Hi, I have T2 and I'm new to the forums. I've been very easy on myself lately. I get this way when I get fed up with being so strict, that I lose some control. I have lost some weight and my sugar has been good but then I go on a binge(I think that would be the only way to describe it). It is so frustrating because I think that I FINALLY have things under control and I lose all of it! I know I need to be consistent but I just can't seem to do it. How do people stay motivated all the time?!

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I'm in the same boat as you , sweetie !! I always end up 'rewarding' myself when either I loose some weight or my sugar levels are so good . And it doesn't help that my husband and family isn't dieting . So when they go out to eat , I feel like , 'sure , why not? I will just walk an extra mile later .' Later comes rolling around , and then I don't feel like going very far . I think we all should just get on a stranded island together , and just eat right and exercise together ! So we don't have these problems , ahah . But in all reality , I don't know what to tell ya , I'm in the same boat . My counselor told me though , if I eat more then I planned , walk further , or walk and take a short bike ride . Sometimes it's a bit too hard NOT to have an 'extra' little something , just exercise harder ! I know this may not help much , but I tried . :)

It is especially hard to go out when you are feeling like you can just let it slide. It is just very frustrating feeling like you have no control. Usually I can be strong it is just those weak moments that get to me because it is not only about being good and tasting a tiny bit. I end up overeating! Trying to lose weight is hard. But I've been going strong and steady for about 2 months. I just need to find that motivation again.

Hey, you're human.

Most of us do slip from time to time. The thing is to forgive yourself and move on and get back to what you know you should be doing.

Each day is a new day (well, each meal is a new meal)! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again.

It also helps to plan occassional treats in so you don't feel deprived.

For some foods I allow myself to have a bit now and then (and bolus to cover it) - and usually try to do it when I have someone (non-diabetic) to share it with. Remember the first 1 or 2 bites tastes the best..... hahahaha... but sometimes it hard to stop at that...

Hugs. Hang in there....

Thanks Super_sally. You are living up to your name. I know, but it seems to happen so much. I agree I should plan treats then I won't feel deprived. I am trying to lose weight and things just trigger certain behaviours. Learning is preventing. Thank you for your support! :)

Yep! We sure learn as we go along. Life Aint easy.

But I am grateful (as grateful as one can be) to have a medical condition that is manageable..... and I sure as *&% am not going to die of diabetic complications. That scares me. And it is something I can do something about! For me keeping that though in my head is a huge motivation... along with wanting to be here for my children and family as long as possible and as healthy as possible.

I agree. I also look at how things can be worse and appreciate what I do have at the moment. And all the complications scare me as well. I will dust myself off and try again!

And then, it's not a diet, its a New Way Of Eating, and it's for life, sorry. If you were celiac or allergic to peanuts, you would not feel obliged to eat wheat or peanut butter cookies even as a treat, or because others can. Carbs are nice, but butter is nicer...
And there's always Very Dark Chocolate..
And another
Be nice to yourself. Just because your family have functioning pancreases is no reason for you to beat yourself up..

I agree. I should change my way of thinking. Thanks for all the hugs:)
I actually don't mind the change. I like healthy food. It is just those weak moments I'm trying to get under control. And I will try the very dark choccies!

take one day at a time one reading at a time if it's good - that great but don't lose focus. it's a bad reading - shake it off and focus on improving the next reading




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