Hello friends,

I am 39 years of age and got diagnosed with type 2 in 2007, now recently my blood sugar has been going up since june 2011, so i decided to ask my family doctor to see an Endocrinologist. I also noticed that i was losing weight. I was 200lbs right before getting diabetes, now i am 162 lbs and 5'11.

When i saw the endo, she said that i might have lada 1.5 because i am very thin and i am taking more insulin, bolus:18 units and basal:18 units
She also removed metformin, glyburide and crestor out of my prescription and kept Fluvoxamine for mild anxiety and Synthroid for my hypothyroidism which began in 2004.
My HA1C% is 11

My Blood sugar spikes a lot faster now, right after a meal and i get blurry vision and dizziness at times. The worst feeling i got so far was last saturday when i went to a dinner with friends and i had 2 pints of beer before my meal. I don't know if my sugar was high or low but i felt very dizzy and i had trouble maintaining the conversation, was like a feeling of confusion and then started to feel tremors in my chest.

Since i did not have my glucometer with me, i had a few slices of bread to see if that helped, but not much. i called 911 and told them the situation and an ambulance arrived shortly to measure my vital signs and blood sugar.
i was at 11.7 mmol/L

I have to go for a c peptide test in june and blood tests to see if this new insulin and diet will work or not.
so far i have not been able to bring it down below 10 mmol/L
I am worried.
Am i damaging my kidneys and other organs?

I also am trying to go back to school to learn web programming and on monday i had to leave the class because i was feeling weird, almost like a panick attack, was right after lunch, felt like my sugar was high and my face was very warm. I also felt dizzy from reading the text on my screen. Should i just forget about programming, is it a too stressful job for someone with diabetes? I been hearing about jobs that cause stress and can make your sugar go up a lot too.

As you can see, i have a lot of questions and little answers,I feel like i have no luck in life and this disease was the cherry on top of the sunday.

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If you have a snack 2 or 3 hours after a meal, are you suppose to bolus again before having the snack? Because i noticed when i have a snack after a meal sometimes my sugar spikes.

They say you suppose to have small snacks in between meals, but i am always worried i might raise my BG by eating, so i don't eat and get hungry and starve myself and then it's worse because i start to go too low...

So are we suppose to inject again when having snacks or our last bolus is suppose to cover it?

Let's say i had breakfast at 6:30 am and injected 7units, then i have a break at 9:30am and i get hungry and want some snacks, do i need to inject or not?


You should bolus every time you have carbs. If your BG ratio is not set precisely and you run low, I think that you're better off to 1) treat with a quick acting sugar and 2) note it somehow and maybe recalculate the ratio by a unit for "next time"? With a pump and CGM, I've noticed that even small adjustments like .05U/ hour basal or 1G carb/Unit of insulin (like from 6 to 7...) can make a perceptible difference in my numbers. This, in turn, led me to conclude that my years of flying up and down all over the place (long story...) were likely from just guessing and not being too concerned about precision or data.

For a lot of lows, I am treating them with 5-10G of carbs, rather than the 15 recommended. I have kind of switched to lower carb snacks, again in the 8-10 range (i.e. cheese and nuts, rather than pretzels...) in an effort to control my "pantsometer" as much as my "glucometer" but it seems to work both ways and help my BG stay decently controlled with less suprises from testing.

In some cases, if I recalculate what I ate and was *really* short on carbs and am running low, I might eat carbs w/o bolusing but I try to make that the exception, rather than the rule?

Okay, this is what I don't get! It is making me sad, mad, and confused! Why?!? DW, why are your medical doctors and providers not teaching you how to calculate insulin/carb ratios, sliding scales, insulin sensitivity? Has any medical provider sat down with you and explain this to you? Giving you insulin and a syringe without instruction, is like handing a loaded gun to a child. I am about to come over there, and have what for with your doctor. If you are going to be on insulin... you should be on a pump and have a cgm, and you should be trained how to use these tools! And if not a pump and cgm, you still need to be trained how to use insulin/syringe, food, and exercise as a tools! I would pitch my two cents about dosing and carb counting, ect. ect. ect. But, my body is different than yours, what works for me - would not for you, any advice on dosing would be useless, except to say,,, it is different and precise to each individual. Getting told you are diabetic,,, handed a vial of insulin and a pack of syringes... is not enough! Were you hospitalised at onset? Did you go through any specific training? Or did 'they' seriously just hand you a loaded gun with no training, and say, good-luck, don't kill yourself? I am having a hard time believing this!

Dr. Gabriel Cousen's Tree of Life Program is neatly covered in the documentary film Raw For 30 days.


You can watch a trailer on Youtube, too.

I have read tons of material on diabetes self management and if I had to recommend one source, it would be Dr. Richard Bernstein, who is himself a lifelong type 1 diabetic and whose longevity speaks for the effectiveness of his methods.


Giving up grains was a milestone in my own control effectiveness. Not complete and total obsessive elimination, just a drastic cutback.

