and their pregnancy but only found one diabetic type 1 not type 2 like me. Even though im kinda shy i thought it would be a good idea for me to share my diabetic and pregnant journey with other people hoping that there was other women out there like me searching for comfort.

One girl wrote me"i am glad i found your videos im type 2 diabetic, and i have been having similar problems, my due date is may 1st im currently 11 1/2 weeks. My doctor still has me on diabetic pills, i will talk to him about insulin, i researched and they say its safer. Thanks for the videos." she wrote that on my first vlog it made me so happy that i was able to reach out to a fellow diabetic!


I was so shy at first and felt dumb talkin to a camera  but i told my husband and mom that there is hardly any youtube pregnancy journeys from diabetics and i wanted to document the differences of being pregnant and diabetic. if u watch my first video and then my latest one u can see a huge difference . im more used to the camera and comfortable talkin into it cuz i feel like im having a conversation with my viewers and my tudiabetes friends. After I have the baby i want to put all the videos on to a dvd and keep it as a memento.  i just pray that the morning sickness goes away but then again it makes me happy in a weird way cuz i feel like if i have morning sickness that my pregnancy is strong.

If you want to follow along on my journey you can do so here :

I upload a new video every week describing the previous week of my pregnancy. I answer all and any questions and am completely open with my experiences.  Thank you to all the ladies on Oh! BABY!!

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32 wks today! i cant believe less than 8 wks to go! crazy. lost 1.2 lb ... had the first baby shower got some good stuff i needed! I have an ultrasound on monday the 14th
34 wks pregnant today! cant believe it , im sooo close, less than 5 wks to go! started my first non stress test on monday the 21st, i will be having these 2xs a week on mondays and thursdays. they will monitor babys heartbeat for 20 minutes and to see if there is any contractions also on mondays they will do an ultrasound to measure the fluid.
Hi! Wow, you are so close!

Do you have a scheduled induction or c-section? Just curious how you know how many weeks are left :)

We are doing well and growing quickly! I'm 26 weeks this week.
Kristin- are you being induced? My gyno suggested I be induced because as Type 1, the placenta typically cant carry the baby anymore during the last 2-3 weeks and the baby doesnt get fed. I was so scared of having a stillbirth, that I asked if we could be induced- as long as the baby's lungs are developed. She said 37 weeks is when she wants to get me going. That puts me coming soon!

If the ultrasound measures her at 21 1/2 weeks, when is my delivery date? I get so confused on that. If I'm delivering at 37 weeks... doesn't that mean it's going to be in June if I'm already at 21 weeks now? I counted out the weeks and 37 falls on June 19. But, they are saying it will be more like July 20. But if I'm right and they wait til July 20, she will be 41 weeks. I'm so afraid to go full term.
I have heard other doctors that also induce or schedule a c-section if the lungs are developed. I thought it was usually 38 weeks -- 37 sounds early.

My high risk OB-GYN is quite rare in that she doesn't induce unless the baby shows signs of stress or trouble. If the baby is not showing any need to exit the womb, then she will let me carry full term. But she will monitor me very closely from 36 weeks on. It is likely that I will even be hospitalized then, but she will leave me be until I or the baby show any sign of trouble, even until 41-42 weeks. I doubt that private insurances would pay for that long hospitalization in the USA, but that is the policy here in Hungary. It is my personal preference not to induce unless there is a reason, but it sounds like the path that you are on is pretty normal for type 1s.

I just counted on my calendar and if you are 21 weeks this week, then July 20 would be in your 38th week, which would be when many type 1s get induced. So I think that they are timing it right. You will be going for a lot of non-stress tests and ultrasounds later in the pregnancy, when they can monitor how the baby is doing. I'm not afraid to go full term, as long as we are checking in on the baby and all is OK.

In my birthing class, we learned that on average first time mothers who are not induced, naturally go into labor at 40 weeks + 5 days. My mother naturally went into labor at 42 weeks. So I think that I have a chance of carrying past 40 weeks as well, but we'll see!
Just another thing -- I'm 26 weeks this week and for me 40 weeks would be June 29th. So it must be July not June.
Thanks so much for your reply. I get so confused on the dates.

I would prefer not to be induced, but I'm so afraid of hurting her. I guess another path would be to listen to the way she's moving at 37 weeks. If she's still active, i suppose I could take it one day at a time.

They want me to come in for stress tests done twice a week during the third trimester. I'm excited to see her a few times a week during that time and am just hoping that everything stays perfect.

We would definitely not be able to stay in hospital for that length of time. I was in the hospital for only 7 hours a few weeks ago, and insurance only covered 80% of it. I owe the hospital over $900 AFTER the co-payment. And the sad thing is I already have the top insurance offered. And the co-pay is STILL that high. For only half a day! I can't imagine what the co-pay would be for an entire month! Maybe we should move to Hungary? haha.
Yes, I'm not completely opposed to induction. If they tell me that our baby is not thriving, then I would not have a problem with induction. I just don't want to be induced because I have diabetes. (But really who knows what I will actually want at 38 weeks!)

There are good things and bad things about the system here :) Health coverage is universal and the care that I need is affordable, but the hospitals are in much worse condition than in the USA and far understaffed. Plus there is a system of bribing doctors that is alive and well here that I'm really not sure how to handle. So I take the good with the bad!

It's good that you will have so many chances to check in on your little girl!
I am so happy to read everyone's comments!!

Kristin - My DD is July 3rd - we're really close! I have had a few people tell me (I work with labor and delivery nurses) that any doctors will want to induce early in diabetics for a few reasons (macrosomia, placental degradation etc). I'm with you guys - I would much rather go naturally, but will have to see how things go. But - seriously - bribing??? I could not imagine.

WIshing you all healthy pregnancies!!
Hoorah!! Nice to have someone so close :)

I'm keeping the same attitude that I will wait and see how we are doing closer to the date.

Hungarians call it "gratitude money" and give it to the doctors under the table. The rates are pretty much known and it is because doctors are not paid enough here (which is true), but birth can become really expensive.
No scheduled induction yet and no c section, the baby is measuring perfect so they said thats out of the equation for right now, but he said he wouldnt let me go past 39 wks, to reduce complications.
Congrats on 26 wks!!!!! I cant wait to seee ur baby! and mine! :)
Im 35 wks pregnant today!!! crazy 2 wks away from what they consider full term!!! Had the group b strep test done this week! baby is measuring perfectly!! He is soooo active!




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