Hi all~ I'm an RN CDE and am hoping to get some feedback on simple free texting services to send text reminders to help remember to check sugars. I'm looking for feedback on free services. There are like a bazillion and instead of just picking out of a hat I'd love recommendations. This is mainly going to be for those who need that little extra reminder to help create a new habit of tesing where the main problems is just not remembering to do it~ Thanks all!~

PS. I'm not looking for apps for smartphones, just text messaging services.

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I do not mean to be difficult. This is a T1 board with a lot of well controlled folks (I just hit 50 years.) As as RN CDE you should know it is not a blood "sugar" but is a blood glucose. We do not have "sugar" in our veins. It sounds like we survive on Hostess Twinkies! I really hate that terminology and expect better from those trying to help us.

And for the text messages...Most of us in really good control test 8-10 times per day. My pump has an alarm for that but it is such second nature... No text reminders ever needed. It is second nature to test.

why would you think being honest is being difficult? I didn't take your reply as 'being difficult' just honest. I wasn't trying to give help, just looking for some.....it's actually for those who testing isn't second nature that I"m trying to help and figure out how to change that. Maybe it's a generation thing about the sugar/glucose. It seems that in the younger generations 'glucose' sounds more clinical and they want to feel less clinical and more 'real' hense we use the terms that work, and sugar works. No disrespect or ignorance intended.

I can see where a newly diagnosed person may have a difficult time remembering...

I haven't had an issue at all remembering, though. I was just diagnosed on February 10th, but I know how bad it is to have glucose running as high as mine was and I didn't need 'time' for it to sink in that I was going to have to check it a half dozen times a day or more at least for now until I know how many carbs is going to do what..

But I already had a good understanding of diabetes (IDDM and NIDDM) in animals.. and the complications are similar and SCARY.

With all that being said, I wouldn't want to use a text messaging service, I find that a little annoying; but that may be the best option for someone without a smart phone. I have a droid and I use dbees.com to track everything. I have a reminder set up in the evening so I can give my Lantus at the same time every night. That's the easiest for me.

I've been diabetic for ten years. I use all of these terms interchangeably:

-- BG ("beegee")
-- blood sugar
-- blood glucose
-- sugar (As in, "...my sugar is crashing...")
-- glucose (As in, "...my glucose is through the roof...")
-- sweet (As in, "...I'm too darn sweet for words this morning...")

I guess some of us like playing with words in a relaxed way, and some of us prefer the dignity and formality of using the correct medical term.

I only cringe when people turn a bit raunchy and refer to it as B.S.

To each their own, eh?

Jean, I like all your terminology!

I also say "blood sugar" and T1Forever needs to lighten up. Umm Glucose IS Sugar!!
glu·cose   /ˈglukoʊs/ Show Spelled[gloo-kohs] Show IPA
noun Biochemistry .
1. a sugar, C 6 H 12 O 6 , having several optically different forms, the common dextrorotatory form (dextroglucose, or d -glucose) occurring in many fruits, animal tissues and fluids, etc., and having a sweetness about one half that of ordinary sugar, and the rare levorotatory form (levoglucose, or l -glucose) not naturally occurring.

I also say "I feel High" or "I'm going to shoot up" I also say that I am diabetic, or have diabetes and recently heard that the proper term is "a person with diabetes" that we aren't the disease. OH PLEASE. Lighten up people.

As for the text messages NO THANKS - I have to pay for each message send AND received. NO WAY would I sign up for that. BTW Australia has free texting, and unlimited cell calls for $29. We are getting ripped off in North America with cell phone companies.

In speech, I always us "sugar" or "blood sugar". When typing, I'll sometimes use "BG" or "blood glucose". The main reason for the difference is that I didn't want to call it BS, for obvious reasons.

But, in many cases, I don't call it anything - it's implied. "I think I'm high" or "I'm feeling low" is more than adequate.

I honestly can't imagine needing a reminder to check my blood sugar. I'm way more likely to forget to keep my cell phone nearby.

LOL, me too!

Kim, have you (and also acid rock) always operated that way? I'm really trying to figure out how to help folks who just don't think that way, it's frustrating not to be Abe to help as we all know how important and necessary testing is.

I have been testing pretty frequently since the early 90s, running about a dozen/ day. When I was getting close to getting my black belt (2009...), I'd lift weights and run 2-3 miles@ lunch and then work out at the dojang @ night for 1-2 hours 5-6 nights/ week and was testing 17 times/ day. I sort of backed off (both working out and testing...) as I moved and switched gears to running and got a CGM but the doc still rx'es 17 and BCBS covers 14. I figure that the following schedule is "reasonable" at 12 but can need a few more here and there?

1) wake up, test bg
2) before eating test BG
3) before driving to work test bg
4) 2 hours after eating test bg
5) lunch test BG
6) 2 hours post lunch test bg
7) drive home test BG
8) get home, run 3 miles...oh wait, don't forget to test your bg!
9) post-exercise maybe, maybe not, maybe eat dinner and, you guessed it, test BG
10) 2 hours post BG, test BG ****AGAIN****
12) stay up late? Maybe squeeze in another one, what if you have errands to run, what if you want to exercise more (when it's nicer out, I'll run 6-7 miles during the week, more on the weekends...a lot of times, I'll run a long run on Saturday and then a 20ish mile bike ride for fun, speed and recovery on Sunday...there's several extra strips in there...).

Ok, so did you have T1 before the 90's? If so how often did you test before the 90's? What was it that made you test more? Wanting the info?, not wanting to go low?, how old were you at dx? And how old when you started testing more? Sorry to pry, but I'm wanting to understand both sides (testers, and non-testers)....... thanks for letting me pry.




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