Hi everyone! I just thought I'd share my experience with Raw Food because I truly believe it is THE way to be your healthiest as a diabetic.

I was diagnosed type 1 two years ago. I spent the first year on an insulin roller coaster, and was experimenting with many different things to help myself out. I even "donated" my body to a clinical research study for some new drug (didn't do much). After a year of this, I was SO tired. I was absolutely ready for a major change. That is when I found Gabriel Cousen's book, "There is a Cure for Diabetes" and immediately switched to a raw food diet. I was already vegetarian, so it wasn't a very hard adjustment. I noticed that my sugars were much better, and I felt much better and had more energy.

I would eat 3 smallish meals a day; mostly greens and green superfood powders (without fruit in them), nuts, seeds, sprouts, nut mylks,and flax seeds and crackers. I avoided fruit, grain, and beans. The only fruits I consumed were tomatoes (in moderation) and guacamole. I was also very active in between meals. Swimming, walking, bouncing on the rebounder, hula hooping :), and jump roping. My sugars went to NORMAL. I stopped taking insulin. I would wake up at around 80, and go to bed around 110. I was SO happy.

I also went to the Tree of Life, which was an amazing experience and a very profound spiritual opening for me. If you can go, by all means, do. But I know that you can do this on your own as well. The point I want to make is that a Raw Food diet is amazing for Diabetes. And every person I have met or talked to or read about who has been a type 1 able to get off of insulin, has done so with raw foods and an active lifestyle, while working to reduce stress and be happier. BUT another point I want to make is this: Raw Food is the best thing you can do diet wise for your diabetes, no matter what type it is. This, however, does not mean that you will be able to get off of insulin necessarily. As a naturopathic student, I have learned that there are many other factors that can impede your recovery. This is what happened to me after a month free of insulin:

I developed a low-grade bronchial infection after traveling to India. I tried to take herbs and vitamins to knock it out, but after a month felt pretty sure I needed an extra boost. This is before I started studying up on natural medicine seriously. I went to the doctor, who prescribed an antibiotic. I took the full dose. It didn't work, so I went back again- he gave me another one. It didn't work. So finally he gave me Z Pack. This finally did the trick. But....my blood sugars rose and would not come back down. Let me back up a little and say that as a child I had had pneumonia several times, and was always treated with antibiotics. Then I ruptured my kidney in a motorcycle accident and subsequently had to deal with chronic kidney infections for the whole of my teenaged life until I was 22. Obtaining antibiotics for these infections was routine for me. I would stroll into the ER and ask for Cipro. It was an annoyance at most. Little did I know the damage they were doing to my intestinal tract. So, it turns out that I am dealing with Leaky Gut syndrome. That is when the membranes of your intestinal tract allow big proteins from the food you eat to enter your blood stream, causing your immune system to launch an attack and can lead to autoimmunity and food sensitivity. I am currently doing a program to heal this condition.

My point is this: Raw Food is GREAT. It is the best thing (in my opinion) for diabetes. And, it may lead you to be able to stop taking insulin because your sugars may stabilize at healthy levels. But don't be discouraged if it doesn't quite work that way for you, because you may have other underlying issues to deal with. As I do. So make sure you find a doctor (I prefer natural doctors) who can put the pieces together for your individual and specific case. Because if you can treat the other imbalances and deficiencies you may have, then raw foods may bring you back to better health. SO don't give up!

I am currently not taking insulin. I eat small raw meals, and exercise about 3 times a day, for 20 minutes to an hour each time. I drink lots of pure water, take herbs (gymnema, banaba, chromium, nopal, vanadium, ginseng...etc.), and drink beanpod tea and culinary cinnamon extract in water.

My sugars are not perfect yet, but I feel awesome. The more active I am, and the more pure my foods are, the better I feel and the more my sugars respond favorably.

So good luck! And bless you.


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Just curious - have you ever eaten green almonds. Because I live in a very multicultural city (Montreal) - the foods we can get here are amazing. One thing I've taken to eating is green almonds. A woman at a gardening centre told me when she found out I had diabetes - that eating green almonds are supposed to help with making you less insulin resistant. I have tried to look for this on the Internet and found nothing - so perhaps you know abit about it Vivelle?

