Hello friends,

I am 39 years of age and got diagnosed with type 2 in 2007, now recently my blood sugar has been going up since june 2011, so i decided to ask my family doctor to see an Endocrinologist. I also noticed that i was losing weight. I was 200lbs right before getting diabetes, now i am 162 lbs and 5'11.

When i saw the endo, she said that i might have lada 1.5 because i am very thin and i am taking more insulin, bolus:18 units and basal:18 units
She also removed metformin, glyburide and crestor out of my prescription and kept Fluvoxamine for mild anxiety and Synthroid for my hypothyroidism which began in 2004.
My HA1C% is 11

My Blood sugar spikes a lot faster now, right after a meal and i get blurry vision and dizziness at times. The worst feeling i got so far was last saturday when i went to a dinner with friends and i had 2 pints of beer before my meal. I don't know if my sugar was high or low but i felt very dizzy and i had trouble maintaining the conversation, was like a feeling of confusion and then started to feel tremors in my chest.

Since i did not have my glucometer with me, i had a few slices of bread to see if that helped, but not much. i called 911 and told them the situation and an ambulance arrived shortly to measure my vital signs and blood sugar.
i was at 11.7 mmol/L

I have to go for a c peptide test in june and blood tests to see if this new insulin and diet will work or not.
so far i have not been able to bring it down below 10 mmol/L
I am worried.
Am i damaging my kidneys and other organs?

I also am trying to go back to school to learn web programming and on monday i had to leave the class because i was feeling weird, almost like a panick attack, was right after lunch, felt like my sugar was high and my face was very warm. I also felt dizzy from reading the text on my screen. Should i just forget about programming, is it a too stressful job for someone with diabetes? I been hearing about jobs that cause stress and can make your sugar go up a lot too.

As you can see, i have a lot of questions and little answers,I feel like i have no luck in life and this disease was the cherry on top of the sunday.

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I also think a true type 1, could develop type 2 through progression in the course of the disease. It would not be noticed or even considered for diagnosis because they already have a diagnosis of T1, and that diagnosis is going to stick and would not change. I ponder mis-diagnosis, re-diagnosis, and question lab diagnostics.

I have a friend - Male age 38. T1 onset age 3. Blind in one eye age 13. Kidney failure two years ago. Dialysis and then Kidney transplant last year. Also pancreas transplant. No More type 1 diabetes! He has 5 insulin pumps, a cgm, blood testers and meters, and a bunch of other sweet stuff on a display case for show and tell. He got a new eye too! He used to be thin, now he is quite fat, he enjoys McRibs and french fries, diet-coke, all day everyday. Prognosis - Type 2 by age 40! So ironic!

Also, with the stem cell islet cell transplants... why does the body re-attack the islet cells and develop type 1 again in 5-10 years? I read they are improving this, lengthen the time frame, ect. But most end up back on insulin, at least a low dose eventually. And if not autologous stem cell transplant, yet a donor - patients have to take anti-rejection meds the rest of their life. Alas, I am thankful I was not selected for this last clinic trial before the piggy goes to market.

Hi TD,

yes i will have a c-peptide and antibody test in june.

Prior to getting diagnosed, i was 200 lbs and was pretty muscular and fit, i was going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week.

If i recall correctly, i did get a few strange episodes at night where i had fever and sweating a lot, felt like a common cold accompanied by nausea and fever.

I also got a food poisoning a year before diagnosis.
I recall getting blisters on my fingers, like bumps filled with transparent liquid and when i burst them the skin would dry up and flake for weeks. I still get those when my sugar is high for an extended period.

But i think it all started with my thyroid, it started to go hypo in 2005, so about 2 years before diabetes diagnosis.

I remember checking my BG for the first time in 2004 after a meal because my ex's father at the time was diabetic and we were testing for fun and i was at 8 mmol (144mg/dl).

So i did not have diabetes yet. I think it started in 2006 but only discovered it a year later. I was 34 years of age.

But i was already an anxiety sufferer since 2000. I was put on Fluvoxamine (Luvox) in 2000 and slowly decreased the dosage as i got better and less anxious.
I continued taking it and still take it today, i take about 25 to 50 mg a day, it helps me a lot and removes panick attacks and heart palpitations. Could it be a long term use of Luvox that triggered diabetes?
I have read on some sites that anti depressants can trigger diabetes. Doctors tell me no, it's not possible.
If it is possible in my case, do i have a lawsuit possibility? i feel like my life is ruined.


