our friend travis grubbs and i were discussing pet peeves and we thought i would be a great idea to start up a forum for it. i thought at first to just limit it to diabetes, but thought i would be even more fun to widen the spectrum. so from mild to wild. from something as easy as everyday peeves to even something as silly as what your dog did today. let's have some fun and lay em out there.

my first pet peeve is my family's love of using their forks to get butter out of the butter bowl. knowing that it drives me nuts.

now it's your turn....what's your pet peeve?

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1. Being asked to repeat myself when I was speaking clearly the whole time...the other person just wasn't listening
2. People who chew with their mouths open
3. People who don't use turn signals or turn them on after they've been stopped for a few seconds or have already started to change lanes
4. People who give me weird/rude looks/comments cause I walk to work. Hello! I live a block away.........WHY should I drive?!
5. People who should know better (ie the nurse at the school where I teach) thinking my pump tells me my blood sugar. No. It's just a pump. That's why I call it my pump and not my CGM. Cause...it's a pump.
6. People who think anyone with a CGM (ie me...when they mistakenly think I have a CGM) don't have to check their blood sugars anymore.
7. People who think my insulin pump does all the work for me and I have to do absolutely zero thinking about my insulin dosages.
8. People who think I'm experiencing a life-threatening emergency and tell me I MUST see a doctor immediately for a blood sugar in the 200s (ie a nursing student friend of mine who commented on a FB status today!)
9. When my students (5 year olds) grab me or my clothing to get my attention instead of just saying my name or raising their hand
I have to admit that, at age 63, my hearing is not quite what it used to be, and somehow, it seems to me that young folks talk too fast! Especially over the telephone, I've had conversations with workers who are pretty unintelligible, and they DO get irritated when I keep asking for repeats. If you're dealing with an older person, that might be the reason. One technique is to say the person's name before you say what you want to communicate -- that cues them in that they need to concentrate. And make sure they're looking at you. Which, of course, you can't do over the telephone, hence the problems there.
Even in the case of young people, sometimes they DO have hearing loss -- it's another invisible disability. And it's a lot worse in noisy environments. People who have spent a lot of time playing in, or listening to loud rock bands almost invariably have hearing loss.
And then, of course, there ARE the folks who just don't listen, LOL!!
The rock bands do cause hearing loss, thus those with hearing loss often listen to loud rock and roll music.

When talking on the telephone, one can always tell the other person to go put in their hearing aids, hang up on them, and then call them back. I do that to my mother on a regular basis.

Those who don't listen either don't care or don't get it.

Good post!! ;)
Having that sudden urge to pee and there are no restrooms near by.
When people use the last of paper towels or tpaper and dont get another roll.
LOL, Mark. :)
Well, I'm in line at the bank. It's nice & quiet. Suddenly, I hear loud music coming from behind me and it's not even good music. It sounds like a cheap transistor radio but......it's only a cell phone. The idiot behind me takes their time answering it (which means I have to listen to the tune over & over. Then they carry on a LOUD conversation while standing a few inches behind me. But....I gotta laugh when they pretend they just don't understand why they're getting dirty looks from everyone around them.

Love those bumper stickers that say "I'll bet you'd drive better with that cell phone shoved up your a--."
The the music loop during the menu screen of a movie on a DVD. I cannot stand it playing over and over and over and over....even the little clips included in the loop! Hate it!
people who are always late and the people who enable them by excepting it and saying they will be late for their own funeral. being consistantly late is rude and unexceptable. being late because of an emergency or something unexpected comes up is one thing but when you are late for everything there is a problem.

This is an experiment with a very old, long-threaded post to see if I can re-activate it for the fun of all our "newbies".

When I first joined TuD there were under a thousand members. We were much less factionalized and had a lot more fun and shared insights on how we moved through a difficult world in general. This post was a fun refuge.

Many pet peeves are, of course, about idiots giving us stupid cures for The D. But many others concern things like road rage encounters or my last one about Shrink Wrap.

Five years later, I hate shrink-wrap even more because my hands are more arthritic and just recently, my right little finger is numb.

Anyway---This is fun, if you are in the mood and get tired of all our D-related Pet Peeves.

Fire Away....Blessings all...Judith in Portland....




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