YES, I will have to have a Vitrectomy in my right eye. No choice. The Retinal Specialist is a very nice man, I truly like him and trust his expertise. Surgery is being scheduled and I will go to my Primary Doctor very soon to have blood work and EKG prior. Laser Surgery in my left eye in two weeks as well.

I have educated myself on the Vitrectomy and I am fine with having it done. I would lose vision and possibly blindness in that eye if I do not have the surgery....SO, that is a no brainer :)

I am overwhelmed with gratitude......I would not have the strength I do now if it wasn't for ALL of YOU, my friends whom I just love and treasure, admire. Saying "Thank You" doesn't seem to be enough. All of you mean more to me than I could ever express.

I look forward to being able to see without this "Web" of blood that I have had for the last 13 months.

The Doctor told me that this isn't my fault......"You were dealt a hand, called "Diabetes".

Grateful for this Technology. and most of all my friends and loved ones. Thank You.

Robyn xo

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Getting a Vitrectomy
considering a vitrectomy

what to expect during recovery

Diabetics with Eye Problems Group

Dr. Randall Wong, Retina Surgeon

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Who gives a rip if the doc hates you? This is NOT a popularity contest. Yes, call.

They won't hate you, and honestly this is their job to help you get through this.

So take a deep breath and think to yourself, this too will pass.

I just want to reiterate that I had a vitrectomy on April 28, 2011 after having a MAJOR retinal hemorrhage. It was a full month before I could see ANY improvement. I had a red haze in my eye. I continued to have pain for an even longer time. My eye was also red and very bloodshot just to look at. I continued to wear sunglasses when I went out so as not to "scare" anyone. It takes a long time to recover from this. My eye is completely clear now and has been for a while, although I lost a lot of peripheral vision due to all the lasering. I can't say it enough---it takes a LONG time to recover. Please have patience and give it a chance.

Robyn, listen this this good advice. The eye can and will heal, but takes longer than 5 weeks in most people...give it time, get a second opinion if you feel you want to, and go out and do something fun for yourself in the mean time.

Cinderfella....Thank You. I was going through the thread earlier looking for your previous posts...and I couldnt find it. I thank you for reposting for me...I need to go for a follow up and then just wait......just so frustrating to look through waxed paper.

Gerri, Kathy, Josh and Bikette....thank you for the support. Calling tomorrow for check up and I will find some patience and just let it heal. made me crack up!! Thanks xo

I don't know what your daily activities are normally like, if you work or what but I went back to work after three weeks. It was hard but I had already missed 50 days of work and work was piling up. I think it's important to try to keep your life moving in a forward direction. Try to live as close to normal as possible. I haven't read all of your posts but it sounds like you are sticking close to home these days. I would say get out. Go back to work if that's what you do. It will take your mind off things. You are going to wake up one day very soon and notice a small improvement. Then every few days you'll notice things have gotten a little better. Again, it will be slow. My brother had vitrectomy surgery about four years ago. He was a very helpful coach while I was going through the process. He told me what to expect every step of the way. For the most part, what he said was the way it went but I remember being very frustrated a couple of weeks out when things weren't progressing as fast as I had thought. Plus, when my vision started to come back I was cross-eyed on top of it because the muscles in my eye had weakened so much from lack of use. I can remember trying to watch TV and seeing it double. It was several weeks to strengthen my eye movement too. It's all hard. I grant you that. You are going to be okay. I have now started to develop a cataract in the affected eye. I knew that was a likelihood going into the operation. That's going to be dealt with next. I am scared and frustrated too. You are not alone. We are so lucky that the technology exists to do all of this stuff because I would most definitely be blind already. If you would like to message me directly please feel free. If I can be of any help, p,ease do not hesitate.

Thank you so much!! I am not working right now, so I am at home and recently moved about an hour from my family/friends. I think I am going to pack a bag and go stay with my best friend and then I will be able to see my granddaughters and other loved ones. That will help. I appreciate your support and sharing with me, it has helped.
You are a very strong person.....I admire you. You have given me strength to "snap out of it"

Thank you again.

Great idea, Robyn. Do it!

I don't know what to say except that I am holding you in my thoughts, and really hoping that everything settles out well, even though it's taking a DARN long time! Hugs!


Oh that I wish I were there. I cannot say any more than what everyone else has gifted you with. I know that YOU have heard that you hold a dear place in our hearts...that we are praying and thinking of you, but telling you time and time again is important to us.....mostly because you are so far away, and because we are now family ♥

I love you all so very YES. Thank you for all the support and advice. Books on tape is a wonderful idea, thank you. I will try this.
I am strong and positive most of the time, just the last week has been hard, as I have so many other "personal" problems I am dealing with as well. I break down for awhile and then I get mad and determined. I have a check-up on the 13th. and will find out what is going on. I know that with the amount of Laser I have had on this eye (4000) dosent help with the healing, scar tissue and the Dr also did alot of Laser when I had the Vitrectomy. dear friends, I want to say Thank You for helping me and I am very, very grateful that I have all of you and TuD. Much love, Robyn




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