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Hello friends,

I am 39 years of age and got diagnosed with type 2 in 2007, now recently my blood sugar has been going up since june 2011, so i decided to ask my family doctor to see an Endocrinologist. I also noticed that i was losing weight. I was 200lbs right before getting diabetes, now i am 162 lbs and 5'11.

When i saw the endo, she said that i might have lada 1.5 because i am very thin and i am taking more insulin, bolus:18 units and basal:18 units
She also removed metformin, glyburide and crestor out of my prescription and kept Fluvoxamine for mild anxiety and Synthroid for my hypothyroidism which began in 2004.
My HA1C% is 11

My Blood sugar spikes a lot faster now, right after a meal and i get blurry vision and dizziness at times. The worst feeling i got so far was last saturday when i went to a dinner with friends and i had 2 pints of beer before my meal. I don't know if my sugar was high or low but i felt very dizzy and i had trouble maintaining the conversation, was like a feeling of confusion and then started to feel tremors in my chest.

Since i did not have my glucometer with me, i had a few slices of bread to see if that helped, but not much. i called 911 and told them the situation and an ambulance arrived shortly to measure my vital signs and blood sugar.
i was at 11.7 mmol/L

I have to go for a c peptide test in june and blood tests to see if this new insulin and diet will work or not.
so far i have not been able to bring it down below 10 mmol/L
I am worried.
Am i damaging my kidneys and other organs?

I also am trying to go back to school to learn web programming and on monday i had to leave the class because i was feeling weird, almost like a panick attack, was right after lunch, felt like my sugar was high and my face was very warm. I also felt dizzy from reading the text on my screen. Should i just forget about programming, is it a too stressful job for someone with diabetes? I been hearing about jobs that cause stress and can make your sugar go up a lot too.

As you can see, i have a lot of questions and little answers,I feel like i have no luck in life and this disease was the cherry on top of the sunday.

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Thank you!

Yes, tired, sometimes insomnia, i woke up sweating a few times.
i got tunnel vision a few times too , very hungry right before lunch time. BG up or down frequently with dizzyness and confusion.
I get a numbness or feel my left hand getting stiff when i am having an attack, i don't know if it's anxiety or a hypo, hyper reaction. I am having trouble concentrating and i am forgetting small things, i am not myself.

When BG was high i felt my feet getting real warm and feeling of a heart beat in my left foot, feels like i just want to soak my feet in a container with cool water. Bowel is ok.

Blood pressure was ok at my last visit to the doc.

I hear it's good to drink a lot of water to protect your kidneys?
Maybe i don't drink enough water.

In TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, diabetes is Xiao Ke, the wasting and thirsting disease. In the Song, Ming, and Qing dynasties, and still today, most physicians diagnosis and treat xiao ke/ diabetes based on three jiao. The upper jiao is lung and heart. The middle jiao is stomach and spleen. The lower jiao has special emphasis on the regulation of kidney function. Symptoms of the three jiao 'types' of diabetes may be present at the same time. So many doctors today dx and tx on the basis of differentiation between Yin and Yang, Qi and Blood, and between visceral organs, classified into four types. There is also differences on understanding pathogenesis, there are 5 main types that serve as guiding principles in clinic diagnosis and treatment.

If I could look at your tongue, and feel your pulse, I could better say a diagnosis. Can you send me a picture of your tongue?

Based on your symptoms, diagnosis for you is,

Yin deficiency with deficient heat - nourish yin and remove heat

Qi deficiency - supplement qi and nourish yin

Qi and Yin are unable to hold each other together and maintain availability of their mutual support. There is deficiency of Qi so that Qi is unable to command the blood, due to deficiency of Yin so that there is consumption of body fluids and due to the scorching by the excessive internal heat - therefore, Blood Stasis.

Blood Stasis - invigorate blood circulation and remove blood stasis

If you went to a TCM Doctor, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, they probably wouldn't concern too much with your 'type' of diabetes from Western term. They would think, Xiao Ke, and see it from a different perspective. They would not think like a pancreas, in Chinese Medicine - there is Not a pancreas. (I probably will get that "Think Like a Pancreas" book - I am a book collector. And read everything I can.)

