Tu Admins now pushing Low-carb and allowing no responses?

It has been my perception for some time that Tudiabetes has a pro-low-carb slant. Which is fine with me since Tu does allows discussion and rebuttal of the issue from all points of view. But it appears that Tu is becoming more stridently pro-low-carb than it has been before, and I think this is worthy of discussion.

There was a recent popular discussion here that was getting personal and out of hand, so it was closed to comment. Again, that is fine with me; all forums have the right to make judgement calls and close discussions when they become too heated.

But I do have a problem with an Admin then coming onto a closed topic so that they can insert their own personal pro-low-carb opinion which will be the official last word. And since it was added under the anonymous Tu Administration account, it therefore serves as Tudiabete's official opinion on the issue.

I am referring to the discussion with a Mom who's 8 year old daughter is apparently in a honeymoon period, and is not being given any insulin LINK HERE

And after closing this discussion so that no one can contribute, a Tu Admin has just added a final post, stating "While the general rule is that the younger the individual, the shorter the honeymoon, each individual is different and we here at TuDiabetes respect that YDMV (Your Diabetes May Vary). The honeymoon phase in children usually lasts 3-6 months, but a low-carb diet could certainly extend it beyond that timeframe. " LINK HERE (emphasis added)

What's extraordinary about this statement is, first, that the Mom who started this discussion was not even feeding her daughter a low-carb diet. So has Tu decided to step into the discussion by advising the Mom that the diet she was feeding her daughter could be improved if she made it more Bernstein low-carb acceptable? If so, that strikes me as quite a public statement for Tu to be making.

The second extraordinary thing about this statement is that there is no medical evidence that I can find to back up this statement. No study has been done that indicates that a low-carb diet can extend the honeymoon phase. Nor did I see any evidence of this come out during the discussion. So this belief in the benefit of low-carb is apparently Tu's pure opinion - but it is unfortunately being stated as fact.

The third extraordinary thing about this statement is that this statement promoting low-carb eating is made instead of statements relaying the two generally accepted ways of prolonging the honeymoon phase that appear in the literature - namely intensive insulin treatment and tight blood glucose control. It is easy to find statements to this effect in the literature including the ever present DCCT study LINK HERE plus many more.

So if Tu is going to decide to shut down a discussion and leave advice for the parent of a newly diagnosed young diabetic (and thereby leave advice for anyone googling and reading this discussion in the future), wouldn't it be better to leave advice that has some medical evidence backing it up?

I find this very disappointing. Do you agree?

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Thank you very much Brunetta. To me, the length of the discourse and sniping "you can't prove what you said in paragraph 3 because the guy who said it is a paid, corporate shilll...." stuff makes what might be interesting discusions pretty much illegible to me. In the absence of scientific agreement on the "how many carbs does a man need?" question, I am far too lazy to look up all the citations on either side. Although I found Gary Taubes' books very interesting. Although not as interesting as "Game of Thrones".

RE Tu, I have mentioned "the Low-Carb Gang" a few times, sort of playfully in jest although they also inspired me to try it and *gasp* discover that I could run 30 miles/ week eating minimal carbs except for nighttime gorging. I can see what Jag means though as it's almost impossible to discuss food without being swamped by the active and generally well-informed low carb people. I think that there is something to it and I am intrigued by the history of nutrition and agricultural subsidies and the food pyramid and the Illuminati...

I had a part in the discussion by chiming in and asking the offending to party to respect the community and only post constructively. As I recall, things just got more offensive after that as the insults continued. I'm not surprised, I've seen this happen here before...people get that childish "online courage" where they just want to tick people off for no good reason.

Let me tell you that stuff won't last on here, the community is too strong.

Jag, I can assure you that there is no low-carb agenda within the Tu Admin group whatsoever. Besides the final post that you cited here (which has been acknowledged by Tu Admin), can you produce any other instance where a Tu Admin is pushing low-carb dogma?

And here's my take personal take from a long time lifer to another. If another T1 I trusted came up to me and swears that drinking pickle juice in the morning makes his blood sugars more balanced throughout the day, guess what the heck I'll be doing in the morning?...you bet I'll be chuggin that Vlassic jar.

Will it work? Who cares, it' ll be worth the shot. If it doesn't, then I'll just chalk it up to "everyone's T1 is different." No harm done, a little pickle juice ain't never killed nobody. Why the heck would I wait for the medical establishment to do a scientific study on pickle juice efficacy? If it works, it works...I come to this community to find the edge...the insights that my endo or any other "expert" may never have the inclination to pass on to me.