Oh and cinnamon tea - I love it. I bought alot of cinnamon bark when I was in the islands - and it is so yummy to sip on! I put a bit of the bark in a small teapot and let it steep like normal tea (5-10 minutes). Mmmm, I'm now thinking of going to make myself a cuppa!
As Arielle said, you must be producing some insulin (I see you were diagnosed in 2007-- so perhaps your body does still produce some insulin-- this can be tested with a c-peptide blood test). People who produce little or no insulin could put their lives in great danger by following a similar path.

Please type 1s who read this, DO NOT STOP TAKING INSULIN. This can lead to fatal situations. I know a type 1 who killed himself by switching to a lettuce only diet without taking insulin. Our bodies need insulin, no matter what your diet is. If your body doesn't produce any, you cannot live without injecting it.

You said your blood sugars are not perfect yet-- how are your blood sugars doing? Are you still measuring them often? Have you tested to make sure that you are not producing ketones? I just ask these questions because I am concerned about you and do not want you to put yourself in danger.

I think the raw diet sounds very healthy, but WITH insulin, at least a basal insulin even if you eat low carb!!!
Vivelle, bless you as well.

I can not, in any situation, recommend that any Type 1, including yourself, deprive themselves of insulin. I have nothing against raw foods or your lifestyle, but it is wishful thinking if you believe that diet will free you from insulin therapy if you are truly Type 1.

You may not be taking insulin right now, but you may very well still be in a "honeymoon" phase, where your body is still producing a little bit of insulin. Perhaps this little bit of insulin is all you need to handle your current diet, but it will pass.

As your honeymoon wears off slowly month after month, you will see your sugar stability steadily decline in spite of your raw food diet. You will simply need to take start taking insulin again. Everyone needs some level of insulin to survive, and if you are Type 1, sooner or later, you will stop producing insulin on your own. That is a fact.

You may feel great now, but your current state of euphoria will pass as your body continues to attack and destroy your last remaining beta cells and your insulin levels decline to a halt. You said it yourself, your sugars are not perfect, and I believe if you combined your current health-conscious lifestyle with a proper, low-dose insulin regimen, you will find the balance that we are all trying to achieve.

If you somehow manage to go through life fit as a fiddle with good blood sugars without taking any insulin...then I agree with Arielle...you simply aren't a Type 1 Diabetic.

We need insulin like fish need water, that's just how it is. Take care.
Hi again,

I understand that not everyone will agree with what I am doing. Thats part of life- and I think that whatever a person does, especially when its going against what conventional wisdom says, there will be criticism. I will ask, however, that you think about it before you condemn what I am doing, or say that I will never succeed. Whats the point in being so negative?

And as far as you saying that I am not type 1? Whatever you say. I have had extensive tests done, and have antibodies in the range of type 1 status. I was diagnosed, then I had a "honeymoon" phase where I could control my sugars with diet and exercise. Eventually I deteriorated. I needed insulin and was dependent on it for over 8 months. Then I started raw food and my sugars went down to normal without insulin. Right now I am dealing with symptoms of leaky gut due to overuse of antibiotics. My sugars are not perfect, but they are trending downwards with each day. Healing takes patience. Personally, I am willing to let my body heal itself without pumping it full of unnatural substances. I will do whatever it takes.

Healing from type 1 diabetes is possible. We each have to find our own definitions of health. But for me; being raw vegan and off of insulin with a normal A1C and good blood sugars is being healed. And I know that its possible. While there is no cure for diabetes yet, I feel that this is a rewarding journey toward health. This is my truth. I will let you know how it goes.
That's not type 1. That's type 1.5.
"I will do whatever it takes."

Well Vivelle, somewhere down the road, I still believe it's gonna take a shot of insulin.

Even on his website, Gabriel Cousens states,

"The program is most effective with diabetes mellitus type 2 and is also very effective at increasing quality of life and reducing insulin levels for diabetes mellitus type 1."

Reducing? I can buy that. Eliminating? Im' sorry, there is no way.