In TCM, Got to clear heat, nourish qi, tonify yin, move the blood for you. Maybe some damp accumulation too, I would have to see tongue and feel pulse to know for sure. You say recent weight loss? I think more yin deficient, with deficient heat - usually presents more with type 1 diabetes. Insulin is a Yin Tonic. Maybe Metformin is Qi tonic. That gives me a way to understand pharmaceutical tx. Baby aspirin - blood mover.

If I was your TCM doctor, I would say, take a course of acupuncture treatment, once a day for a 6 days. 3 bags of raw herbs for 6 days. one day break. Repeat course 6 more days. one day break. Take acupuncture 3 times/wk for next 13 weeks, continue herbs. Total of 15 weeks. Along with changing your diet to meet your diagnosis to tonify qi, yin, clear heat and move blood. With qigong exercises to do this also. You would feel better!

Three things that Dr. Yu says to me about Diabetes,
1. Drink green tea
2. Quiet your mind
2. There is always a solution

Not one of my Chinese doctors or teachers say that a type 1 can get off insulin,,,, they all say a type 1 must take insulin, but can reduce it way down, and feel much better, strong, and healthy. It is very easy for a type 2 to reverse the condition and not need insulin or oral meds.

No matter the type,,, it takes patience, persistence, and perseverance. That's my three P's of Diabetes. Sweet P)

Thanks TD, i will send you a pic of my tongue.
I Also forgot to mention i have voice extinction or it
Becomes hard for me to talk for extended time.
Its like it takes too much energy from me to talk for
A long time. Thanks for the post on TCM, very interesting. :)


No energy to talk, lassitude, lazy to do anything, that is Qi Deficiency. Lung Qi, Spleen Qi, Kidney Qi Deficiency - all three jiao of the triple burner, water-ways are involved. Good for diagnostic purpose, not so great for clinical treatment. Diabetes is complicated. You might be everything deficiency with excess patterns due to deficiency. Diabetes is complicated,,, no wonder nobody has solved the riddle. I think it is a God Quiz, I should have picked a different disease.

Diagnostic without treatment is pretty pointless. Can you search a Chinese TCM Doctor in your area that specialises in diabetes/xiao ke?

You should post your pic in the thread! I think that would be a first!

Maybe you all could post your tongue pics. I'll show you mine, if you show me yours. I can post my tongue pic too. It feels sorta weird and embarrassing to show my tongue. I am grateful for your support in this, it will help me understand patterns better, and see how patterns 'types' of diabetes, manifest on the tongue.

You can go here to see about tongue diagnosis -

thank you

What is your bg before lunch when you are feeling very hungry?

Listening to Dr. B about diabetic hunger, he mentions low blood sugar is what makes diabetics feel so hungry, insatiable appetite. For me, it is high bg when I get 'hunger'. Dr. B mentioned that he uses amylase injection for patients with extreme hunger, crave for carbs, that tend to over eat and gain weight, and have to chase highs with more insulin injection, then counter act lows with more carb, ect.

In TCM, diabetes in the middle jiao is marked by polyphagia, constant hunger, is stomach fire, too much heat in the stomach. Looking at the Chinese Herbal formula ingredients suggested for this I wonder if they promote amylase production. Maybe some research has been done on this, I will check into it.

One such formula for Diabetes, due to qi and yin deficiency, marked by dry mouth, throat, polydipsia, polyuria, emaciation, lack of strength, fatique, short of breath, difficult to speak, spontaneous sweat - is Yu Ye Tang, the Promoting Secretion of Saliva Decoction. I wonder if this formula promotes production of amylase.

Also, chewing food up to 50 chews before swallowing should promote saliva and amylase production. This is recommended in macrobiotic books. Sometimes it takes me 1/2 hour to eat 30g of brown rice. I think your supposed to chew fast, yet, I tend to eat slow, often hungry with no appetite, starving in the presence of food.

DW friend, I pray you are okay, I am sending love to you.

My BG before lunch is usually in the 180 mg/dl range.

But when i was in class studying it was lower i think. because my day began at 6 AM so i had breakfast at 6:30am.

So by the time lunch time arrived it was 11 am, so i had time to get hungry and BG had time to go lower since my brain was working more due to programming. I remember i would get hungry around 9:30 am, really hungry.

Now since i am taking a medical leave, i am at home and i wake up later, so my breakfast and lunch are closer, like a 2 hour time frame in between, instead of 4 or 5 hours like i did when i was in class and my brain is more relaxed with no stress, so it's easier to control, but still i am not always on target BG. So if i am having trouble being on target at home, i can only imagine how it will be in a month when i go back to class. It will be erratic all over again. I really need a CGM and Metformin with the insulin doses i am on and maybe i will be able to reduce a little too.

