What would you like to know about CGM? Post your interview questions for Dr. Francine Kaufman

On Friday, January 11th, Francine Ratner Kaufman, M.D., Chief Medical Officer for Medtronic Diabetes, will be appearing live on the TuDiabetes homepage to discuss “The Use and Future Use of CGM” and answer YOUR questions!  This is a rare and invaluable opportunity to interact with an internationally known professional in the field of diabetes care, research and advocacy.  Let's generate a list of questions for her!

But first, in case you are not familiar with Dr. Kaufman's work, here's a snippet of her resume:

Francine Ratner Kaufman, M.D. has had a 30 year distinguished career in diabetes care, research and advocacy. Her positions and accomplishments include:

  • former head of the Center for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
  • member of the Advisory Council of the Diabetes Branch of the NIH
  • chair of the National Institutes of Health funded Studies to Treat (the TODAY Trial) and Prevent (the HEALTHY Trial) Type 2 Diabetes in Youth (STOPP-T2)
  • national president of the American Diabetes Association in 2002-03
  • wrote Insulin Pump Therapy and Continuous Glucose Monitoring: A User’s Guide to Effective Diabetes for the ADA and edited the 5th edition of the ADA’s the Medical Management of Type 1 Diabetes and published over 200 peer-reviewed and invited publications
  • author of more than 30 books or book chapters, including Diabesity, which explores the ravages of the global obesity and diabetes epidemics
  • principal investigator of TrialNet, a multinational consortium evaluating ways to prevent type 1 diabetes, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • frequently travels around the world, including Haiti, India and the continent of Africa to support the care and management of children with diabetes worldwide

Dr. Kaufman currently serves as Chief Medical Officer and VP of Global Clinical, Medical and Health affairs at Medtronic Diabetes, and will join us on the TuDiabetes homepage to discuss the use and future use of continuous glucose monitoring.  What would you like to know about insulin pump therapy and CGM from this top-notch professional in the field?!  List you questions below by 12am EST on Thursday, January 10th!

More details about the event.

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Does Dr. Kaufman have diabetes?

I have used diabetes technology (meters, pumps, CGMs) for most of my 29 year life with diabetes. Once I buy a device, I almost always come across an obvious feature (or a missing feature), in both hardware and software, that persuades me to conclude that a diabetic was not at the table when this decision was made.

What role does user testing/study play in the development of modern diabetes technology? If user studies are done, what is their budget as a percentage of the overall budget? Are user studies done with an eye on marketing or in an actual attempt to influence the design process? Is it significant? Does it have a meaningful role in the eventual device that we buy?

Once a device is released, it seems that the manufacturer is loathe to make any changes, usually citing the FDA as the reason. Is this really true?

Do any engineers or managers actually use the devices that they work on?

Why do diabetes technology firms buffer themselves from their users with customer service that is purposely kept ignorant of imminent product releases? Why does customer service refuse to facilitate customer interaction with engineering or management?

Sorry for the abundance of questions. I seldom get the opportunity to interact with senior management at a major diabetes tech firm like Medtronic. By the way, my first insulin pump was circa 1987, a Mini-Med model.

When are the Enlite sensors going to be available? Also, when is the Veo pump going to be available?

Gigem99,That is what I want to know, as well..I just got ( last week) a Revel on the new pump upgrade program that will allow me to upgrade, at no cost, to the Veo and Enlite sensors once they are approved by the FDA. I have spoken to no upper level Medtronic management personnel, but the phone reps said it could be tommorrow, it could be next year. They say that they do not know when, which I think is the honest truth. Those lower on the Medtronic pecking order, the phone "help" consultants, are probably purposefully kept in the dark about their imminent release and approval; lest they inadvertently let the cat out of the bag before Medtronic is ready to market the VEO and enliter sensors. Could it be that the FDA is that close-mouthed to the Medtronic higher-ups about what they are doing to approve the newer technlogical products? I think not, but then I could be wrong. That actually happens sometimes (LOL) You KNOW I am joking.. We are all quite prone to fallibility.

God bless,

I agree they are kept in the dark because the company is waiting on the government, not because they are evil and sadistic. They're in business to make money and, if they get a better product, they'll probably make quite a bit more of it so they have *no* interest in waiting!

I hear you, Acid. I hope the new products will make their way to our waiting arms in 2013; but then, who knows?

God bless,

This technology has always been out of reach for many people simply because of the high cost. Is there any chance a more economical system is being developed?

How does a doctor sort out patient-provided data to sucessfully help someone who faces a challenging opponent like diabetes?

Why doesn't Medtronic create a more accurate CGM, in comparison to its competitors?

Are there hormones generated by the body in the morning that cause the cgm to be more inaccurate than at other times of the day?

What's the format for this? Is this a "live chat" thing like Gary Scheiner did? I thought that was an interesting format but some of these questions, you could write a book about...oh wait, she already did...

Is there anything on the horizon for an (implantable) CGM that actually measures blood rather than interstitial fluid?




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