There's a rumor going around that Paula Deen is diabetic [ ] and about to become a spokesperson for Novartis. Is it true? I don't know.

What I do know is that there is an incredible amount of irony to this story. Mizz Paula is not exactly known for cooking healthful food. And, I can't really endorse the idea of serving a burger between glazed donuts.

What I fear is that there will be an incredible amount of criticism and reproach toward her for "getting diabetes" from all that rich food she cooks.

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Buckley83 you are making me ill. Since I am diabetic, this stuff would kill me in a few short years. If I was not a diabetic, still this stuff would kill me in a few short years.

I'll be posting this stuff on her website soon. Do you know what the odds are in Vegas if she makes it to 65?

So a little story to illustrate perhaps how a Type 2 might be handled on diagnosis... this is a true story that happened yesterday:

One of my coworkers, whose treatment for uterine cancer contributed to serious weight gain,came to me to tell me that she was told by the endo that her blood sugar was "slightly elevated". She has been seeing this endo because osteoporosis runs in her family. The endo did not tell her what "slightly elevated" meant in terms of a number nor did he discuss target range with her. He did not instruct her to get a meter or when/how often/or even IF to test. But he put her on metformin and told her it would help her control her appetite so she could lose weight, which would lower her blood sugar.

So she goes on her merry way planning to take the metformin and then when she loses some weight her hope is to get off the metformin. She is to see the endo again in one year. She is given no instruction on diet other than a pamphlet on ADA diet and a conversation on "moderation".

Sound familiar anyone? If anyone carries blame, it should be the medical community.

Needless to say, we then had a long conversation about carbs, carb counting, meters and testing.

Time to find a new Endo.......

Sadly, way too familiar of a story. Particularly bad because he's an endo & usually what we hear from GPs. Glad she shared this with you.

We need a diabetes SWAT Team.

It's not a rumor. It's confirmed. She was diagnosed T2 about 3 years ago.
Here's something I just posted on the podcast website where I heard the story. (ttp://

As a Type 2 diabetic, a vegan, and a Victoza user, I feel there are several critical points here that need clarification. Yes, T2 is "linked" to obesity, but it's more likely that being diabetic (which is after all a genetic condition) contributes more to being obese than the reverse. As the director of the American Diabetes Association says "You can't just eat your way to Type 2 diabetes."
Furthermore, most overweight people are not diabetic. Of course, you can make your diabetes worse with poor eating habits.
Victoza is relatively new, but it's not a "new" drug. I've been taking it for over a year. It does help manage appetite, at least in the initial phase of use.
It does not cost me anything like $500 a month. With insurance the copay is more like $15.
Butter, sugar, and salt and the American diet have exposed diabetes as a genetic susceptibility and Paula Deen might be the one to help promote that insight.

Since I never heard of her until this week, the only thing she could promote is fake eyelashes.

I saw Paula on The Chew yesterday. She came off a little like Bambi caught in the headlights. During her cooking demonstration her sons stood on either side of her and did most of the cooking while she went on and on about something or another.

Maybe it was exhaustion. She's been all over the media since Tuesday.Diabetes Mine even got an interview [].

Interestingly enough the DOC has been (I think) pretty charitable towards her. The culinary community has been absolutely awful. If you saw what Anthony Bourdain tweeted you know what I'm talking about.

My hope is that her story will inspire people to pay more attention to their health.

Anthony Bourdain is not fan of Paula Deen. In fact, he's always been her biggest detractor.

I love Tony but he smokes like a friggin chimney on his TV shows. If he got "C" would he trash the drug company that helped him treat it? Having said that, the line about breaking legs so you can sell crutches made me laugh.

paula deen smokes like a chimeny too, but that's her business i suppose. i just resent her hiding this for 3 years, promotiong unheatly food, and BS if she doesn't eat this way all the time, look at her, look at her husband, then the rumors start and she comes forward and she's now being PAID from a pharma company. please!

We have people here who aren't 'out' about their D either, and I find no fault with them. She is a public figure, and could do a lot to promote good info, but she's also a fellow human. My hope is that she goes on to learn enough to become a good promoter of good information.

yes..that is my hope too. again, i could care less what she eats, what she does, if she's's her life. one can only wish her well and hopes because she has taken this 'paid' pharma promoted position, she'll advocate for a more healthier, realistic lifestyle.




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