Whats the most annoying comment you've ever gotten about diabetes?

I've gotten quite a lot of really annoying and sometimes even hurtful comments about my diabetes...

When i told a family friend who (by the way) is an assistant nurse about my condition she said "really? but you will get better right? it will go away when you start taking care of yourself?"
and i said "no, i will always be a diabetic and i will actually get worse since my body will eventually stop producing insulin all together"
and she still kept insisting that I would get better in time and that my condition would go away...

i couldnt believe she knew so little

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Tuesday night, I was out with friends after class, and I ordered a slice of pie (yes, I know). When it got there and I was drawing my insulin, one of the girls was like "Teowyn, should you eat that?" I just looked at her straight in the eye and said: "Don't worry, I'm not planning to eat the crust." sigh. My guesstimate of the pie (it was a creamy thing with coconut on the top) must have been accurate because I didn't go high later.

Then about an hour later (when everyone who had been drinking were on their second or third glass) someone offered me some wine, and when I said I didn't drink, they said "But you eat pie." sigh again.

Of course, this comes after the day before when I was in class, explaining why I think diabetes doesn't make good story (there's no arc unless we're dealing with a crisis, just part of life) and someone else piped up "But what about the Babysitter's Club" (which I don't remember reading by the way) where apparently, one of the girls has type 1 which makes her really skinny and wet the bed all the time. I was stunned into silence (although thinking back, that kind of proves my point, the books had a character with diabetes, but the books couldn't be about her struggle--they were about babysitting, with diabetes as a background part of the character) that this is the thing they associate with the disease.

Teowyn....you will NEVER make non diabetics understand fully! It's the way it is. People (no matter how close they are to you) will not fully understand 'till they have to deal with it THEMSELVES. That with ANY chronic condition.
Bet you felt like pushing the pie in her face though ;P

Amen, I am seriously finding that out the hard way. However, in truth, sometimes the same things goes for diabetics too. There just doesn't seem to be an urgent need to read, unless you are forced to by some circumstance.


re. pushing the pie in her face:
Nah, I'd already taken my insulin. On the other hand, I felt like pointing and making rude comments when she got her second beer.

No long term story arc, but some short term ones. Comedy could be done on after seeing someone inject and assuming they are an addict (happens enough in real life). OK besides the above sitcom style arc the rest I can think of would surround background or character development.

I'm sometimes nervous after injecting in public, especially if there's a cop around, but no one's ever given me grief about it yet (touch wood). I've heard the stories though--but a series of vignettes on the funniest things that ever happened because of diabetes would be fun, but wouldn't make a good novel.

Had a friend who is a local LEO send his new partner over to harass me when I was shooting up at a diner that was a cop hang out. I looked at him needle still in my arm and asked him if he thought a junkie would shoot up with a table of cops 20ft away. Then pointed at the vial of insulin on the table and said real slow "Insulin", then pointed at myself and again real slow said Insulin"Diabetes". Then proceeded to tell him my friend should buy him a donut for making him look foolish.
I also had a bar tender flip out one time and call the police on me for shooting up in a bar one time. Another LEO I knew showed up and proceeded to chew out the bartender for wasting his time.

Even a simple "oh you got diabetes... that sucks"... uh YEAH I KNOW....

How dare you?
Tell me, I’m wrong, for what I plan to do?
You don't know, or care what I've been through.
The only time you care is when I might enjoy my life.
How dare you?
Need to tell you, I’ll do what I like.
Sure you'll be there to catch me if I fall?
I know you will, you’d like that, prove you right, once again, laughing as I crawl.
Won't show on your face,oh no.
This time, think I'll forgo all your pity, stand tall, and keep my pride.
Someone else, now stands at my side,stronger,wiser,and no longer in need of you.
Want to know who?
Keep wondering...:P
How dare you?

Very interesting. Sure hope the character does have a better replacement.
But this is the worst of all the messages from you.
And it comes at a time when I have for over 2.5 years been trying to convince a 48 year old that smoking and drinking is NOT a good idea and he now has the message from a doctor that two legs will need to be cut off within two years.
So, is the message that all we who are trying to help convince someone to do the right thing, that we should back off and let them die an early death? Not such a great message. We are not focused on pity as you say, but are trying to find a way to get the person to actually care about themselves.
Absolutely NO ONE is laughing, except a possible evil person.
Maybe you call this artistic license as it is reflecting what some people think. I was told "there is no hope, so I might as well enjoy myself until the end." Many people would say then let them. Is that your message? The reality is they are going to do it anyway, so we shouldn't bother to come up with ideas?

You yourself are wise, as noted from your previous messages, but not all people are, or they wouldn't start on certain behaviours that they have heard end up becoming an addictive nightmare. There are better ways to feel good.
The end message in this is everyone is going to do what they choose to, so just mind your own business and let them. Too many people do that and look at the effect when a drunk driver gets on the road. No I don't agree with this message, but it has a ring of inevitability to it.

wow... that is just awful ... diabetes does not just "go away" people... educate your selves !!!

"You really don't strike me as the diabetic type... not a fatty or anything" Although it's hard to be annoyed when I was that ignorant myself just a few weeks ago




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