I apologize If I seemed negative toward you, however, I was merely concerned for your health and the health of anyone reading your post seeking a "miracle" cure from Type 1. And I mean health in the broadest sense of well being and sustenance. I'm just looking out for the integrity of this site and your advice, please don't take it personally.

You are obviously adamant about what you have discovered, and if it is working for you then I cannot argue with that. Your journey is your own, and I hope your decision to discontinue insulin therapy and rely on raw food and exercise will lead you toward a long healthy life.

I don't think you can blame me for my skepticism, though. And believe me, I'm anything but conventional.
Gabriel Cousens cannot state that his program cures any disease. For obvious reasons. But I have spent time with the man, done his program, and watched as it worked to rapidly heal type 2s and more slowly and unpredictably help type 1s. I know 3 people personally, who I talk to regularly, who are off insulin, who are type 1s, and who have normal blood sugars. And through the program I have learned of several more. It is possible.

Please do not think I am trying to endanger anyone who reads my post. I am not trying to get people to ditch their medication and blindly trust in a miraculous healing. All I'm doing is sharing my own experience, as is everyone else on this site. And the limited thinking of allopathic medicine doctors leaves much to be desired for someone like me, and many others I know. I know that the body can heal. And I believe that raw foods are a great way to get started. If you haven't even tried it, I don't think its fair to call it "impossible".

Oh, and a positive attitude certainly wouldn't hurt.

For the record, I don't think any one should walk around with uncontrolled blood sugars, and do nothing about it. I'm not here to tell anyone what to do. I'm here to share, and possibly give hope, and connect with some other people who have learned alternatives as well.


This sounds more like MODY than straight up Type 1. No Type 1 or LADA could do this diet long term, and expect to keep living. It's not pessimism.... It's reality. We need oxygen to breathe, and we need insulin to process glucose. Simple as that.
i am just curious as to how your endocrinologist gave you his blessing to do this type of diet as a diagnosed type 1. which just makes me wonder further if your diagnosis is wrong since i don't think any doctor in their right mind would continue ot treat a type 1 who refuses to use insulin, most would decline to continue treating in fear of a complication since you're not on insulin and being sued due to said complication.

if you are a true type 1 then there is no way for you sugars to be perfect without injecting, no matter what the diet. it's part of the definition for type 1.
this is not a matter of a disagreement of opinion, it is very much fact. Diet is part of controlling diabetes mellitus type 1, but is not the main treatment.

cinnamon is supposed to help blood cells absorb insulin and break down the sugar to energy, but i'm not going to just eat spoonfuls of cinnamon for the rest of my life and never take insulin again.

I agree that you are most likely misdiagnosed, and are a type 1.5 or type 2. tests can be wrong, or there is always an exception to a rule.
Hi Jessica,

I'm studying to be a natural doctor myself, I work in a clinic, I have an allopathic endocronologist, and I am part of a clinical study- so I'm definitely covered as far as testing goes, and monitoring. As far as the doubt as to what type of diabetes I was diagnosed with, its a roundabout debate that I'm not interested in getting myself into. I've said what type I am, and why I know this, the rest is history.

But I'm just curious, have you ever tried raw foods? You might be surprised. But change is difficult, this I understand all too well. But when it comes to my health, I am willing to dedicate myself as best I can.

Traditional medicine has a certain viewpoint with type 1, and that is that it is permanent and won't ever be reversed. It sounds like you've definitely incorporated that into your belief system. I'm not trying to say that curing type 1 is easy, or that I know exactly how to do it, or that I know anyone else's body but my own. But I do know personally 3 type 1s who are off insulin (besides myself) and who have normal blood sugars. 2 of these people are raw vegan, and are mothers of small children. The other isn't raw, but she controls her carbohydrate intake strictly and gets tons of exercise everyday. And I know of a few more who are raw vegan and off of insulin.

I wrote my post in the "Alternative Treatment" section of this website. And thats what I'm talking about. So if you don't want to eat "spoonfuls of cinnamon" and would rather inject, then thats you. But insulin isn't an alternative. The alternative is to insulin, which doesn't heal the body in any way. Its a band aid for an underlying cellular disorder. The reason I am sharing my experience is to connect with others who may have insights or further information on this quest to become as healthy as possible, naturally. SO, for all of you trying to improve your health, and who don't take what your doctor says as law, and who KNOW in your hearts you can be well and your body can heal- don't give up. NOTHING is impossible.

