What are the foods that you know will wreak havoc on your Blood Glucose? I have a few I posted. But what are some of yours.
My Top Ten List of Forbidden Food
Do you avoid them or do you indulge? If so how do you manage it?


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I didn't do well with even the multigrain muffins, Brad, and forget bagels! But do try Orowheat brand Double Fiber English Muffins. They are 21 carbs and I can bolus for and tolerate them just fine! It's as close to a sandwich as I ever get, and unlike many low carb breads they are actually good!
Pizza...I try to do a square bolus (on an insulin pump), but it doesn't usually help that much. I just do it rarely and prepare for the high to follow. It comes down after a couple of hours.
this past year i have been extremely careful about what i put in my body. i have lost weight, adopted a daily exercise routine, and tried to illiminate all of the foods that make me sugar crazy! yet, some days i feel like ANY thing i bite sends me sailing.

i'd have to say my most 'dangerous dishes' are...
1. pasta....whole wheat even hurts my numbers.
2. bread....i have given up on it, any bread or bready product (bagel, cracker, pretzel) out of the question!
3. fruit...any fruit besides blueberries and green apples make the no no list.
4. cereal...fogggettaa 'bout it
5. popcorn
6. rice cakes!..."dieters best friend" yeah right
7: milk
8. SPLENDA...i was so surprised, once i cut it out my numbers became better.
9. sugarless gum....does anybody else find this??!?!?!
10. pizza...my favorite food in the world but probably the hardest to control. no fair!
Most cereals. Special K with chocolate substitued; small serving okay.
All Pastas. Subsituted quinoa pasta works beautifully. Strangely, baked ziti or lasagna does not have an adverse effect but I use a lot of ricotta in these dishes
cake; ice cream cake like Carvel substituted with no problems
cookies, except for 100 calorie packs
most fruit .... give fruit as desert at end of meal only and bolus at beginning of the meal for it. give grapes for moderate lows
Chinese food .... chicken and broccoli using Uncle Ben's converted rice (not theirs) works okay.

we avoid sweets except on an occasional basis. Go with Potato chips (small bags) for desert rather than sweets. As a result she does not have much of a sweet tooth. Ice cream does not have a bad effect, but she usually does not ask for it either. She does eat pizza when out with friends, and the extra exercise kills the spike. She will eat but does not crave pizza... to her, it's just a food. We don't forbid her to eat problem foods. We just don't buy them and keep them around the house.
I am amazed by some of the foods people have listed in this blog...Andrea-sugarless gum???!! Seriously?

Anyway I tend to balance carb intake with my insulin injections so they aren't considered forbidden foods by any means - just shows you how different diabetics can be!

Some of my naughty snacks include ice cream, chocolate, sour coke bottle sweets....not exactly foods listed on a recommended food list for diabetics!!! As for how I manage it - I guess over the years I have become pretty good at balancing food intake with my insulin so when I know I'm going to eat it I dose up a unit or two :-)
Cakes and any chocolate or caramel dessert.
Number one forbidden food for me would be the 7/11 chocolate brownie. However I control most harmful effects by riding my bicycle a mile to the store, and make a 3 mile circle to get home (if not more).
Caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar products ie cakes and biscuits and some take away foods ie Chinese and Indian Food and Pizza and pasta also. I try to live on everything in moderation so do indulge sometimes. I am still on a regime to try and work out what to do. I may eat cakes with a low GI meal for example and count the carbs on top or with pizza or other take away I will take the insulin after as it takes a while for the carbs to hit the blood system for those foods.
I just have to add, with the time of year, my forbidden food: Cadbury Eggs. _Love_ them, and the Cadbury minis. Soo much sugar.

My regulars are ice cream and sushi. The amount of rice in sushi is deceptively high.
It's not only the rice. It's not plain rice, but marinated in sugared vinegar. So you're getting unnoticed sugar in addition to the carbs in the rice!
That makes a lot of sense, I was wondering if there was something that made it more sticky.
Danny's doing food porn again!!! :-)




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