Whats the most annoying comment you've ever gotten about diabetes?

I've gotten quite a lot of really annoying and sometimes even hurtful comments about my diabetes...

When i told a family friend who (by the way) is an assistant nurse about my condition she said "really? but you will get better right? it will go away when you start taking care of yourself?"
and i said "no, i will always be a diabetic and i will actually get worse since my body will eventually stop producing insulin all together"
and she still kept insisting that I would get better in time and that my condition would go away...

i couldnt believe she knew so little

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Dean, there IS such a thing as thin T2. There's even a group for them here.

If the definition of T1 is antibody positive, then what would you call someone who is antibody negative, regardless of their weight or use of medications?

Then, of course, what do you call someone who is antibody negative, but not insulin-resistant?

The point I'm trying to make is that you CAN'T fit everyone in boxes, and overgeneralizations just don't work. Not all T2s are fat, not all of them are unfit, and not all of them eat badly. And not all of them can get off meds, even if they kill themselves with diet and exercise. So your blame game is unfair, and doesn't help even the ones who ARE large and unable to exercise vigorously. I'd much rather see you help people rather than criticize them -- why don't you become a health coach for obese people, the MAJORITY of whom will never, ever get T2?

It wouldn't let me reply down the thread. I read back and don't see any difference! I am T1, insulin dependent, and thin, never been over 195 pounds, down to 170 now. The only difference that I can understand based on what I know is that instead of your t2 coming on fast like t1 did for me. Yours came on slowly, you built up resistance to insulin over a long period and eventually had to go on insulin, right? That would be the only difference other than you call it something else. Any other reason would just mean you have T1.

This thread is getting really disorganized. Judith, I'm not sure who you're talking to. I don't see an argument, or even a debate going on. What I see is an attempt to clarify misconceptions, which is exactly what you are proposing. What am I missing?

Dean, the major difference between type 1 and type 2 is that type 1 is an autoimmune condition; type two is not.

It was directed at Linda G. I am still confused by this, and I am not as ignorant as many may want to believe. Been dealing with T1 for long enough, seen enough T2s in my life, and without fail they were all overweight. Unlike you, I do believe letting oneself get overweight is a, if not primary, cause of T2. The correlation of increased obesity and increased diagnoses of T2 in the US is a pretty clear indicator. Take the fact that kids are also getting bigger and are being diagnosed with T2 and even more proof of such. Plus those that are overweight who change eating and exercise habits and get off all meds. How much more do I need to say to convince you why I believe the way I do?? Yet the responses I am getting keep telling my ignorant I am about T2, which I still believe is a choice.

So if Linda takes insulin, like a t1, yet claims to have resistance, so takes meds too, like a t2, then she has real issues!! But that is what I am understanding. Otherwise it comes across as a "poor me, no one understands what I really have, and look how different I am than everyone else" which I find really annoying. It also goes along with the T2s I have seen, overweight and not interested in taking responsibility for their own health, who whine about their condition. It is truly sad!! Yes people are responsible for their own health, some things cannot be avoided, but we are all responsible for what we do with our conditions. So many here won't do a thing until they "check with their doctor". In my opinion, that is about the lamest thing I know. Educate yourself, quit relying on someone else to responsible for your own health!!

I guess my new most annoying comment comes from others with D who act as if they have no control over their own health and well being because it is easier to put that on someone else!!

Thank you for letting me rant a bit!!

Hi Zoe, I don't why it burns Linda but I do know why it burns me. I think that the premise that if you are fat you are T2 or if you T2 you must be fat just clouds the issues and even prevents some people from being properly diagnosed. Way to many doctors only look at the scales and a persons girth when determining a person type

Not all are as enlighten as you and realize the connection between insulin resistance and weight. Weight is an issues used by way to many to lay blame when what is really needed is understanding.

I understand, Gary. When I was misdiagnosed as Type 2 I had been losing weight at an incredible rate but still was somewhat overweight. That, plus my age were the sole basis on which, I believe, the incorrect diagnosis was made. I wish we could just let go of all these ideas of blame as well as the oversimplified characterizations of Type. Then we could all move forward to 1) ascertain our correct Type and 2) treat it the best we can.

To be honest: If I were, in fact Type 2, I would feel exactly the way you and Linda feel.

This kind of stupidity burns me up every time bro. And I've always said it boils down to our belief system; and the problem with belief systems is, it doesn't inspire you to read more about what you think you know. There is so much stupidity going around I could cry


Well I have heard way too many diagnosed with T2 who were able to get off all meds by changing their lifestyle. So why would I think T2 is anything but a choice people make, due to laziness?? Oh right, that makes me some kind of jerk just because my experience tells me it is really not a real disease but a choice!!

Hey! If you need an excuse/crutch to say you can't do anything about your condition, then that is your choice!! I am trying to do something about mine even though nothing I have tried so far has worked. I still own it!! It is my issue, my responsibility. Don't agree, well boo hoo!!!

Can't understand why you think I haven't done research into this just because I have a different opinion than you!!

A hospital nurse who said 'I hate diabetics'. I chatted to her gently about this. What she was actually expressing was her difficulty in managing their conditions when they were in her care, because every one of us is unique, and as we all know - no two days are the same!!! So really she was just expressing a frustration many of us must feel - arrrgh what a pain managing BG's can be :)
Also, we're generally a lot more medically informed than the average patient so are a lot more questioning.

ok...so even diabetics can get it wrong...
I just went to a work associate and he had a new person working
with him. I was discussing my health management routine, and the new guy
whips out his novolog pen and says just get this. kinda like to fix my problem.
I said I have tried Humulog... man, its works way too fast. I am type1, 5'09", 163lbs and a light eater. this man was 6ft something, 240lbs with type2. He did not understand about sensitivity to insulin. He just took 15units novolog pen, I thought wow that would kill me. Many people and doctors think insulin works the same in everybody. which further pushes my diabetes into my own hands.




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