My pump group tonight had reps from the pump companies as well as a dexcom rep.

My CDE was there, and told me about the VGo (info here). I'd never heard of it before. It's a very simplistic system, marketed for T2s. It has a preset 24 hr basal, and can bolus in 2u increments. Apparently inexpensive too.

The accu-chek rep had the new spirit combo. It holds 315u, you can see the reservoir through a clear window. It's almost exactly the size of my Ping with one corner cut off. The meter/remote has a really nice color screen and tons of functions, though the font is small. The pump comes with a backup pump (programmed to only work for 6 months). It uses blue tooth, and communicates with computer via IR to download. He said availability is imminent, they are in the very last stage of FDA approval. The meter will also be available as a stand-alone unit eventually. Tested my bg on it and it matched my dexcom LOL

I saw the My Sentry system at the Medtronic station. Looks good, and the alarm can be set to be LOUD. So far only available for CWD, they don't know when it will be available for everyone.

Chatted with the Dexcom rep, who I've met before, and he agreed that their case sucks. He loved my LG Chocolate case :) Nothing new coming down the pike.

The Animas rep is new to our area. I complained about the meter (scrolling issues, screen clarity) and she said a new remote/meter is about to be released (whatever that means), but she doesn't know if it's color. No news on release of the Vibe *sigh*. They are working on yet another clip.

They had snacks... water, chobani yogurt (flavored, 20 carbs), packs of some kind of crackers (12 carbs per pack). Oy. I had water ;)

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I talked with an Animas rep at a diabetes meeting last weekend. I gave him some feedback on the Animas Ping system (meter remote scroll speed, no IOB on home screen, inability of "circular" menu access) and asked if they had done any user studies before releasing their system.

I knew I was being a bit disingenuous but I wanted to get his reaction. I said that while I overall liked their pump, some of the shortcomings of their system could have been revealed in a well designed user study. He replied that Animas does user studies. I told him that I would be shopping for a new pump soon as my Animas warranty expires this September.

I'm hoping that Animas comes out with a better product that actually does a thorough user study. I'm especially interested in one integrated with a Dexcom CGM. I want a separate CGM display instead of combining it with the pump display. A separate CGM display permits night-time placement where I can *hear* it!

I forgot to mention their belt clip. You know, if their engineers ever had to wear this thing for any amount of time then they never would have built in their sorry version of a pump belt clip!

What a great idea to hold a meeting to review various pumps and their features.

Thanks for sharing your pump show with us. That VGo is cool! Made me wish I was a T2! Sorry about the snacks, I would have passed on them also. I can't figure why snacks have to be part of every thing anyway.

I bet the new Ping meter remote is the same one we got in Canada about a year ago:

In addition to the high-contrast screen I've heard it also responds faster and has less lag (timer showing on screen) than the old one. I've never used the old one, so I can't compare.

We got the wind here, too. Power outages and roads blocked around some areas of Metro Vancouver. Thankfully I have not had to go out at all today, and we still have power.

Alan and Jen ...your type of weather not here in Shuswap 's paradise :) ...we had snow :)

Jen, if you got it a year ago we'll probably not get it for another year LOL

Well, you guys have had the Dexcom for how many years, and it's still not here. *waits impatiently*

And we JUST got the OmniPod this year. And Lantus came here five years after it had been approved in other countries—meaning we were stuck using NPH until mid-2005! And we don't have Symlin, which I wish we did because I wouldn't mind giving it a try.

Yet, we get the new Ping screen before you, and we had the Minimed CGMS a year or two before you, too (and the newer pump with low suspend).

I don't understand why some countries get things so much sooner than others, and vice versa.

It's NOT FAIR is it?

Has anyone actually used the VGo, or even seen it?




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