Well, today, I did it again. First off, I succumbed to a bowl of noodles, which was bad enough, but I figured I should pre-bolus for it, in order to head off a high spike. So I gave myself a 10-minute head start, and enjoyed the noodles. And just after I finished, I started feeling a bit weird, so I checked, and I was down to 52. NOT really where I wanted to be.

So my question for my friends is, if you're going to pre-bolus, how much time do you give yourself? Ten minutes was too long for me, but I've tried 5 minutes, and that's too short. Or does it vary according to the phase of the moon?

I also didn't know whether I should try to treat the low, because my stomach was full, but I decided to just wait it out -- I knew the carbs would kick in reasonably soon, and they did, but not until I had made several panic calls to friends, of which no one was home! So the next question is, if your stomach is full, and you're low and dropping, what do you usually do? Like, there shouldn't be a next time, haha!

I thank you for your continuing support!

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what we should do is glucose tabs, but of course I just keep eating. I don't often pre-bolus, because I forget to.

I never take my bolus prior to eating. Too many lows. I inject after I eat and with pasta, I take half and 2 hrs later other half. I am too scared of lows and many times I have injected and then not eaten all the food I thought I would. But, it I do go low and I am full I will drink a regular soda or 1/2 of one. I am just a big chicken when it comes to lows...I slam on a little bit of fast acting and would rather correct slowly. :)

52= eat fast!! Maybe have a Tsingdao or something, Reinheitsgebot= carbs?

I always try and prebolus - 15-20 minutes, but we all seem to vary on that.

And Natalie, I'm with you. In those circumstances, I wait it out. Part of it is my eating disordered brain - why intake extra glucose if I don't need to! But actually it usually works fine when I do that. I wait and test, and soon I start to come up.

because extra glucose is yummy?

I have to admit, I totally avoid noodles. They come up occasionally, as they are huge family favorites but, since I cook a lot, well, they don't make the menu too often. As my mom's grandpa said "you always get a good meal if you like what the cook likes..."

Well, this happens to me more than I'd like to admit! (Just gotta get a good carb fix ya know!) I will treat with something fast acting (glucose tab, etc) but a smaller amount just to give me security that if the carbs don't hit as I expect the fast acting will at least prevent continued drop. I may need to correct afterwards though due to the drop in sugar and additional fast acting carbs on board. But often I am at home alone and I would rather be safe than sorry!

what are you using for short acting, cause...I'll have what you're having, please. i prebolus and always wait at least 15 minutes, if i'm a bit high, i've waited close to 40 -50 minutes and longer if I'm high...i use novolog and for some reason, i'll spike if i don't prebolus and i typically low carb.

I'm on a pump using Novolog. But I would suppose that people's absorption time for both food and insulin differs (which is why I asked the question -- to confirm that!). I don't know whether degree of insulin resistance has anything to do with it, either, because EVERYONE, not just T2s has differing degrees of insulin resistance, and even that differs at different times.

How's THAT for a non-answer? If diabetes were easy, none of us would be here!

thanks. i'm hoping my going on the pump will help with better absorption (not having to prebolus so much). careful with the CAPS, ha! TuAdmin thinks that implies yelling... :)

I don't know if it's so much insulin resistance. As we know, analog injected insulin (MDI or pump) just doesn't work the same as our pancreas does..sometimes the food just hits before the insulin and vice versa.

Noodles usually hit me very late so I don't pre-bolus for them. In fact, I reduce my dose by 20% and don't need the extra insulin till I'm at least 4 hours in.


Most need to bolus ahead to head off the spike from fast acting carbs like noodles on an empty stomach. Sounds like you have delayed digestion to have experienced a low after eating. I have gastroparesis (can't inject before meals) & can relate to that experience. If I'm in the 50's or below, I take only a couple of jelly beans & wait it out. I know the carbs are going to hit & don't want to end up high, but I also hate the low feeling.

Noodles tend to hit me more slowly than almost anything else which is why I almost never eat them...

Who can tell.




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