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Hi there,
I posted a similiar thread in the omnipod group but figured it wouldn't hurt to post here.

Okay so for starts i'm pretty muscularly lean/ I seem to mostly hold my fat around my midsection/lovehandles.

I began using an omnipod back in November, and before than I had just been on injections my entire diabetic career (6 years).

My problem is that i seem to be able to just wear the pump around my midsection where theres fat. I've tried wearing it on my butt a few times but every time i did there was some sort of problem whether it be occlusions, leaking pump, or bad absorption.

My other options are my arms, thighs, and calfs. My Thighs and calfs are way to lean (and hairy)- I could never pinch enough skin to inject there- I can't imagine a canula in those places.

And lastly are the arms, which like the thighs/calf are pretty lean and muscular. I used to do my injections in the top back of my tricep kind of by the top of my arm pit. However I still am not sure how it would be to have the plastic cannula stuck in there especially when I exercise- It seems like it would be uncomfortable and get in the way or bend.

Has anyone had similar expierences? I'm not sure if I should look back into MDI or what.

My blood sugars have been worse on the pump so far but i've still be adjusting to it. I need to get them down though. I've been averaging like 190

Oh i forgot to mention, the pod is giving me a rash around my stomach which is why i'm looking for new sites.


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I'm no fatty either. I use an Animas Ping with an angled inset that seems to work pretty well. Where were you sticking the Omnipod into your butt? There's a small zone between where I sit and where my belt line is that I can put a site into.
I wonder what's causing your rash?

Good luck with your search for a better way to deliver insulin!

Ive worn it on the side of my butt and top of my cheek.
And idk the rash is random. Hopefully it'll go away

I have noticed a rash as well I thought it was only me and this is recent I have worn the Omnipod for 3yrs now, and have noticed the rash for the past 3months.. I have been working out for a few months and sweat quite a bit wonder if that could be it cause I havent changed anything other than excercise?

I am very lean and muscular, too, and work out a lot. My favorite spots to wear it is on the backs of my arms and love handles. I have been on it since November as well and my numbers are great :) Just try it on your don't know until you try ;) Seems like you my need to adjust some basal rates if you averaging 190, IMO. Also, just FYI I have not trouble lifting weights with it on my arm and I actually prefer it there for sprints and running..Hope that helps a little??

Are you able to work your tris with it in your arms?
And yeah something needs to be changed with my insulin- problem is I spike very high after i eat and we're having trouble fixing that,

Nope, no problem with tri exercises :). The dosing 30 mins before I eat really helped my spikes for now!

I have the same problem as a bodybuilder. Although I don't have an Omnipod I have been using a Minimed 722 with a canula for some time. My best profusion is in the upper abdomen, but sometimes use the lower area. Arms and legs don't work for me as I hit muscle. For some reason the butt seems to profuse poorly, too.

Keep trying til you discover the best areas. The pump is great for working out as it can be disconnected or a temporary basel entered.

Hate to say this, but you may want to consider a tubed pump. The infusion sets with tubed pumps vary in that you can get angled or 90-degree sets. I know a lot of people who are thin say that the angled ones work better. As far as I know, no such option is available with the Omnipod.

I work out a lot and also have a sensitivity to SkinTac and the adhesive; I break out in nice little rashes, especially during the warmer months. One thing that has helped is putting optsite Flexifix (available on Amazon) at the location of my site BEFORE adding SkinTac or the infusion set itself. The Opsite stuff becomes a barrier between me and the adhesive and...voila! No more rashes!!

Either way, you definitely need to rotate as much as you can.

I use my entire tummy area, love handles, lower back, and side butt. I am very careful to rotate between these areas. I am not skinny, but average weight and fairly muscular, so my thighs don't work well. When I have used my thighs, the canula seems to hit muscle or something and hurts when I try to workout (I actually ripped a site out while at the gym a couple of weeks ago because of this, as it hurt every time I flexed my muscle). Also, when I've put sites in more muscular areas, the insulin seems to absorb FAR more rapidly (a little too rapidly). So, this discounts my arms and legs).

If you're able to get the rash under control and rotate between your side butt, stomach, and lower back, you should have enough rotation to keep scar tissue from developing.

Are you also using a CGM? I can't use a CGM because I just don't have enough real estate!

I agree I'm on omnipod now but cant wait to go back to a tubed pump, I ran out of pods a few weeks ago so had to go to my old tubed pump and working out was so much easier I thought it would be a hassle but it was way more comfortable than omnipod.

I have the same placement issues as you (always get occlusions on my butt, causes lots of itchiness on my stomach, have what I perceive to be little fat on legs or arms). My favorite places to put it are the love-handle area and the backs of my arms. I have no problem working out my triceps w/ it on, and I've never actually felt it while working out (it also is the most out-of-the-way place for just about all types of workouts). I would love to use my thigh but all of my pants are rather tight and I would prefer to have a big white thing on my arm rather than have a huge bulge coming out of my pants (not to mention the issues of ripping it out when I hit the restroom).

I say you give the backs of your arms a try. The only issue I've had with that area is that sometimes I will hit it on a doorjamb, and if I hit hard enough, it kills the pod. Boo.

Exactly my problem. I am very thin and when I get excited to move from belly to thighs or butt, I invariably get bruised and painful sites. Re lovehandles, do you mean on your sides or on your belly? What do you do about waistbands? I wear Levis and avoid the waistband figuring it will mess with my site. This leave less real estate on my belly to use. Anybody else have waistband issues?

My "love handles" are right above my hipbone towards my back. The rise of your pants may be a problem for rubbing. Maybe try a mid-rise. But, it is my favorite spot (along with the backs of my arms) with great results : )




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