With Love, Vivelle
Hi Vivelle!
Thank you so much for your post and sharing your story. I just was talking with my mom about that book and think I'll have to pick it up now for sure!

I am a lifelong vegetarian and eat mostly raw (about 70%). Last summer after diagnosis, I went through something similar. I took myself off insulin and ate mostly raw/vegan and worked out a lot. Of course, I was/am still in the "honeymoon" stage...so I had some insulin. But I couldn't "keep it up". I think it can be done if you have time to work out 3 times a day for an hour like you say, so you can pull any glucose out of the bloodstream, but it just didn't seem feasible once I started back to work/school in the fall. I can still go all day with bolusing for any meals, since I eat mostly raw/vegan. But without basal, I go high and it requires A LOT of effort/exercise to bring down.

I am interested in the healing powers of raw though. I am really not with the allopathic medical community and would never consult my doctors before changing my diet or anything else for that matter. My doctors seldom agree with how I am managing this, but then when they see my A1C (always under 6 past year-but yes, I know I am "new") they say, "well, whatever you are doing is working". (Of course, they don't really want to know or share what I am doing with their other patients because this way is SO far removed from the mainstream. I mean, many people think eating healthy is having one of those 100 calorie snack packs from Nabisco, so eating whole foods/raw/vegetarian/vegan is way too big of a change. This is understandable, but sad to me nonetheless.)

But, like other people have mentioned: we are new and in the "honeymoon" stage. I keep wondering how long it will last, but those who have had D much longer than we have, have more reason I think to doubt any claims of a cure. I don't doubt your Dx at all though. I mean, you know what you have. I tried so badly to not have T1 while I was off insulin, thinking for sure they made a mistake. But all those antibodiy tests don't lie. And just because you can go without (but with A LOT of work) for awhile, doesn't mean your Dx is wrong. I think it probably just means you are still honeymooning. Can you "keep it up"? Depends on your lifestyle I suppose. I think it'd be amazing if so.

Everytime I feel my insulin needs increase, I get stricter in my carb counting/eat more raw and exercise more...and it goes down. But can I live without it? I don't know. I hate (like I think we all do) being dependent on the mainstream/Big Pharm. But I deifintely agree with you that eating very low carb and/or raw/vegan is not only extremely healthy, but helps SO much with BG control.

You gotta do what works for you. Happy to hear it is. :)
Very informative response Jenn!

I agree that all of us posting here have "autoimmune induced diabetes" (whether it's called type 1, type 1.5, LADA)-- we have all tested positive for antibodies, but that does not mean that we all produce the same amount of insulin. I would be interested in comparing the results with raw food based on people's c-peptide test.

If I get no insulin for more than 4 hours, like Arielle said, I immediately become nauseous and my body starts producing ketones-- before long I could be in diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). Not a fun experience (if you haven't experienced DKA, trust me, you don't want to). This is when I eat nothing.

If your body is producing enough insulin to cover your basal needs and you eat raw, then I completely accept that you are an "insulin-producing" type 1 (perhaps honeymooning type 1) who does not need to inject insulin for now. But to say that this means that type 1s who don't produce insulin can go off their insulin injections by changing their diet and lifestyle is what we are all reacting to. I would be curious if any of the three type 1s who had this success with the raw diet were NOT producing insulin before they began.

Given that there is SO much that we don't understand about type 1, I actually believe that there are ways to reverse type 1 (i.e. a cure exists), we just don't know what it is right now. I would only begin to believe that raw foods could get type 1 diabetics off insulin if I see someone who is NOT honeymooning and shown to be NOT producing insulin to start on a raw diet and THEN starts to produce insulin again. That would be great :)

Vivelle-- I'm glad that this is working for you for now. I just sincerely hope that you will keep an eye on your body and if you see rising blood sugars, see a doctor immediately. If your body does reach the point where you are producing almost no insulin, the situation can turn very dangerous very quickly. Just like you want to share with us, I want to share this with you.




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