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Anyone hear of the People's Chemist? He encourages people with type 2 diabetes to take a 1/2 spoon of cinnamon before each meal daily and at night before bed. He claims this lowers your sugar readings 20% in two weeks. He also said you can get off all your meds by doing so. ?? He is on You Tube, just do a google search and his site as well as video's will surface.

I am giving his cure a go, but still taking my Victoza although I dropped the dose 10 notches back from 1.8 to 1.2 on account of it not working so good anyway. I also gobble down a 500 mg Glyaburide Metphormin if my sugar is still high by evening before bedtime. I have until November to go back to endo, I figure might as well give the cinnamon a shot. It's all fun!

I'm in a transitional period for the moment with all of this, possibly going from Victoza to insulin, so I registered on my page a type 1 diabetic, but my endo sais type two for the moment. It's hard to prepare correctly with my ailing diabetic readings, its a temporary set back for the moment.


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Be careful, delilahjed! I've tried a number of "folk remedies" but never had any success. Doesn't mean you won't (and I hope you do!), but don't make any drastic changes without your endo. It seems like cinnamon can't hurt... unless you have digestive troubles. I tried a "healthy remedy" several years ago involving cayenne pepper and threw myself right into a horrific colitis flare-up (which only happens, of course, if you have colotis).  Anyway... good luck with it, be careful, I hope it helps!

Hey thank you Eily..

Ya I figure what's the harm in trying ey? ya, I wont do to much to knock my numbers out of kelter although for the moment they are randomly flying all over the place anyway. I have to eat bricks to keep my numbers lined up..LOL!
Nature's Way sells a forumulation called 'Blood Sugar with Gymnema'. It contains cinnamon, fenugreek, nopales cactus pads, bitter melon, Momordica charantia, Gymnema sylvestre, Billberry, and chromium all shown to reduce blood glucose to some extent in various studies. Some people say supplements of any kind aren't worth the expense then they go spend the same amount on a movie or alcohol or both on Friday night. Seems worth a shot to me. On the other hand I can get big jars of cinnamon and prepared nopales for a couple dollars each in the grocery section. Supplements are great when there's no time to cook.
Hey thanks on this gphx...

I have been trying this for 3 days now, the Chemist sais two weeks. My numbers are high presently even though I am eating healthy and like a bird. If my numbers dont swing around by the help with cinnamon in two weeks as he proclaims I will again go full dose on Victoza. I think the bottom line for me is some kind of insulin come November. I did call my endo and tell him my readings but he wanted me on the Victoza until then. I guess I wont know the full results of anything until I get my A1C checked again. Worth a shot though, I'm still going to remain optimistic as much as possible..
Cinnamon did nothing for me. I finally used the capsules to flavor my morning cup of coffee. They were the perfect size.
Well thanks for the reply goldensun.

Well I cheated yesterday so that doesn't count. I am still giving it a whirl though, if I see any significant changes in the two weeks upon what this Chemist guy claims I will post it. Geezzz, now I can't check my numbers for two days, its a waste of strips because I did cheat. Takes two days to get back to normal and my normal is not good. I am to grocery shop tomorrow again for my daily boring food consumption for the next week. Seems like when I am eating right I'm always hungry...why is that? give me the chips and cheescake, NOT..

Heaven will be good but until then, optimize solid healthy good food.
Just to let you know that there is no such thing as "type two for the moment". You may be LADA, which is slow-onset Type 1 in adults, or you may be a genuine Type 2 -- from your dress it looks like you are from India? People from South Asia are very prone to Type 2 at lower body weights than European-descended people, but that doesn't mean Type 1 doesn't occur as well.

Did your endo do antibody tests? That would tell him for sure whether you are LADA or Type 2, and could influence treatment decisions.

Meanwhile, I don't think cinnamon is going to hurt you, but be sure to continue your medications. I tend to be suspicious of "natural cures", because they are usually nonsense, and I wouldn't want to see you get seriously ill because of them!
Hi Natalie..

Ya, I just said that because I'm intermediate with one and two, just waiting to visit my endo again to find out.

I am sure my endo has run these test before, I recently had blood test run last month and they were all very good according to both doctors, endo and BP doctor. However, I will ask about this test you mentioned antibody test, I am not aware of that but hopefully they made sure that was part of my blood test. I sure apprecieate being informed of all matters with diabetes so this forum is a golden nugget.

Hey, that pic is right here in the good old U.S of A, I'm American. That's just a colorful shirt from a few summers back that I had tucked away in my closet and broke it out for a portrait..LOL.

I personally believe I am LADA but until the endo sais differently, I am going with the flow. Ya, I think this cinnamon may be helping, its strange but its the first time in 3 days I have seen my numbers drop, not drastically though. It was a reading I had about an hour ago after eating two packs of lipton cup of soup and crackers. I then ate 1 1/2 peice of bread with cinnamon and sugar free Concord jam. I checked two hours later and it was 107, that doesn't happen with me.

I am about to eat two crab cakes and some mashed yam..< beta keratine, and a handful of lima beans, probably warm water for wash it down. I will check again of course. Thanks again Natalie, its all appreciated.

I use cinnamon on fruits, yogurt, cereal, etc. at least once a day and it taste good. It also helps fight sugar cravings. I think it has helped lower my Glucose levels too.


That news article may help you too.
Thanks for the link J.Claudio..

I have found that the cinnamon seems to be helping, I thought it was my imagination but I am seeing some lower numbers here as of late and its encouraging. It's been 9 days now and I haven't as of yet had to return to the full dosage of Victoza on account of seeing decent readingsas well, so I will press on.

Hi Jackie,

Good advice and this is my belief somewhere in the back of my mind, I guess I want to beleive otherwise by living on the edge and seeing what this will do. I have seen some good readings as of late and its been encouraging and so I have not returned back to the full dosage and wont if these readings continue but I am just testing this all out for the moment. I suppose they could have just been good readings for that time, but if they continue, I may be convinced otherwise. I realize the cinnamon is not a cure per say but...it may very well be for some individuals more than others, our bodies are all different in certain mannerisms physically. I am an optimist for the most part but being wise is really the key. So I continue to educate myself here and be prepared always.

I also use my regular treatment and cinnamon. I don't think it´s good to stop and start the regular treatment at will. Consult your doctor before changing your treatment.




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