Ok I've been a Type1 for almost 25 years now and pumping over a year with a Paradigm722. I have gained weight since starting the pump and I was wondering if anyone has been able to successfully lose weight while pumping and if so, how?

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I started the pump a little more than 2 weeks ago and have lost 8 pounds, I think it is because now I super watch the carbs and dont take lantus, I gained 30 pounds when I started lantus, I hope I continue to lose
Oh wow, i didnt know u can gain weight from Lantus. I've been with the Lantus for almost 3 months and i take 30 at night and 16 in the morning. And my mom has notice i look chubbier and my arms are...ummm how can i say this they are a little hard. She said that my arms got like that when i got sick as a baby. So im like wow thats good to know and Drexxy i dont know nothing bout the pump right now. Im waiting for my pump to arrive =). So yeah, hopefully u can lose the weight u gained with it =).
Well, lantus have give me 13 pounds, I hate it, good I will stop using it since I already got my pump, but why are you taking two shots of lantus? I though you only need it once a day with the help of another insuliN. I have been on lantus with humalog for a few months, it help me lower my a1c a lot but gaining weight is not fun.
I didn't know that there could be a connection between gaining weight and Lantus. I was on Lantus for a few years and that's when I started gaining weight. Since being on the pump it's gotten worse. I trying to find an exercise regimen now that's safe for my joints and shoulders.
I am trying to lose weight - I just started the paradigm 722 January and have the CGMS on since 4/09 - Can you give me some tips? I usually feel like I must have a little carb with my meals to avoid hypoglycemia - what is your tricks to lost wgt. thanks! Molly
i gained some weight due Lantus and not being careful with carb intake. Since starting the Omnipod in July, I have lost 20 pounds because I am more careful with what I eat and I exercise daily because of the temp basal so I don't have to worry about lows! Good luck with your journey =)
Wao, great, this really is an incentive for me!
I've pumped for 8 and a half years and have seen normal weight fluctuations in that time (age 20 to 29). I've recently had a lot of success with Weight Watchers. Was able to cut my total daily insulin intake by about 10 units, too.
Yeah but cna you use WW if you are Type 1? I tried to get on Jenny Craig and WW a few years ago and they wouldn't take me.
Hey Drexxy, sorry this took me so long to answer. Yes, I've been a type 1 for 19 years and have lost 30 pounds on Weight Watchers in less than a year. My CDE, my endocrinologist, and my WW meeting leader have all been very supportive of my participation in the program. No membership restrictions for diabetics that I've seen. That being said, it's your right not to disclose that information if you prefer.
Well maybe I should try again. I just never thought of going again after I got turned down. Thanks:)

You can do Jenny Craig...My wife and I did Jenny Craig and they refused to sell me meals at first, but after persistence they supplied me a form letter to get a doctor to sign off on...all was good,eating their food and riding a bicycle. It's easy if everyone in the house is on the diet and they just added fruit, and dairy products so I had plenty of calories. Eating all pre packaged meals was great and after going through the meal plan for a few weeks I had some of my very best BG days...if there is such a thing...:-)




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