Hi Everyone,
Well I have many bad habits and I'm not talkin about how love to pick my hang nails but the bad Diabetic habits we have.

Here are a few of mine. :-)

1. Changing my Finger Picker - Why I don't... I feel like it's the lease of my problems
2. Changing the fingers I prick - For some reason I have my favorite few.
3. Eating to many Carbs at meals... This is a setup for disaster :-(
4. Lying to my wife about how low I am... - I do tell her I am low, but sometimes I lie a little bit so I don't scare her.
5. Saying ahhh 150 isn't bad at least I'm not 250.

Well I could write many many more. What are yours?

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1 and 2 for sure. I have DB for 12 years and I swear I still might have the first box of 100 they gave me!
We're new to all this, My 12 year old son is Type 1 since April, and is on humalog and lantus pens. He keeps leaving out the step of the alcohol wipe. Do any of you all still use them? Is this a bad diabetic habit or just doing away with overkill?
I rarely use alcohol wipes. I try to make sure the injection sites are relatively clean. He is a 12 year old boy though, and I woudl incourage him to make sure the injection sites are at least clean - 12 year old boys can get quite dirty!
You're right , there's not one shower he takes that he doesn't have to be told. Terrible water allergy I guess. He was getting ocd about making sure he dried the alcohol after using them. I figure all that blowing on the site to dry the alcohol probably gets it dirtier than his skin was in the first place
My worst habit - Checking my sugar before I eat - mentally calculating the number of carbs - then forgetting to enter the number in the pump! Please note that the pump is not mind controlled!
Don't put enough pressure on my finger and leave blood trails on stuff.
Act like I know what my BG is and start eating junk.
Try to shoot my lancet as far as I can with my nifty Accucheck lancet device.
Figuring out my carbs on a menu, bolusing, and then eat something with way more carbs.
1. Not changing my lancet... seems to be a popular one, too.
2. Testing exclusively on my ring and middle fingers. They're starting to look funny.
3. Forgetting to fill in my logbook.
4. Forgetting my tester at home. I always have glucose tablets - in every compartment of my bag and in my coat pockets, but I forget my tester all the time.
5. Not testing if I feel "just a bit" low and just having a couple glucose tablets. Not cool.
1. Not logging everything. I really hate logging. But I know that it will bring me to reality.
2. Grazing and no bolus
3. I use the same fingers over and over again left hand middle to pinky. I have diabetic poka dotted figures :)
4. I do not have fast acting glucose with me at all times.
5. When I dine out it is terrible to try to calculate. I do the WAG thing .......Wild Ass Guess :)

ON THE FLIP SIDE: Can you list 5 things that you are really good at?

1. Testing
2. Getting my diabetes preventive stuff done.
3. Going to the Dr.
4. Make sure my supplies are instock
5. Vist Tudiabetes and other diabetes blog/pages daily.

What are your Best Diabetic Habits?
i also have don't change my pricker it gets changed ever 2 to 3 days if i remember. also eat a little more carbs then i took a shot for. Also forgetting somethhing at home such as my meter or insulin pen or have no test trip or neddles in my little kit.




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