This is perhaps the first time I've seen Cousens and Bernstein recommended together in the same post. I consider these two oil and water. I've posted before on my opinions of Cousen's, I'm afraid I don't have anything positive to say about him. I have followed Dr. B's teachings with great success over the years. There are a number of sites on his book, the best is http://www.diabetes-book.com/ which also has a discussion forum. He also has a monthly teleconference where he answers questions, but do read the book (thoroughly) before asking any questions.

The Raw For 30 Days documentary does a good job of verifying just how quickly blood sugar can be controlled with intelligent food choices. It also gives you a feel for the Tree of Life center versus a trip there or even a visit to their web site.

Good share on the Bernstein monthly telecast.I have not missed one since I heard the first one six months ago. Replays are available for a month, too, in case you miss the live call.

Bernstein has benefited me greatly and saved me thousands of dollars. My last A1c was 5.9 and is declining. Not too shabby for a type 1.

Sweet! Can you say again your opinions of Cousen's? Or say where to go to read the previous posts, if you don't want to repeat yourself? I would like to hear,,, even if negative.

Is the Raw for 30 Day documentary the same location of Tree of Life Center? I didn't think it was. My feelings after watching the full length documentary and looking at the Diabetes Reversal Program at Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center were, very well would work for Type 2, maybe Type 1.5 - I think the black man in the film probably had Type 1.5. The guy with true Type 1 who did not do so well in the program, cheated on the diet, treated lows with juice, used insulin to counter act highs, ect... was blamed for not following the program, blamed for his lack of success. He even sneaked off to drink alcohol. While watching the film, I was thinking this guy is not going to turn it around, not with this strategy, Yikes! Dangerous!

When I applied for Tree of Life Diabetes Reversal Program, I was like, I'm not going to be 'that guy' - I'll do what it takes and will not cheat. The application process was pretty clear regarding screening for mental health, drug/alcohol addictions, if those were conditions... other programs were available and suggested.

I qualified and was accepted to the D-Reversal Program. There were no scholarships available, I was put on a list for when and if that ever happens. Also, no trade-services allowed, they wanted participants to be fully committed to the program not working as practitioners or working in kitchen, ect. This made sense. I was attracted not just to the dietary approach, and life-style approach,,, also to the deep spiritual work to look deeper into the root cause of diabetes. I cannot say for sure that diabetes has a psychological /emotional cause for everyone, yet feel that it does with me. I have participated in sweat lodges, experienced many modalities of spiritual healing work, and get the mind-body-spirit connection. For me healing, does not mean Cure, and does not mean just managing or controlling symptoms, although it could in part, be included. So, I was excited to get in, take the time, have the space - to do some serious work. For me, these 'moments' of very deep inner healing work, I am in a space/time/dimension where - the word, diabetes does not mean anything. In this, I have concept of text book knowledge regarding function of pancreas, beta cells, islet cells, yet in this, it does not matter. In this, I feel that I get out of my own way, and my body does what it needs to, and I am not logically smart enough to understand it. Integrating this with a modern day life, with it's busy demands, and responsibilities, seems necessary and tricky to achieve and requires logic. I feel over-educated and super stupid. My straight A's and medical degrees and licence means nothing if I cannot integrate knowledge and experience awareness. In that nothingness, I feel a deep awareness of stem cells, undifferentiated cells, and an ability to manifest and become anything. The Jing essence, the genetics, the DNA. The possibility to cure any disease known to man. The ability to become human being, and live on this planet as a being in harmony with all my relations. So, I was drawn to the Tree of Life, without hope or expectation. Then, I realised - it's all lies, and I could seek truth and find wisdom inside and express it to the world no matter where I was, here I am, and it doesn't matter.

It became unimportant if I went to the Tree of Life or not,,, I had a vision of Cousens during a cranial sacral session, it was very esoteric and weird. I asked, can I come to your Tree of Life Rejuvenation program, and he said, Yes, if you want to. A week or so later, they called and said it costs $$$. I didn't have $$$. I think if I really want to go... I will get $$$. Then I got some $$$ and I bought a ticket to Costa Rica instead! I did not go to Costa Rica either. I stayed right here, and studied my brains out to pass my board exams. :)

I just listened to a few hours of utube talks and interviews with Dr. Bernstein. I like this guy. Wow, I did not know about him. He has made a tremendous contribution to diabetics! He is attributed for the acknowledgement that tight bg control prevents complications!?! That seems so obvious, I would never think that would need evidence or proof. It's also why I thought A1C was waste of time, because it could be relatively okay, yet not show that the individual was having a lot of highs and lows, the average was good.

Dr. B said you could chew up some starchy carb, mix it with saliva, get it liquidy and put it on a ketostix, he said (I think it was potatoes) this would turn black. I gave it a try with brown rice, the ketostix showed negative. Cool. I want to try with potatoes and white rice to see what happens. I tried this years ago with regular coke to see what would happen, and it showed negative also, so I'm not sure, maybe my strips were expired at that time. This was a new package of strips today with the brown rice.

