I don't know what I need right now... Psychologist or new Dr.?? My appt went something like this. This is my annual check in for my diabetes. He did not check any of my BG numbers or ask how they were, no blood pressure or anything checked. Just asked if I was happy with how things were going,When I say no, he says I am fine...He tells me my A1c is perfect 8.8 (was 7.8 last December and I have had 3 more since and it is slowly going up) I was on trial run of a pill (trajenta) and had some unlivable side effects and tried to tell him, he just brushed me off and said to wait another month and see him. He didn't even let my dad finish telling him his concerns of me on it. Because I am not happy with how things are being done and I can't handle feeling like I have a flu from the time I took the pill and swelling in the neck and face, he says he has no time to do psychotherapy on me and suggests a psychologist to talk to.I talked to the endo who started me on this pill and she said I had a fair trial with it.(10 days) Said she would never let anyone stay on it with those side effects any longer If I couldn't handle it.
I quite it and start another next week. So what would you do??

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No, he wasn't referring to my being low. in fact he doesn't even know that. We never got to that discussion yet in any visits. His time is very limited and not much could be said or read when letters were written by me. He just let me have it when I told him I wasn't happy with how slow it was all going to get me back to feeling good again. Is 3 months to much to ask for?? Is an A1c lower then 8.0 to much to get? I have achieved it before...infact I did for 5yrs out of 6yrs so far. I would do anything for a low these past few months, but even trying walks and cutting back on food doesn't help.I have TRIED!! My lowest is in the 6.0's and my AM fastings are anywhere from 7-10, my before and after meals are above 10 and vary to 17. It is to much and he says it is all fine.In my opinion...it is not. He says I am young,I can handle being high for alot longer then I have with no damage in the future.Well I sure as hope he is right!!
He is a blunt and very much a opinionated Dr. I was warned by numerous people but also told he was good,even the best in the town.
I did look into the taxable income stuff regarding medical purposes,with a insurance place, tax place, and hospital where I went for diabetes care last spring and even the Dr. I had last spring. No one could help me and said I must not be covered here. So yeah that sucks. :(

My doctor never asks to see my bg logs either. But he does want my HbA1c under 6 for the best control. I think you need to find another doctor and don't look back. It is your health and it will be your body that suffers from complications not this ignorant doctor. The mere idea that he suggests you need counseling because you are not happy with your bg control makes me angry. I would report him to your insurance company and medical boards. Even the ADA suggests HbA1c goals of 7 and I think the American College of Endocrinologists say 6.5. I wonder how much he is being paid by the drug companies to prescribe drugs that don't work.

Wow! This doctor is so wrong. I would think that you need to be on insulin NOW. WIth fastings like you are getting, and the post meals are just plain scarey. NO wonder you are feeling so bad.

The more I read of this thread the more disgusted I am on your behalf.

If this is the "best" doctor in town there are sure going to be a lot of people dying from diabetic complications in the near future.

Please no need to keep with this doctor who is doing you a gross disservice and it putting your health at risk.

Even a good GP could be doing far better than this doctor is for you.

WHile you are tyring to sort out the doctor crap you are dealing with - do consider looking into using low carb diet (if you are not already) - aka Bernstein. At least it should help a little with the numbers. It is helpful for many. Ignore this if it's not for you though - each to their own management plan.

Not wanting to be difficult here BUT

Super Sally , ...hb 's profile states " Shots, Diet and Exercise" ??!!
SHOTS equals insulin ??

Am I missing something profound as hb requiring more of the juice of life , which has not been addressed in this discussion ???

Hi Nel,

thanks for correcting me. My apologies. I got so frustrating seeing HB's sitaution I was spouting off without checking back on details first.

Have to say though using insulin and still having those sort of numbers means something is not being managed right.... by her Dr.

Thanks Sally for your comment ... I still think , there is another ( serious in my mind ) issue at play and both bsc and I commented : " the fear of lows " ...however one cannot solve this problem here , even 2 Provinces over... if one only could ....

Whatever it is that you need has already been discussed here. Fact of the matter is, you need a new plan. You need a new internist, to care for your medical needs. You need a new endo, who really has a knowledge of an A1-c, you need a new CDE who can give you some better guidelines for management of your diabetes, and maybe the psych can help you with how that makes you feel. I don't know your situation, but if your A1-c keeps perfectly going up, please consider insulin to treat your diabetes. I know from experience that all the pills in the world won't make you feel better, and nor will a shrink, if your body is ready for insulin therapy.

Start with a new plan, that includes a new PCP, endo and CDE. I hope your care plan includes someone with a clue.

Be well.

Brian Wittman

Diabetes affects everything. You can't have one doctor handle your diabetes and another, who takes care of "everything else" not know about it. I'd chalk up another vote for dumping this doc and finding another. If not for his lack of knowledge about D, then for his attitude in speaking with you. There are enough reasons.

IMHO - get another doctor and quickly.




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