i am not able to manage my diabetes... its reaches 258 at night... i exercise like a bull gone wild for 30 to 40 minutes after which it comes to around 200 , 106 in morning at 7, 150 after walk :(n moreover its 309 after breakfast even after taking 35 units(human mixtard 30/70)....though i jst hve 1 chapati wth a cup of milk :( tht to without adding any flavour to it:(.....

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I think the mixed insulin is very hard to use? W/ the two kinds of insulin, basal and bolus, it's *very* important to have them matched closely to your body. I think, based largely on the people posting about it as I never took it myself, that it's almost impossible to match the 70/30 ratio perfectly which, in turn, almost guarantees the sort of numbers you are reporting?

I have a pump and try to run about 50/50 between basal and bolus insulins. If you can get to a doctor reasonably quickly, do you think you could switch to R/N or ---log/Lantus/ Levemir? Either of those combos will at least give you the tools to figure things out precisely? It's still quite a bit of work to get things set precisely, and then they may change anyway, but figuring out your doses more precisely should give you some improved results quickly?

Another suggestion I'd have would be to locate, either at a library if you can find it, or maybe on Amazon or whatever sort of book vendor you can find, a copy of "Think Like a Pancreas" by Gary Scheiner and/ or "Using Insulin" by John Walsh. I got both of these books when I got my pump and they sort of are "manuals" about how to figure out your numbers. The doc can give you an idea but if you want to take it to the next level and do really well, I think you need the other insulins and some good instructions about what to do with it?

Totally agree AR about 70/30 I was on it for YEARS with just horrid results. You can't match your needs with it and it does gaurantee numbers that are ALL over the place. I think sweety1691, you might be better off with something like lantus or levemir for basal along with Humalog or Novalog for your bolus and correction. I think personally Lantus/Levemir and one of the logs if you are going to do MDI is the best way to go, however depending on one's financial situation and insurance they can be very costly. In that case definatly NPH and Regular seperately would give you much better control than a mix would.

ok...thanx...i have ordered both of them.... :)..... and i use pen to inject insulin with readymade refills.....

You are managing. Don't ever feel like you aren't managing. You are keeping on top of your bg's over time and that is 99% of the management right there.

Now that doesn't mean that all of your or my bg's are perfect all the time. Just being halfway decent most of the time is a huge success story, and a success story that we should be proud of achieving when we achieve it.

To feel that you or I am a failure just because some numbers are out of range, does not mean that we are out of control or we aren't managing. Anyone who tells you that, just kick them out.

Premixed R+N insulin is rarely a perfect match to any T1's needs. A MDI regime can be much more amenable to the tight standards lots of folks promulgate. About 25 years ago I switched from large shots of R+N to much smaller doses of R and N individually as a MDI regime, with great results and felt way more in control.

Don't let anyone fool you but those are not uncommon numbers for insulin dependent diabetics. Some days can be better but overall its not uncommon for anyone with diabetes to experience those numbers. I had a 323 today, Now I am down to 76. As the others mentioned I get off any premixed insulin. No matter how you slice it, its a devastating disease to keep battling and a better treatment is urgently needed,

Gary please stop with the doom and gloom. Those doe NOT have to be common numbers a diabetic suffers with EVERY day. I very RARELY have numbers in that range and certainly not on a daily basis. Good control CAN be achieved with minimal numbers out of the norm, and I think a good number of us here can say the same. Yes there are days that are off, but I do not think we should except that high numbers EVERY day is the norm or that it cant be prevented. The whole key is really finding an insulin regimine that meets your needs and unfortunately a 70/30 mix isn't going to do that for anyone.

surely i will kick them out....;)...... i will surely work upon your advice.... thanx...:)

Hi Sweety1691: As the others have mentioned, it is very difficult to have good control when you are using the mixed insulin. Would it be possible for you to get a fast-acting insulin and a long-acting insulin (Levemir or Lantus)? I think that would really help. I don't think that you are unable to manage your diabetes, I just think that you don't have the right tools to do the best job possible.

ok.... thanx.. :) but fast acting insulin costs much more than a set of refills of human mixtard 30/70... but will surely try and arrange ... :)

please try the newer insulins, especially the rapids (novolog, humalog, aprida). have you thought about a pump, cmg? I just this morning switched from novolog to humalog, it's been great so far. I still wait about 15 minutes after bolus to eat..but so far, it's been great and I start my pump on tuesday. you have to figure out why you're going so high, is it after meals, fasting, both, etc...and adjust your basal/bolus regime to that. good luck!

its too confusing ...... before meal in the afternoon around 2, it is around 80 and in the evening around 5 it reaches around 335...:(

Human mixtard 30/70 doesn't work, at least on you.
You can't do a good work with bad tools, it's not your fault, your therapy is broken.
Are you type 1 or 2 ? I presume type 1.
There is any reason why you don't use lantus or levemir as basal ? And humalog or novorapid or apidra as bolus insulin ?
Is it a coverage/price problem ?
Ask this to your endo and if you are not satisfied with his response, change him.




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