I don't think Dr. B recommends rice. What does he say to brown rice? He did say in interview, squash is suggested food, although fairly high in carb. Squash, and sweet potatoes, are Qi Tonics in TCM. Study and mental activity drain spleen qi. When I started eating more squash I found I had much more energy, strength and stamina. I was able to study in school and focus much better. I started brown rice diet, thanks to a friend who turned me on to macrobiotics in the book, "You Are All Sanpaku", by George Ohsawa, based on Japanese concepts of yin/yang theory.

Somewhere I have the Raw for 30 days full length documentary. I will find and post. The trailer offers it at a fee, and all those other 'bonus' offers, ha.

Thank you for suggestion - Dr. Richard Bernstein, I will check it out.

My Method:) Jing Song

I eat lots of brown rice, and rice noodles. I stir fry, bake, or stem veggies. I eat fish twice a week, chicken twice a week, and steak once a month. I drink green tea, kombucha, coconut water, 1 cup of coffee a day, and 1 glass of red organic wine at night. I get acupuncture 1-2 times a week, and a massage, tuina, qigong, shiatsu, or cranial sacral 1-2 times a week. I walk a mile a day. I smoke 3-5 organic cigs a day, I take several Chinese herbal formulas. I take regular naps. I do about 1 hour of yoga, taichi, qigong a day. I am always in meditation. I test my blood sugar 2-4 times a day. I change my pump cartridge once every 3 days. I see my Endo and get lab work once every three months. I have my legs, my eyes, and my kidneys. I very rarely get sick. I have type 1 insulin dependent juvenile onset diabetes mellitus. In the last 5 years, I have gone from an A1C of 13 to 6. I have gone from 70 units of insulin a day to 20 units of insulin a day. I have, in my lifetime, gone from measuring a bg range on a stick that matches colors on a bottle, to a meter that took 5 minutes to calculate bg. I went from 10 shots a day to an insulin pump. I have watched many of my diabetic friends and loved ones, lose limbs, go blind, go on dialysis, and die. I have cut my hair and regrown it many times. I have a heart of a turtle, I will live long, and live happy on earth. I will hold my children, grandchildren, great-grand children, and great-great grand children and sing them a jing song... then, they will bury me, and from there a Rose will grow.

Turtle Dove, thank you for sharing your regimen and your history in such a succinct manner. Congratulation on getting your A1C from 13 to 6. That requires tremendous discipline, focus, and awareness of what a high A1C means long term, which isn't pretty. Some find Dr. Bernstein a bit radical, but his methods work.

Warrior, learn what a C-peptide test is and get one. This will tell you if you are producing insulin. If you are producing adequate levels of insulin, you are not a type 1. Period. Type 1's either do not produce insulin or produce an insufficient amount to properly utilize glucose. High ketones mean your body is using fat for energy because it is unable to use glucose due most likely to low or nonexistent insulin.

Type 1.5 is a designation for individuals who develop insulin dependence in adulthood versus childhood. This is due to the presence of antibodies which attack the beta cells of the pancreas, and typically occurs after the age of 40.

High ketones are a strong indicator that your body is not producing enough insulin to process glucose and is instead processing fat for energy. This is a potentially dangerous situation which can result in ketoacidosis. I strongly suggest you research this subject. I recommend Jenny Ruhl's excellent site http:/www.bloodsugar101.comm/

Thank you Cincy Bob for the compliment. You are very clear and precise, easy to follow and obviously well educated. I am a emotional romantic poet, often marching around to the heart beat of my own drum.

DW, I know it's been suggested already and said many times, Have you had a C-peptide test? Or been tested for presence of auto-antibodies?

Cincy Bob, can you say why it is said that an individual diagnosed with LADA, type 1.5 has no need for insulin for the first 6 months up to one year? Why and how does earlier tx of insulin for this patient, keep the beta cells functioning longer? How would insulin therapy help this patient avoid total dependence on insulin? Why would oral agents cause the patient to lose function, go to insulin dependent state quicker, such as 'misdiagnosed' type 2 patients... taking ineffective oral meds and losing insulin producing beta cells faster? I got this info from Diabetes Forcast.

DW, at the time of your initial onset/diagnosis, what was your body type/size/weight? Prior to initial diagnosis what was it? Forgive me if too personal of question. I am looking to see your constitution. Also, I want to better understand progression - it aids in prevention, assists diagnosis and benefits treatment.

I think that type 1.5 is yin within yang, or yang within yin, a sort of transformational aspect in between yin and yang, in between type 1 and type 2. I feel this in a very abstract way.

DW, did you have any sort of viral infection post tx of T2? Anything with high fever, sore throat, skin eruption, or blisters?

Thank you!

... that was no insulin for first 6 months up to 6 years...




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