Smiths Medical is planning to discontinue manufacturing the Deltec Cozmo® insulin pump for direct sale

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I got my letter from smith medical today and I am so sad. I really like the cozmo it has some features that other pumps didn't. I still have two yrs left on my warranty, but I think I am gonna start shopping around. My cousins wife was telling me that they are making the omnipod smaller and adding a cgm with it. I think I might see what's up with that concept. I like the idea of tubeless.
Pick carefully; Insulet has been losing >$25m a quarter and only have financing commitments of $60m.

"Given the continued weakening U.S. and global economic environment, the Company is taking a cautious outlook for 2009. As a result, for the full year 2009, the Company is estimating revenue to be in the range of $55 to $65 million. The Company expects its 2009 operating loss to be in the range of $50 to $60 million.

The Company also announced the appointment of Brian Roberts as Chief Financial Officer replacing Carsten Boess, who will lead Insulet's international expansion.
My son also has 2.5 years left on his warranty for the cozmo... I'm gonna just wait and see what happens... Hey, in 2 years there might be something better out there....
Yes, I too hope there is something better in two years. My insurance won't pay for CGM and I love my Cozmo. I'm outside a lot and the waterproof Coz is great for me. MM told me after I bought my 508 that it "probably" wasn't waterproof. After they got me to pay for a waterproof one!!! They lost my trust after that $6613 debacle. (Got it wet, no warranty. Until I showed them the receipt that said it was. Taught them to write on the final bill. They wanted a photo copy of the check and I wanted a note of water proof. LOL)
I'm just hoping that in the two years before my warranty is out, somebody picks up with some of the features that Cozmo has/had and that they refine the technology. And that no one else goes under (!).
I agree different strokes for different folks, but I would be totally upset if I found out they were going to stop making my pump, regardless of the brand.

My pump of choice for the last 7 years is the MM, and yes I moved to the MM 722.

They have always offered me great customer support, even when I was clueless starting on the CGM.

Hope things go smoothly for all the Cozmo users, I feel your pain and anxiety.
Look up above. They are flying around in circles. I think they call them lawyers!
Definitely made me sad when I got the letter. I chose the cozmo due to the meter addon. I dislike having to carry extra stuff around with me and having to remember it. Guess I'll have to start looking for something new.
I share the disappointment others have expressed over the Deltec CoZmo being taken off the market. The support staff have been nothing short of outstanding! However I am even more disappointed with the execs at Smith. I renewed my CoZmo at the end of 2008 on the promise that the pump would not only continue to serve my needs well (as it did for the previous 4 years) but would be enhanced. Based on those representations, I renewed.

I have to believe that the execs at Smith were at least seriously considering their decision to leave the market in December, 2008. I'm not saying they should have gone public with that but they could have extended everyone's warranty by 3 months (or more) while they decided what they wanted to do. They could have positioned the warranty extension as a bonus for current users without disclosing confidential decisions under consideration.

By not doing that they have basically sent the message that while they encouraged me to trust them with my health they couldn't trust me enough to extend the warranty so that I could make an informed decision about which pump to use. They had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Now it looks like they were just trying to drain the last dollar out of the product.

Smith should offer to transfer the insurance money my carrier paid them plus my payment to a pump manufacturer of my choosing. Otherwise, I must stay with a pump for nearly 4 more years that I know will be off the market. And can I count on the outstanding CoZmo staff to just stay around for 4 years? They are excellent and will likely find other jobs. Smith has already laid off 51 people from this business unit.

The great clinical staff and their "go the extra mile" actions were nothing short of outstanding. The approach Smith Medical has taken is just the opposite.
I agree with the applause being given the support staff at CoZmo and also wonder how long that will continue with the current climate. What about the Cleo 90 inserter? Is there anything else on the market that offers the ease and comfort in an insertion set? Can it be used with other pumps? Will someone continue to manufacture it? Will there be a rush to get the last ones available?
I've used both the Cleo 90 and the Inset (Unomedical and Animas partnership), and I prefer the Inset. It's easy to insert (spring loaded instead of having to push it in by hand and listen for a click) and the medical tape product they use is much more effective ("stickier").

I don't know that any of us can count on Smith Medical being able to continue support of their diabetic division for another 3-4 years (for those of us who have recently switched over to Cozmo and still have a lot of warranty left). There is no doubt that they're putting their best foot forward, but keep in mind they didn't tell most of their reps they were losing their jobs until the day they shut down their pump division. So there's really no way to know how long they will be able to support warranty repairs, have recertified pumps in stock, etc.
I will second you on the Inset being preferable over the Cleo 90. I would encourage people to try the inset. You can get them from whichever distributor you're having to switch to for cartridges and cleos anyway OR you can do what I did and set up an account with Animas and order the Insets through them (and then you get included on their mailings about new technology from their company).

And I also absolutely agree with you about those of us who will still be on the Cozmo 3-4 years from now. I'm new to the Cozmo, too. While I trust they would be able to send me a back-up if I had total system failure and will honor the warranty as promised, who's going to be manning that desk three years from now when I get an error message I don't understand? That's not something I'm comfortable having a skeleton crew or an outsourced third-party handling. I, too, doubt that their fabulous staff dedicated to product support will still be there 24 hours a day.

So...I went ahead and ordered the Omnipod for the $49.99 upgrade offer. Yeah, it's their first gen PDM, but it's a brand new system (as in not recertified) and they are NOT requiring pump trade in so I will still have my in warranty Cozmo as a back-up for the next few years. It's the right switch for me. I have my setup training in less than 2 weeks. If you'd have told me a month ago that I'd be on a different pump by the start of summer, I'd never have believed it. I love the Cozmo. But here I go!




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