our friend travis grubbs and i were discussing pet peeves and we thought i would be a great idea to start up a forum for it. i thought at first to just limit it to diabetes, but thought i would be even more fun to widen the spectrum. so from mild to wild. from something as easy as everyday peeves to even something as silly as what your dog did today. let's have some fun and lay em out there.

my first pet peeve is my family's love of using their forks to get butter out of the butter bowl. knowing that it drives me nuts.

now it's your turn....what's your pet peeve?

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It hasn't yet. LOL! I tried that tactet just to get ask "Where's that necklace i gave you" I came up with "I got it hid away". Well not really a lie huh?? LOL!
LOL! That's good Judith "The Memory Sucking Field" I think it's took over here too. LOL!
memory??? what memory? i have no memory. my parents tell me i was born without one. my teachers agreed with them. my husband wishes he had been told about it before he married me and my kids never knew when they could mess with me or if i would actually remember that i had given them a no answer already. my kids not knowing that i have always been forgetful labeled me with old timers disease, even though at the time i wasn't old. well i guess old age is reletive. if your young 25 seems old and if your 75, 90 is old. ok what was i talking about? oh yeah, old age, no lost memory, ok i remember now, we were talking about teachers and how they would never forget if you did something stupid. oh crap i can't remember what we were talking about.
Hey, Doris, here's how it REALLY works: The Martian anthropologists are studying us, and when they find something interesting, they take it back to Mars in order to analyze it properly. Then, when they are done, they put it back where they found it. And THAT'S why, eventually, you will find it in a place where you looked a thousand times and it was never there.

As good an explanation as any, huh? :-)
My new #1 peeve is people who are sitting at red lights and don't go when it turns green because they are txting or emailing or playing "Angry Birds" or whatever. I usually yell "It's green" or "VERDE" out the window. It seems to be happening more regularly around here.
I have to OCR books I read into a format that I can load onto my refreshable braille display (like an e-reader but with braille instead), and the markups really mess up the OCR process. Otherwise, I'm sure some people's margin commentary could be really interesting to read alongside the text!
Pet peeves...

1. Finding jelly in the peanut butter jar.
2. Mustard or ketchup in the mayonaise.
3. Baked potato in the margarine.
4. Having one of my kids reading over my shoulder when I am on the computer and chewing in my ear.
5. 15 yr old boy farts! He on the other hand finds it hilarious to clear the room where even the dogs can't stand it!
6.Finding that my husband has just pulled up my basil plants claiming to have thought they were weeds.

As for the library books...I work in a library and one time caught a man writing in a book. I was just flabbergasted! What people do to library books is beyond a pet peeve. Some of them come back sooooo gross!!!

Sounds like I am just peeved doesn't it?
Just thought of another really BIG pet peeve.

If I am out to dinner with another person and they text at the table. That is so rude!
People chewing tobacco products and spitting.
being TOLD or expected i'm going to babysit, not asked.
agreed. I'll go for that one too!
People that ask "Why is your bloodsugar high, what did you do?".....ugh...wanna say "Oh, I ate a hug fat donut because I like to feel like *&^%$!".Think I just may start answering that way :)

People that use/eat the last of something and leave the empty box/container, etc.

Neighbours that let their kids scream/yell at 8am and 10 pm outside so we all can enjoy the little darlings. :)




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