These commonly prescribed drugs have the chemical characteristic that may cause diabetes:

* Antibiotics: penicillins, cephalosporins, erythomycin

* Tranquilizers: barbiturates, benzodiazepines (such as Valium)

* Others: syntocinon (labor inducer), ergometrine (stops postpartum bleeding), acetaminophen (Tylenol

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/022027.html#ixzz1sUqaBgyt

This is just one site that mentions drugs that can induce diabetes. I am sure there are many websites giving awareness to this possibility and caution.

I know someone who onset with diabetes due to a pharmaceutical prescription. I will see if I can find out what the drug was. She filed a lawsuit and she won. She still has diabetes and takes insulin injections.

Many pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed if the benefits outweigh the risks, people aren't always informed what possible side effects are involved.

Fluvoxamine (Luvox) is an SSRI, I have not heard of this inducing diabetes. I can ask my pharmaceutical prof, who is also a pharmacist, and a TCM practitioner what he knows about this. Also, wondering about 'serotonin syndrome'.

I am not a fan of pharmaceutical drugs. Often side effects are the same symptoms the drug is supposed to treat. Sometimes they can be beneficial, often over prescribed though, and in many cases more are prescribed to counteract side effects.

Check into acupuncture,,, it has a very high success rate for treating anxiety, heart palpitations, nervousness, insomnia, and depression. Acupuncture for these conditions, can help balance blood sugar levels - a very wonderful side effect. Harmony of yin and yang is the basis of curing diseases and conserving health.

Look for the book, "Non-pharmacotherapies for Diabetes", by Editor-in-Chief Cheng Yichun, Translators Zhang Yuxi and Lu Yubin (my teacher :)))

Much Love
Turtle Dove

Have to say that's pretty much how it was with me. I was prescribed insulin and sent home. The nurse practictioner was available by email and he wanted to see my numbers the first week, but everything I've learned about dosing, I:C, etc., is from this site and the books I've read. I attended a three day "diabetes management" workshop which was a complete waste of money for me. It was geared entirely toward T2. When it came to discussing carbs and insulin, more than once the other T1 in the room and I were told, "It will be different for you," but then there was no explanation actually provided for us. This is at one of the largest diabetes clinics in the country and the director is a T1.

Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes are completely different conditions!!! All this 'typing' these days,,, this is why I am interested in this type 1.5. Also, kids with type 2. No two diabetics have the same 'type' of diabetes!

Hi TurtleDove, I was on metformin and glyburide for 4 years and started insulin in june 2011, but only a month ago saw my first Endo and she decided i "might be" Lada 1.5 so she removed all the pills and said insulin only. They explained the best way they could how to use insulin but they did not explain accurately how to correctly calculate insulin carbs ratios. Since i was already on insulin, i decided to buy a book "think like a pancreas" in january 2012.

I also knew my BG was getting higher so i wanted to educate myself more and investigate why i was getting higher. Was it a bad diet or improper dosage or not enough physical activity? maybe...

But right now honestly, i feel worse, i have more anxiety than before and i am very irritable and i am having trouble concentrating.
I feel like my system is not liking this new no pills and insulin only treatment. When i was on metformin and insulin my blood sugar did not spike as much after meals.

I managed to reduce the lows by injecting less insulin before lunch.
i think the leftover insulin from the morning was still in my system when taking my lunchtime bolus and i was getting hypos for 5 days in a row.

But still i find it very difficult to be on target between 5 and 8 mmol.
I have to stabilize this as soon as possible because i want a normal life again. i always have this fear i might faint or go unconscious and it's creating more anxiety and avoiding going out. I don't want to be stuck at home like a hermit. I hate the Lows because i feel like crap for 15 to 20 minutes. I wish i could have a CGM so i know all the time where i am at and will reduce the anxiety of wondering all the time. I also feel worse when it gets warmer, like now it's spring and soon summer and i will feel more and more tired, i feel like i need energy, i am always tired and i have no endurance and my brain is foggy, i am not as sharp.
I need help.

Alrighty then,,, you are not a newb. However, they did NOT explain the best way they could - how to use insulin. Forgive me, I have not read, Think Like A Pancreas. Forgive me some more, I will probably never read it. A Pancreas does not Think,,, it functions. And maybe yours still does,,, don't think about it.

There is no 'normal' life. There is your life. You are the master of your life, of your heart, of your mind, of your spirit.

