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Okay, guys and girls. Hi, Dave (waving).

I did my first infusion set change yesterday evening. The pump educator inserted a Sof-Sert, because that's all we had at the time. The next day my Sure-T samples had arrived, so that's what I used when I changed. Coated skin with IV Prep, let dry a little, and then inserted Sure-T. No pain, easy insertion. I'm a little worried about the little flaps (wings) of plastic that you hold to insert. They sort-of stick up and I'm worried about getting something caught, like jeans, on them and pulling the needle out. So I used my only sheet of IV 3000, that the educator gave me, on top of the infusion set, to hold the flaps down. It was WAY too big and overkill, so I cut it, but then had trouble removing all the diff paper from it without wrinkles around the edges.

Does anyone else feel the need to tape down the plastic flaps, and if so, what do you use? Are there different sizes of IV3000?

Any input is welcome and appreciated.


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Hi Tamara- Using the iv 3000 so it doesn't wrinkle just takes practice. There are different sizes but it's a bit of a pain to find them because the diabetes supply co seem to not carry them- the only reason i know is because i am a nurse who uses these at work for many other things. My son(9) is pretty new to pump and we are having a heck of a time keeping sensor on this active boy- a swimmer too!! Would love any advice from anyone who can keep these things on kids in water!! I would definitely tac down your equipment- using big stretch bandaids has helped us when we run out of the iv 3000 and doesn't break the bank!! Good luck- Laura
Hello Laura...I read your boy uses the sensor too for which I use the IV3000 ( " heck of a time keeping sensor on this active boy" ) ..I did however " loose" my sensor on the floor in a bathroom , when I participated in the full marathon , Disney World 2008 ...100 percent humidity , 80 degree weather shorts may have been rubbing against the IV3000 too .So far has never happened again .I received a couple of samples ( given by a MM wearer, who happens to be a Canadian Olympic Rower , Chris Jarvis ) , called Tegaderm , made by 3M Healthcare , 6 cm x 7 cm , 1-800-228-3957 , made in USA ...hope this is helpful .
Thanks for the advice- I actually just had them send me a few samples of tegaderm- i think I had used tham but in the pool the water gets underneath and the sensor and pump catheter sometimes slide around and dislodge- feel like we're changing these things at least every 2 days on a good run! Love knowing the blood sugars all of the time- just the needle is huge for a little kid. Oh well- we'll keep working away- we'll get it eventually. thanks again!!
Use Mastisol, surgical skin adhesive
Thanks Cody- i will try this!!
I do take the coverings off 1 layer at a time, like your instructions, but thanks for checking. Newbies like me do some goofy stuff!! It was wrinkly around the edges because I tried to be smart and cut it into small pieces, because you only need a small amount to go around the edge of the set. Apparently cutting it messed up the edges, so I won't do that anymore!!

I looked online and found some slightly smaller ones than the one I had (1-Hand = 2 3/8 x 2 3/4). I found that they make a size 2 x 1 1/2 inches, but haven't found where they sell it yet.

Is there another product that works similarly, maybe cheaper?
Hey Tamara,

I don't use IV3000, but just a simple clear adhesive tape that I bought at Walgreens for about 5 bucks for two rolls. It works good for me. I have also used a waterproof band aid, but doesn't work too well, but good in a pinch. The tape stays on during showers and such, and seems to hold on well in a pool. It sticks really good, as evidenced by the hair that is pulled out. LOL!
I have had IV's before, and I assume that is the tape they use. Yes, it is very comfortable. I don't have much of an issue with the clear tape. I do know it is there, and it gets a little itchy, but getting used to it though.
Tamara , I wave to Dave too ;-) ....What I do : I wash my skin with soapy water and dry well ; I use Nexcare, plastic tape to hold the tubing between the needle part and the part , where one disconnects in order not to get caught by anything . I carefully remove the tape from flaps , so that it will mold against my skin and I do not use any other tape TILL I remove my needle part after 2 1/2 days and " re-use " the needle part ( so to speak ) close enough to the disconnected part , which I do not move .Then I cover needle part with Nexcare , plastic tape ...have not lost anything yet . I am careful when I pull up tight jeans , they always seem to shrink , ha, ha .
So you re-use the whole infusion set, leaving the 2nd site (with no needle, just anchor) intact? Do you do this so you have to buy 1/2 the # of sets? Basically getting 5 days out of a 2 or 3 day set? I understand moving the needle site so that it doesn't get infected or build up scar tissue. Do you change out the resevoir at this time, or use the same one? I was told to change sets AND resevoirs every 3 days, although instructions on Sure-T's say to change every 48 hours.
It's so nice to talk to other people with experience. AND who don't make $$$ on changing out supplies before they have to. Thoughts on resevoir changes? Have to be done every time you set change, or use through 2 infusion sets?
Please note, that I noted your discussion in "....." and I responded following your observation /question " So you re-use the whole infusion set, leaving the 2nd site (with no needle, just anchor) intact?" ave. of 31 days insulin use is under 22 u daily ; I fill the reservoir to the last line before the max ( 1.8 ml ) I end up waisting a bit of insulin ( something for me to work on in the near future ) . " Do you do this so you have to buy 1/2 the # of sets?" ....not quite half amount , because of all the other reasons , why I needed a set change ...even when I used different infusion sets , I needed fewer reservoirs ..more like 3 box infusion sets, 2 box reservoirs." Basically getting 5 days out of a 2 or 3 day set?" ....Yes " I understand moving the needle site so that it doesn't get infected or build up scar tissue " ...Yes ." Do you change out the resevoir at this time, or use the same one?".... I use same about 5 days usage . " I was told to change sets AND resevoirs every 3 days, although instructions on Sure-T's say to change every 48 hours " ...I am sure my pump Nurse is/was aware of the method I used ...pumping for over 8 years ( NOT as long as Dave ;-( , living with type 1 for almost 27 years.
I asked MM , as Dave has done to supply longer tubing ...not available yet , I believe.
I am getting used to the shorter tubing , having used them now for about 5 months. Hope I made it clear ...
PS Our Extended Health Benifits pay for supplies and pump ; live in BC, Canada .




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