Ok, this may be a goofy question but I never used to do this before but now that I have D (two months for me) I noticed I do this more.


Now when I am out in stores I look at other people and wonder who else might have Diabetes - obviously you can not tell from looking at people (unless you see a pump or monitor) or even what other health problems others might have? 


I never used to do this before unless I saw someone who obviously looked sick but now that it has touched me on a personal level esp right at the beginning I would go food shopping and look around at the other people in the store thinking they all were super healthy and I was the only one who wasn't. But now I think that can't be true and often wonder out of all the other people shopping in the store - not just food shopping but I was thinking that at Walmart yesterday too - that there is no way I am the only one in the store.


Or I see the food people buy when I am in the cashier line too and I think "Oh they must not have D if they can eat that!" Not judging these other people at all but just noticing how prevailent D becomes in your mind when you have it - even when you are not thinking about it directly, it becomes part of your thought patterns in a way - just kind of pops up as a side thought to other things.


Is it just me or does anyone else do this too? I am sure I am just a crazy girl! :)

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Oh I do it too. The grocery mall I go to has 4 isles of gondola labeled "Health Food" (as if the other food around the store is not!) These isles have all the sugar free stuffs, from beverages to condiments, to snacks and everything labeled "low" or "reduced" from low fat, reduced sodium, low carb, no calories, to high fiber...etc. It is a haven for people with D or any other illness or simply just health buffs. Every week...I find the same people familiar faces in those isles. And often, familiarity breeds confidence to establish or initiate conversations...that's why I also discovered that there are some in my community that has D like me...
Thanks for all your replies guys! Ok, I now I know I am not the crazy girl! I felt a little weird about it. I guess I have always been one of those people who wonder about other people lives - not in a bad way of course - just wonder. So I guess it is no surprised that us D people will wonder about others health. I would think someone with cancer would probably do the same.

Emmy, I used to more notice the overweight folks too and think they were the ones that would definately have the problems - and maybe they will but I know now that this can strike anyone. I have it and I am skinny. It is frustrating how you maybe no matter how you do or how healthy you think you live your life that you may not be able to avoid any of these diseases. I am kinda of glad now I decided not to have kids - I would hate to know they might have to deal with this.

I was reading an article on Yahoo Green about how all the chemical and toxins in our environment can screw up our DNA, cause other health problems as well as many of us know - well it makes one wonder esp. someone like me what was it that screwed me up so I now have this?

T1Tambien - I totally get you about the "glass wall" feeling. I felt like that at the beginning (which was only 2 months for me) but I still feel like that sometimes actually I have often felt like that even before D - always the one looking in). I feel like I am on one side looking through to the rest of the people. Maybe some of them feel like that too? They might look at us and think we are perfect and healthy and while maybe they do have some health problems. Either of my parents have diabetes but they take more pills a day than I do! Hopefully one day I will not hae a big line of pills to take. I think D is plenty enough for me.




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