I'm glad they have a day to remind us to pause and think about our bones. It is so easy to become so obsessed with the blood sugar numbers that I forget about the osteoporosis. Does anyone have any tips for promoting bone health? Has anyone tried the drugs that are promoted on TV? Joanne

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Thanks for the reminder Joanne! I have osteopenia, which is the precursor to osteoporosis – since I haven’t been tested since 2005, it may have progressed, who knows. When I was first diagnosed in 2003, I was put on Fosamax. I stopped taking that in 2005 when I moved and changed insurance companies and the new insurance didn’t cover that. I was having a lot of stomach issues because of it and yes, I followed the directions as to eating/drinking and sitting up for x amount of time after taking it. I had to be put on some drug for my stomach and after I quit taking the Fosamax, the stomach issues cleared up.

In January I had a tooth pulled and my dentist asked me if I ever took that. I told him I had but it had been a few years so wouldn’t be a problem. He informed me that it was because it had a half life of 100 years. After I came home, I Googled it and the half life is actually more like 10 years – meaning it takes 20 years to get out of your system. I also learned that it can cause bone healing problems among other things.

I learned something new that day – when you start a new drug, don’t just look at the side effects but also look at how long that drug is going to stay in your system. Who would have ever thought to go back & look at a drug’s side effects years after you stopped taking it. I also forgot that I meant to ask the doctor I see for my foot about that and the bone problems that I had with the infection. More ????s!
In the summer, my "senior" gym class was discussing this. Most of the ones who were taking drugs for osteoporosis have stopped. I had no idea they would stay in your system for so long. Thanks for letting me know. I really hope it doesn't cause any more problems for you Kelly.

I have osteoporsis in my hip. I used to have a bone scan every year until my doctor quit. I eat lots of salmon and exercise every day but then... I always did. Let's make a pact to get that bone scan before the new year. :) Joanne
I never would have thought that something stuck around that long. They say you learn something new every day!

How about before summer - there is no way I can get one before the end of the year. The doctors here don't screen for anything. Where I used to live, they did stuff regularly and I have to beg to get it now.
That sounds a little more reasonable Kelly. The summer it is! Cheers!
I had a completely normal bone scan when I was 55. Maybe I'll get another one when I turn 65. Osteoporosis doesn't run in my family on either side, but you never know -- I could be the odd one out. So I WILL watch it, and do whatever is necessary. For right now, weight-bearing exercise and adequate calcium and vitamin D are enough. I DID turn out to be low in vitamin D a year ago, so I'm supplementing that, but getting my calcium from dairy. Doing what I can to stay healthy! :-)
I'm not sure but I think HRT used to protect against osteoporosis. Now that women are no longer taking it....?
Eeew, that's scary news about meds sticking around that long.

Osteoporosis runs in my family. We're small boned shorties. Hoping to fend it off, I take Vit D3, magnesium chloride & MK-7. It's a "bioactive form of vitamin K2 from Natto that is ten times better absorbed than K1 from spinach. MK-7 is responsible for the carboxylation of specific bone proteins needed for building bone. Also, MK-7 promotes cardiovascular health by helping to maintain arterial elasticity."

Of course, weight bearing exercise is important.
I have osteoporosis in my left hip, osteopenia elsewhere. I did a 2 year course of daily injectable parathyroid hormone (Forteo); the end result was that I didn't get worse. Supposed to be taking Boniva but I haven't.

I'm also overdue for scan, I'll join you guys and promise by summer!
I love Peetie's calendar :) is this helpful Checklist for Risk of Broken Bones and Osteoporosis
Copied/Pasted :
"1. Am I 65 or older?
2. Have I broken a bone from a simple fall or bump since age 40?
3. Has either my mother or father had a hip fracture?
4. Do I smoke?
5. Do I regularly drink three or more alcoholic drinks per day?
6. Do I have a condition that requires me to use a glucocorticoid medication such as prednisone?
7. Do I take any other medication that can cause osteoporosis such as an aromatase inhibitor for breast cancer or hormonal treatment (androgen deprivation therapy) for prostate cancer?
8. Do I have a medical condition that can cause bone loss or fractures? Examples include rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, gastric bypass surgery, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) or chronic liver disease.
9. Did I have an early menopause, i.e. before age 45?
10. Have my periods ever stopped for several months or more (other than for pregnancy or menopause)?
11. Have I ever suffered from impotence, lack of sexual desire or other symptoms related to low levels of testosterone (male sex hormone)?
12. Do I currently weigh less than 60 kg or 132 lbs?
13. Have I lost more than 10% of my body weight since age 25?
14. Have I recently had an X-ray that showed a spinal fracture?
15. Have I had an X-ray that showed low bone mineral density?
If you are over 50 and have checked one or more of the above, Osteoporosis Canada recommends that you talk to your doctor to see if you need a bone mineral density test and about doing a comprehensive fracture risk assessment with FRAX or CAROC."
I sense that diabetes ( both types ) should be added to # 8 ...as per my Specialist after I told her I broke my wrist in 3 places !
I read somewhere that Type 1 women, especially those who have had it since childhood, tend to have low bone-mineral density. Women with Type 2 tend to have greater bone-mineral density, BUT experience more fractures than non-diabetic women. I've never found any explanation for why, but we should all be careful to prevent fractures no matter what our osteoporosis status is. How's THAT for a blanket statement! :-) Oh, and I forgot to say that men are also at risk, even if it's less than for women, it DOES happen. Look at Larry King!
Isn't this timely! I just found out today that I, a 55 yr old male, have osteopenia! So don't forget about the guys, gals.

Glad I found out now, as I have a half marathon to run in three weeks!

You can do IT Terry K , referring to the 1/2 M ....please do take Vit D 3 ...is Doc prescribing Meds?? Osteoporosis is not
a " female " thing " . Glad you chimed in ... ...my then GP was surprised , even after all the walking/running I do , that I was diagnosed ...full blown osteoporosis in the spine and osteopenia in the hip .
A personal question : what made you decide to have this checked out ???




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