Thank you, ABC News. ABC World News Tonight (still time to watch it on TV if you are in the Mountain or Pacific Time Zones), announced that the reason why so many insulin pumpers, prosthesis wearers, cane/crutch/walker users, wheelchair assisted individuals, etc are being foced to undergo secondary screening is because intelligence services have heard conversations between terrorists on how to use prostheses and medical devices to conceal explosives. Women are also being targeted for additional screening because of two flights that went down in Russia in 2004, which apparently were brought down by female bombers.


I do not agree with the policy, but at least now there is an admission that it is not just this small group of people being hypersensitive. It is happening and there is (supposedly) a reason.


This is really making me rethink getting a pump. I do not want to undergo a patdown in which someone sticks his hands down my underwear just because I choose to pump insulin.

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They should target all humans, 100 percent of terrorists have been human.
They should target all religious people. 100 percent of the terrorists have been religious. Looks like this TSA person is doing her job.
In this country, so far, the terrorists have been male. Those planes brought down in 2004 in Russia were brought down by women. Regardless of who may or may not bring down the planes, I personally think we ought to practice more reasonable screening procedures. I agree with the idea that the people who wish us harm are laughing at us. As long as they can keep us in a tizzy, wondering when the next attack is going to be, as long as we continue to gut our core beliefs, terrorists have won.
I can't believe it took ME some time to figure out the "O.M.A".
I didn't know what "O M A" stood for at all - I thought it had something to do with the airlines! Thanks JT. Even if it was O M G - I probably wouldn't have gotten it right away because I am used to seeing it as OMG! (like on Yahoo).

Ducks post and pic were meant to be a joking I am sure.
"Ducks post and pic were meant to be a joking I am sure."

Then my whole life (and a lot of others') has been a joke.
Just as certain that your heart is in the right place, I am as certain that Duck was being very tongue and cheek. I was cracking up because I am a Muslim and didn't catch it. :)
Thanks mother4peace.

Yes, I do not believe that was aimed at anyone. I didn't even think of the religous part of it. I thought the joke was the nun getting a pat down. (meaning nuns are supposed to be very peaceful people why would they need a pat down sort of thing.) I didn't even think about the Muslim part of it because I don't think like that. Even though I am not religious myself, I let people live their lives and do want they want. Even though people pick on me for being different, I never do it back because I am not like that.

Muragaki, I wasn't calling your life or anyone elses a joke. I am not that sort of person. Please do not make assumptions about the way people phrase things on here when you don't know exactly what they are thinking. It isn't really fair. That hurt my feelings too. :(
And you don't think that Muragaki's feelings weren't hurt and she wasn't offended? We have to realize that the written word doesn't carry with it tone of voice or facial expression. There were other parts of that post that were offensive to some people. We all have a different life experience. What is funny to one may be denigrating, insulting or dismissive of someone else whose situation may be different. Also, I don't know that this is about you and your statement specifically. I believe that she was referring to the original post that some found to be offensive.
No, she quoted me as making fun of her life even though I didn't even understand the original joke which wasn't mine anyhow. I shouldn't have been singled out for something I didn't do. thanks for making my horrible day even worse sfpete.
I regret that you took my statement as a criticism. I was just trying to see if there might be some misunderstanding. There's no reason to take it as a personal attack. I certainly didn't intend for it to be taken that way. I apologize. She wasn't the only one who felt that way. I was just as hurt by the comment. We all bleed.
Actually, Allah is the Muslim god. Ask any Muslim if they worship Jesus as God and you will find that the Moslem person does not worship the same god as the Christians. Ask that same person if they are co-religionists with the Jewish people and they will tell you that Allah is not the God of the Jews.
Jesus is not worshipped as God in the Christian faith either. Allah is just a name for God, and Muslims do recognize Jesus, as Jews do too, just not as prominent part of their faith




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