Thank you, ABC News. ABC World News Tonight (still time to watch it on TV if you are in the Mountain or Pacific Time Zones), announced that the reason why so many insulin pumpers, prosthesis wearers, cane/crutch/walker users, wheelchair assisted individuals, etc are being foced to undergo secondary screening is because intelligence services have heard conversations between terrorists on how to use prostheses and medical devices to conceal explosives. Women are also being targeted for additional screening because of two flights that went down in Russia in 2004, which apparently were brought down by female bombers.


I do not agree with the policy, but at least now there is an admission that it is not just this small group of people being hypersensitive. It is happening and there is (supposedly) a reason.


This is really making me rethink getting a pump. I do not want to undergo a patdown in which someone sticks his hands down my underwear just because I choose to pump insulin.

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Authoritarian structures are about power & authority & exerting that control. Not for fun, no.

Who's telling TSA to do this? They're the ones setting the policies. Their agents aren't trained thoroughly. The scanners emit who knows what level of radiation. No one is checking the scanners regularly for safety, not there is a truly safe level since radiation has a cumulative effect.

Passengers deservedly feel their civil rights are being violated. It's a slippery slope when personal space is invaded in this way. People should not get used to this. People flying for business (or pleasure) don't always have the option of walking, bussing or taking a train to destinations.

Maybe the skies would be safer if TSA actually adhered to no-fly lists instead of this over-the-top reactionary bs.

Your argument is a classic case of the either-or fallacy. It's not an either/or situation. There are alternatives for security that experts believe would provide a higher level of security.
Yes I agree. But you may not like this either....

I live by the Canadian border and they have something for U.S. and Canadian drivers to and from canda/U.S. similar to an E-Z Pass toll lane for citizens that travel back and forth a lot by car and have HAD a background check done can go through a border checkpoint SPECIFIC lane (much quicker without inspection!!) at the Border crossing MUCH quicker. I wish they had something like this for flyers with frequent flyers miles that have had federal background checks already done so they can go through quick.

You didn't unfriend me Gerri did you? LoL.'s a touchy subject.
For me, I keep reflecting back on 9/11 and I would go through a scan, pat down, AND a dog sniff at the SAME time if that would prevent that event or keep another events from occurring. Basically 9/11 was a total nightmare for me even far worse than diabetes itself. I would do naked cart wheels for TSA even if they were misguided, controlled OR confused. I know the 9/11 conspiracy crew is thinking I'm "controlled" by surrendering to a full pat-down. So then lets start a EZ-pass (no scanner or search) program for people with frequent business travels OR medical conditions OR children and seniors that have had federal background checks. Screw the political correctness of profiling. It seems like no matter what the new rules are, half of us are gonna feel mad and violated.
The problem is, the terrorist have always done something that we did not expect.
We always react to what has happened.
I pray there will not be any more terrorist attacks, but I am sure if there is, it will be something unexpected.

Meanwhile we are trying too hard to be politically correct, No profiling, etc.

Intelligence might be the best way to fight the terrorist.
I think that the next time they try to do something as major as 9/11, it isn't gonna be planes - I am sure they are watching every move we make. There is no way they are going to do it again - not like that because we are expecting it. They will come up with something we are NOT prepared for. Somewhere where there isn't as much security.
You're so funny. Of course, you're not unfriended or defriended.

E-Z pass type process is a great idea.
The TSA scares me a lot more than the terrorists. There is about one chance in 13 million that a terrorist is going to touch your life. The TSA is definitely going to commit a crime against your person. You stand one chance in about 3 of getting out without being violated. Since I live in Jerusalem and I've already been touched by the real thing, I figure the TSA is a far greater threat to my security. They have stolen from my suitcase, conducted unreasonable searches and stolen my time. They act like thugs and demand unearned respect. Besides all of that, they fail completely to do the job assigned to them. If you are TSA I have a request. Go catch the bad guys! Leave everyone else alone.
9/11 was a seriously disturbing event that has scarred our national psyche. I feel much less secure in my world now. I've got a government that keeps doing things that are the best recruiting tools for terrorist organizations ever could have asked for. Whenever see the Twin Towers in a movie or something, it is disturbing and makes me grieve once more. However, I am not willing to give up my personal sovereignty. These invasive pat downs are a day late and more than a dollar or two short. We are always looking for the thing they just did to us. How secure do you feel standing in that security line morass? Even the Israelis avoid having large standing crowds. They've just proven that our freight is open to mucking with and we've been talking about that since we got a Department of Homeland Security.

The U.S. Constitution has not been repealed. I still have a 4th Amendment right to not be searched unless there is probable cause or there's a warrant ordering my submission. The naughty bits are MINE. I am entitled to not be molested by my government. Someone in a uniform running their hand through my butt crack is an invasion. My only crime is being a diabetic who can't go through a back scatter. The answer is a multilayered security protocol. If you want to stop me while I'm in line and ask me a few questions and see if I get nervous or display other suspicious behavior, I'm good to go. If I am acting suspiciously, you bet I need more examination and deeper screening.

I don't care if someone sees my image. I don't think that the TSA agents are loving this. I don't suffer from such delusion that I think this hunk of man flesh is so hot that it will be an internet sensation. (In my defense, it's not all that bad either, but I digress.) The effectiveness of these procedures is still to be determined. Unless I'm suspected of having committed a crime, "don't touch my junk."
SF Pete,
You do realize that you won't get nervous or look suspicious if you are a psychopath. = )
Not all of them are true psychopaths, most of then are not. That boy from Nigeria wouldn't have made it past secondary screening had it been available. The problem with this nation is that we give these criminals super-human capabilities and powers beyond mortal men. Our TSA screening should start once someone walks through the door. TSA should be spread out and talking to people. It's a bad idea to have large numbers of people congregating anywhere, particularly just inside the terminal. Our airport security isn't armed like in Europe or the Middle East. We are more likely to have a Mumbai-style attack. Someone sticking their hands in my pants isn't going to stop something like that.
I am fine with the screening, I have enough metal in my leg to make all the sensors go off so I get screened every time I go to an airport. And my son is an insulin pumper I always have my paperwork ready and I want the screeners to do their job and ask me about my leg and about my sons pump and medical supplies it makes me feel safer not like less of a human.
They aren't just going to ask you about it now. Now they will feel you up from head to toe, twist your breast, and place their hands on your genitals and between the cheeks of your butt. If you've got a stupid TSA agent, they may even go into your clothing and feel between the skin and your undergarments. Paperwork will not excuse you from this invasive pat-down. They can do their job and not make me feel like I've been molested. Our erstwhile enemies are trying other methods now. And they are enjoying us running around thinking the sky is falling and have to be body cavity searched. I wonder at the number of people who rail at the tyranny of a democratic government and will lie down and take an authoritarian molestation in the name of safety. Where do you think this will stop?




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