Do we really need to go into detail about why carb restriction of any degree would, in theory, help blood sugars stay low in T1's? Do you really need the medical establishment to produce evidence of this before you actually believe it?

I don't think the Admins have any low-carb slant, and any indication is just your personal perception of us, the community itself.

I tried drinking vinegar for a while and, while it seemed to have an effect, I couldn't stic with it. It was too yucky.

For me, it's not "carb restriction" that helps, its that using carb restriction as a *very* useful tool with which to determine ratios and rates (without necessarily needing to fast, an added bonus, low carb is certainly > fasting!). If the rates are right then it's bring on the burritos, vindaloo, bacon cheeseburgers, etc....heh heh heh, within the limits imposed by the pantsometer.

Seriously bro? It was analogy :)

I sort of know but I've heard that the vinegar thing too and figured I'd toss it out there to keep things light!

nice bib by the way...and I agree, everyone's insights are usefool tools.

I agree! I think you just it all...

to not rehash old stuff but, having questions on what someone is posting asking them to clarify isn't attacking anyone or thing.....

please all the god nuts job on me for talking about the parents whom prayed over their daughter till she withered away..(you know because prayer saves and all)...

just pray i'm told all the time it healed my disease heck i see people walk from wheel chairs all the time on tv. just because some guy said a couple words spit on her and touched her head.....then when that paid for program goes on commercial i hear about these ads on diet that will cure my diabetes....(am i supposed to believe in this the same way i do god, it says it will save me the same way)

yet the little girl died without a voice to save her in the name of god, and little kids have died because parents thought they knew better than the medical standard because big pharm is awful or whatever reason that come up with that led to their child's death......

we get mad after the kid dies and want to blame the world and everything in it.......
but when you have in oppurtunity to step in and inform of the dangers of misguided and/or good intentions and get gutted for it, thats hiliarious....

but it's okay encourage that mother to just feed her kid lettuce and turkey skin(just make sure it isn't seasoned and the turkey is considered a treat) and i am sure you can keep your kid off of insulin for like 4 or 5 years.................

really are we defending bad behviour that badly in the name of being cutting edge and low carb.....how about some sense of reality please.....

I think you are off base bringing that argument into that thread. The mom clearly had her stuff together and was approaching the situation in what seems to me to be a very correct approach. I shared the "eeek" when I saw the "no insulin" business but her tone and measured approach suggested to me that it wasn't the case that she was doing that. I'm not the ref or an admin and while the thread was interesting, lenghty rants full of non sequiturs are not efficient threading or posting.

it was in the headline.... she was admitting being new and looking for support in her ventures......but in fishing for support or you only fishing for postive information to back what you are in essence expierimenting with on your own child..... or are you looking for information from all sides of the spectrum to best help your child.....

not once did i accuse her of intenionally withholding insulin, where does that come from???

i like what this topic has brought up and would love to delve into it further.....soo i wanna kinda steer back there.

if you don't like the choice of words i choose thats fine but they weren't incorrect, it does and has and will continue to happen....

plus how do people think she knows what she is doing she constantly contrdicted herself with not knowing how to carb count....that for what ever my opinion is worth should be with in the top 1 2 or 3 things you learn, it is pretty fundaMENTAL...lol
and has by her admission been doing this for less than a year......

i have the disease and didn't know everything in a year......

so is it truly revolting or whatever it was i was considered doing to bring up the counter.... ??

RE "how do people think she know what she is doing" was displayed in her posts, which showed her to be making a thoughtful approach to the clinical anomaly of something being off w/ her daughter but not enough to need insulin. Just like Lil Mama and BSC who knew themselves that they were off (through monitoring and testing...) but it took their doctors a while to "catch up". While the title was a bit alarming, the text supported her decision and I think that most of the people were reading it that way. It is useful to have a "clearing houe" like Tu with many different people who had different approaches to how they discovered diabetes which, to me, suggests that there are a lot more than "Tu" kinds!!

see there is were the division happens you and i acid can have and have had back and forth discussion...

you feel as if she clearly stated control and fully knowledge over her daughter; while i don't think that is true..

so while you see the alarming headline and were made safe by her comments i felt the opposite and immediately am thinking about the best interest of the child....

then i am being told i am some how disrespectful because the child is somehow speaking for themselves??? saying this is the child's own best interest...

yes things are uncomfortable to bring up which causes the 'eek' moment but again it comes down to a difference in how the post was read.....
in my reading alams keep going off in other's they were calmed....but please look back through the converstation and see whom when and where it turn personal and off topic...

if anything my countering question were asking her direct question and observations of what she typed unlike what other people type about their thought on my opinion and not the topic of the thread.....




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