I am sorry, I don't get 5 and 8 mmol. I get bg. Can you teach me this terminology? Give me a translation? A Bg of 120 is what mmol?

I am jealous of you, I wish I was type 2, or type 1.5. It doesn't matter. I want to diagnose you according to TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine.

You are tired, insomnia, heart palpitations, anxiety, foggy brain, tunnel vision? depression? hungry, thirsty, no appetite, no thirst? bg up and down? dislike warm weather? feel hot sensations? any sweating, at night or in the day? how is your bowel movements?

I want to see your tongue and feel your pulse.

to convert mmol to mg/dl, you multiply by 18, or 120= 6.667

Thank you!

Yes, tired, sometimes insomnia, i woke up sweating a few times.
i got tunnel vision a few times too , very hungry right before lunch time. BG up or down frequently with dizzyness and confusion.
I get a numbness or feel my left hand getting stiff when i am having an attack, i don't know if it's anxiety or a hypo, hyper reaction. I am having trouble concentrating and i am forgetting small things, i am not myself.

When BG was high i felt my feet getting real warm and feeling of a heart beat in my left foot, feels like i just want to soak my feet in a container with cool water. Bowel is ok.

Blood pressure was ok at my last visit to the doc.

I hear it's good to drink a lot of water to protect your kidneys?
Maybe i don't drink enough water.

In TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, diabetes is Xiao Ke, the wasting and thirsting disease. In the Song, Ming, and Qing dynasties, and still today, most physicians diagnosis and treat xiao ke/ diabetes based on three jiao. The upper jiao is lung and heart. The middle jiao is stomach and spleen. The lower jiao has special emphasis on the regulation of kidney function. Symptoms of the three jiao 'types' of diabetes may be present at the same time. So many doctors today dx and tx on the basis of differentiation between Yin and Yang, Qi and Blood, and between visceral organs, classified into four types. There is also differences on understanding pathogenesis, there are 5 main types that serve as guiding principles in clinic diagnosis and treatment.

If I could look at your tongue, and feel your pulse, I could better say a diagnosis. Can you send me a picture of your tongue?

Based on your symptoms, diagnosis for you is,

Yin deficiency with deficient heat - nourish yin and remove heat

Qi deficiency - supplement qi and nourish yin

Qi and Yin are unable to hold each other together and maintain availability of their mutual support. There is deficiency of Qi so that Qi is unable to command the blood, due to deficiency of Yin so that there is consumption of body fluids and due to the scorching by the excessive internal heat - therefore, Blood Stasis.

Blood Stasis - invigorate blood circulation and remove blood stasis

If you went to a TCM Doctor, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, they probably wouldn't concern too much with your 'type' of diabetes from Western term. They would think, Xiao Ke, and see it from a different perspective. They would not think like a pancreas, in Chinese Medicine - there is Not a pancreas. (I probably will get that "Think Like a Pancreas" book - I am a book collector. And read everything I can.)

In TCM, Got to clear heat, nourish qi, tonify yin, move the blood for you. Maybe some damp accumulation too, I would have to see tongue and feel pulse to know for sure. You say recent weight loss? I think more yin deficient, with deficient heat - usually presents more with type 1 diabetes. Insulin is a Yin Tonic. Maybe Metformin is Qi tonic. That gives me a way to understand pharmaceutical tx. Baby aspirin - blood mover.

If I was your TCM doctor, I would say, take a course of acupuncture treatment, once a day for a 6 days. 3 bags of raw herbs for 6 days. one day break. Repeat course 6 more days. one day break. Take acupuncture 3 times/wk for next 13 weeks, continue herbs. Total of 15 weeks. Along with changing your diet to meet your diagnosis to tonify qi, yin, clear heat and move blood. With qigong exercises to do this also. You would feel better!

Three things that Dr. Yu says to me about Diabetes,
1. Drink green tea
2. Quiet your mind
2. There is always a solution

Not one of my Chinese doctors or teachers say that a type 1 can get off insulin,,,, they all say a type 1 must take insulin, but can reduce it way down, and feel much better, strong, and healthy. It is very easy for a type 2 to reverse the condition and not need insulin or oral meds.

No matter the type,,, it takes patience, persistence, and perseverance. That's my three P's of Diabetes. Sweet P)

Thanks TD, i will send you a pic of my tongue.
I Also forgot to mention i have voice extinction or it
Becomes hard for me to talk for extended time.
Its like it takes too much energy from me to talk for
A long time. Thanks for the post on TCM, very interesting. :)




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