Just for fun and maybe we can help each other with some good ideas on what to eat. I will go first;

breakfast: 1 small banana, 2 cups of coffee with 1 cup 2% milk and 8 cashews

lunch: 2 pieces of wheat bread, 2 tablespoons PB and sugar-free strawberry jelly and 1/2 very large apple, 1 diet pepsi and 2 glasses water and 1/2 red bell pepper

Dinner: Have not had yet...........

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Oh waitress..
I will have some of what my friend Cynthia is having!!
Italian dressing on the cukes?
I will eat them with salt on them when they are spears, when I cut them like that I can either let them swim in just plain white vinigar or Italian dressing..
I love fresh tomatos swiming in Italian dressing.. It is funny I am not really fond of tomatos in salad but plain tomatos taken off the window sill (DONT U EVEN DARE PUT A GARDEN TOMATO IN THE FRIDGE!!) and cut in wedges in Italian dressing.. OOHHHH so dang good!! With lotsa salt..
Breakfast: coffee and milk
1 string cheese

Lunch: 6 grapes (lg)
roasted chicken meat

Dinner: start cooking soon...Spaghetti/french bread not sure I will eat...not too hungry family will!!
Italian dressing yes, that Kraft "free" dressing.
Breakfast - Big bowl of cereal, it made me high but I really needed it.
Lunch - Salad filled with lots of yummy things. An apple and necturine
Snacked on a pear.
Dinner - Chilli prawn stir fry, filled with lots of veggies. Another apple.
So far today: A coffee frapp.

Breakfast: a coffee frapp,
Dinner: 1 cup mashed potatoes w butter and salt (yum!) 1.5 pieces of chicken (with skin!) and 1/2 cup baked shrimp.

Yum... :)
Breakfast: coffee and milk
1 string cheese

Lunch: PB&sf jelly sandwich
1 vanilla yoplait light yogurt
1 cup blueberries
Dinner 1 lg. salad.roasted chicken
Cynthia.....total 90 carbs. for today.
2 sunny side up eggs, low carb toast, small coffee , 2 slices canadian bacon. 32 grams
Breakfast coffee and milk
1 vanilla yoplait yogurt

Lunch 1/2 cup rice
and various "somoan" meats (Bday party)
2 beers
2 waters

Dinner 1 cheeseburger
french fries
High BS!!!! lots of humalog! came down to 124 later
it was worth it, sooooooooooooooo yummy! :)
Breakfast - Beans on toast
Lunch - Apple
Snack - Apple and nectarine
Dinner - Roast dinner - chicken and veggies. Orange

Had a chunk of cheese to and a few tomatoes. Need to get my eating in order! Get some control the sugars haven't been good at all, have a feeling the A1c is going up :(
Breakfast: coffee and milk
string cheese (1)

Lunch: chicken sandwich (wheat)
1 fugi apple
diet pepsi

Dinner: 1 large salad
6 crackers
4 hershey kisses...........yummy! wish I could have 40!!! lol
So far, I'm feeling virtuous!

53 mg/dl: 1 glucose tab (4 g carb)
69 mg/dl 15 minutes later
Bolused 2 units (ratio is 1/8); waited 15 minutes

Wheat toast (9 g carb) and 2 TBSP peanut butter (7 g carb)
16 g carb total

104 mg/dl 2 hours post breakfast
63 mg/dl pre lunch
bolused 4 units (ratio is 1/12); waited 10 minutes

4 oz tofu with spices and a little olive oil (6 g carb)
1 cup cherry tomatoes and red pepper (9 g carb)
7 oz Greek yogurt with a little Splenda (8 g carb)
1/2 cup raspberries (7 g carb)
30 g carb total

1 hour post lunch: 112 mg/dl




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