Thanks TD for your help, i appreciate it a lot.

Yeah Diabetic Warrior! You are the master of your heart and mind. You know what you need and what it takes to get it!

Today I went to the pharmacy and for the first time in a long time, I got two vials of insulin without a problem. Often records indicate my insurance is inactive, or the Rx is expired, or the Rx says I only need x amount per month and they won't give me more for the month, when they were not calculating for the amount used to prime my pump tube. Previously the pharmacist has told me, you can wait a few weeks, you don't need insulin that bad. I may have said that before, I might be repeating myself, but anyway I know exactly what you are going through!

Also, today, I got a letter from Medtronic, a bill from a year and 1/2 ago for pump supplies was not paid by insurance, they say the insurance was inactive for that time, (it was not!) They had threatened to send it to collection, ect. I have been going rounds with this for over a year! A few months ago, they would NOT send my pump supplies, until I paid the invoice. Lucky me, got pump supplies from my 'used-to-be D" friend, who got a pancreas transplant and does not need the box of infusion sets and reservoirs, so he gave them to me. That tided me over until I got to the top dog and got supplies sent pending paymt on the invoice. Anyway,,, today, the invoice from a year and 1/2 ago has been 'written-off'. Phew! I must have an angel... a Diabetic Angel looking out for me. And, this makes me want to cry,,, because sometimes I feel like I am begging for my life! And, it gets so frustrating and hard, and often nobody understands. I have walked around with bg over 1000, saying please... please... pleeeeeazzzzee, may I have some insulin? I have even had ppl say, well, you brought this condition upon yourself, as tho I deserve to suffer! It can be so sad! Yet, today... this is a good day to live! On days that I have not had insulin, or pump supplies,,, I say, well today, this is a good day to die! I never know what day I am going to live or what day I am going to die. I just want to live a long time, and live a healthy life,

Medtronic did say that the little blue plastic piece to insert my infusion set was not a medical necessity, even though I had a Rx from my Endo for it, as the tube was getting kinked and therefore insulin was blocked from getting in, and leaking out,,, they said, I will have to pay for that out-of-pocket, the insurance will not cover it. I ordered two pieces, because plastic parts don't last very long, and the freaky little gadget really IS a benefit and necessity! They said, either pay $60 for it, or pay shipping and handling and send it back for refund. I want this little plastic thing, and Need it! I don't have $60. I am doing free acupuncture for ppl who don't have insurance, and can't afford treatment. I only just started a job for a clinic that accepts insurance and has paying patients. I won't get a check until first of next month, I am borrowing money to even drive to the clinic.

Ahh, if it's not one thing,,, it's another,,, everyday... is a good day... to live or die... oh crap, I missed a bolus, my pump is low, got to go eat and reload cartridge,,, I am so thankful this moment for food in my fridge, two new vials of insulin, pump supplies, and fresh batteries, a blood checker and box of strips, a little blue plastic inserter,,, I am thankful for Dr. Yu, who gives me acupuncture - or I'd be in a mental institution, he gave me a good paying clinic job and soon I'll be OFF all state assistance, he knows I am a good person, with a good heart, and I am a skilled acupuncturist, and very good with herbs, I am a strong voice and a good advocate for people on Western medical care and jumping through medical hoops, Maybe Dr. Yu is my Diabetic Angel, with his Chinese Qigong powers! I am so thankful for this forum too, our chats are giving me so much validation, appreciation, and respect... empowering me in ways I don't have words to articulate, and will benefit me as a practitioner. Maybe I will go two more years of school, get my PhD, and open a Diabetes Clinic!

DW, you've inspired me! Maybe I'll slap the ol' CGM on for a few days, and see how my bg's are doing beyond the two - four finger sticks I've been doing. Thank YOU!!!

I saw my family doctor today.
He said if they did a Ketones test and i was very low i might not be a type 1.5 but more a type 2 and yes they did one on me and i was 0.1

If i am a type 2, do i need to go back on Metformin asap? and continue with insulin combined.

Ever since they removed metformin i been feeling lethargic and drained of energy.

How long can it take before i feel better?

Did you tell the doc that? I think they'd usually take a complaint of being lethargic and drained of energy seriously?




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