Whats the most annoying comment you've ever gotten about diabetes?

I've gotten quite a lot of really annoying and sometimes even hurtful comments about my diabetes...

When i told a family friend who (by the way) is an assistant nurse about my condition she said "really? but you will get better right? it will go away when you start taking care of yourself?"
and i said "no, i will always be a diabetic and i will actually get worse since my body will eventually stop producing insulin all together"
and she still kept insisting that I would get better in time and that my condition would go away...

i couldnt believe she knew so little

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I don't have any interest in social media, though I know what it means. I met Manny a couple years ago and didn't really look all that closely, just had an impression of an average size man.

Please do your homework, DR, because you obviously don't know much about LADA. LADA is a slow onset form of Type 1. It is Type 1.Since LADA is not an ICD diagnosis, our official dx will read "type 1". The only difference is that the onset is more gradual and it occurs later in life, so LADA's can go for awhile (a few months to a few years) before needing insulin. Once they reach that point their Diabetes is identical to other Type 1's. The name, "Latent (slow/delayed) autoimmune (Type 1) diabetes in adults" says it all. I suggest you read Using Insulin by John Walsh, or Melitta's blogs on TuD as she is very well read and very clearly explains LADA as a slow onset form of Type 1.

Zoe, when an adult or child becomes insulin resistant, they are categorized as type 2, right? So why the hell should a type 1 have two category if theirs theirs no real difference, hmmmmmm? Does that make any since? and by the way Linda already answered your question in her previous message. I'm done. I didn't mean for this to turn in to a back and forth battle of who knows the Bible more.

Zoe, when an adult or child becomes insulin resistant, they are categorized as type 2, right? So why the hell should a type 1 have two categories if there is no real difference, hmmmmmm? Does that make any since? and by the way Linda already answered your question in her previous message. I'm done. I didn't mean for this to turn in to a back and forth battle of who knows the Bible more.

Type 1 is an autoimmune condition, where Type 2 is a condition characterized by IR. There is a difference in LADA. It is a form of Type 1 (an autoimmune condition) that comes on more slowly and occurs later in life.

The bible? You'll win on that one...and twitter. Don't know much about either one!

I think that all of these conditions are caused by genetic anomalies and try to avoid too much discussion of the obesity issue since the egg comes before the chicken here.

I have had testing Zoe, and AM a thin Type 2...was fit upon dx, ate reasonably well (balance meal, never to excess etc). My diabetes was NOT caused by being overweight, or by being inactive, or by eating improperly. However, though I was wired for diabetes (and a couple of other things)...there likely was a trigger/switch that got the thing in motion. For myself, I think extreme stress was a factor. I DID NOT CAUSE THIS!
The fact remains that it is genetic on both sides of my family. As well, my dad and his mother were both thin insulin dependent Type 2 diabetics.
I have to say, Dean, that diabetes can never "go away". You can have Type 2, and be so excellently controlled that your bg falls in the normal range....but they are in good range BECAUSE you are a diabetic in good control. If you fall out of control, your bg will creep back up. You are still a diabetic...good control or not.
Zoe....my disdain for the assumption that all Type 2 are overweight, is that it is assumed that you have brought it on. Which is not the case. There are MANY overweight and obese folks out there who will not get diabetes. People assume I'm a Type 1....when they are told that I'm a Type 2, either they will tell me...1) "You don't look like a diabetic"
2) "You can't have diabetes, you're too thin", or
3) " Oh, you're a Type 2, so what did you do to cause it?"
I have asthma also, I didn't cause that either.

I appreciate your response, Linda. Yes, there are certainly exceptions to every rule and you seem to be one. I'm assuming though you are not overweight you do have Insulin Resistance?

Please, please, do not misunderstand me. I do not believe that anyone has caused their own diabetes. Insulin Resistance is a difficult issue that can easily cause weight gain and it is not your fault. I do understand your disdain based on the attendant belief that "it's your fault". And I agree that the etiology of Type 2 has many factors including genetics.

But yes, "thin type 2's" are the exception, and a large number of them are misdiagnosed type 1's.

Zoe....no worries. I do NOT blame you in the least....rather, am answering your question :)
Yes, I am insulin resistant. Dosage for one WITH resistance ON insulin goes along with oral meds, which are meant to reduce the said resistance.
I think it might all be easier if it were not for other things I have had the luck of being wired for!!

Understood! Diabetes all by itself is enough. Jobs? Relationships? Other conditions? Definitely overload. D is a fulltime job - whichever Type!

And how can you be so certain you have T2? What makes that any different than a T1 if you are on insulin? Please educate me!

I have heard enough stories from people who were told they had t2, were on all sorts of meds, but then changed their lifestyle and got off all the meds and are now living a disease free life. So you are telling me all those people were lying??

Type 1 is an autoimmune condition, Dean, and Type 2 is not (it's characterized by insulin resistance). The definitive test for Type is antibody testing. If you have antibodies you have Type 1.

I'm not sure who you're addressing the question about Type 2 to, but I'll let someone else respond to that.

Dean....if the question is directed at me....I have already answers.




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