Whats the most annoying comment you've ever gotten about diabetes?

I've gotten quite a lot of really annoying and sometimes even hurtful comments about my diabetes...

When i told a family friend who (by the way) is an assistant nurse about my condition she said "really? but you will get better right? it will go away when you start taking care of yourself?"
and i said "no, i will always be a diabetic and i will actually get worse since my body will eventually stop producing insulin all together"
and she still kept insisting that I would get better in time and that my condition would go away...

i couldnt believe she knew so little

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*manager at McDonald's* "oh, I could never do that!"
*me* "well, I could never be pregnant.. so I guess it evens out!"

LOL good one Timmy!

Anytime the "Healthy Living Nurse" from my insurance company calls. I highly doubt these are real nurses. It only took 2 calls to figure that they couldn't tell their *** from a hole in the ground. Thank god for caller id.

Every time I go to the eye doctor and they ask "what was your BG this morning?"...me: "100". If they ever bothered to look at their records they would know my BG is always "100" in the morning. However statistically improbable that maybe, it always seems to make them happy. Maybe a better question would be..."what was your last A1C?"

people that genuinely are totally ignorant and misinformed!

My partner's dad comments ALL the time when he's over, things like
"oh...what are you eating now?"
or..." shouldn't be eating that should you?"


I went to a church social this afternoon and they did not start eating until 3.30 by which time I was desparate but too polite to get anything. I had a woman come up to me and say very loudly that I should not be eating chocolates and raisins which were lying around while people had drinks! But what is a woman to do? I was dropping fast! Unfortunately it went back to 29.8!! But at least an emergency was averted! It would not look good for a guest in polite company to break out into a sweat and looking as though it was ME who had been baptised!

I have done exactly that, and if anyone questions me, I just tell them that I have diabetes and HAVE to eat. I am fortunate that no one has ever given me any problems after I tell them. This woman may simply have been ignorant, and not polite enough to ask you why you were eating instead of voicing her opinion. There will always be fools out there, but the trick is not to let them get to you -- it's THEIR problem, not yours!

Last time I went to get my Apidra pen refilled I found out there was a shortage and when I called my Endo to get a new rx for novolog, no one returned my call. I finally had to go to Patient first, as I was totally out after my last pen failed. I had to listen to the Dr. for about half an hour explaining to me what diabetes was and how I should plan to have a babysitter watch me the whole weekend because insulin can give you low blood sugar. I tried SO hard to be polite. I just hate when Dr's think you know nothing about the diabetes you live with EVERY DAY.

This happened to me in class the other day. It was so funny how my teacher reacted to my super low bg (39) but then annoyed me when she acted like me eating fifteen carbs wasn't enough. Talk about humiliating, I was like who has had diabetes for nine years and I pretty sure you going crazy isn't helping. Plus I didn't feel so good either at the time.

The teacher was probably just panicking and trying to help. Unless you have taught HER what to do and how much, then she is not likely to know. But try teaching her BEFORE another episode, when you are compus mentus and can remain calm!

The most memorable judgment I've ever heard was right after I was diagnosed in 5th grade (10 year olds are so mean). One of my classmates turned to me and said "You got diabetes because you ate too much pie." When I told her that wasn't true, she said, "I know because my grandma has diabetes and that's how she got it." Then she walked away.

I've encountered so many situations like this that I'm numb to it but I will never forget that one because it was the first one.

im 16, and sometimes people joke about how im 'taking drugs' when i do my daily injections, its like seriously, grow up! and when people automatically assume you can't eat chocolate and silly things.

The latest one I got yesterday was "your overweight, how could you have a low blood sugar"? Grrrrr &(*&(*T&^%R&^$%





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