how old was everyone when they got diabetes ? and how does everyone cope with it ??:)

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One of my favorite sites. =^D
Ill integrate "score" into my vocab now too. Thanks!
@ age 24 was when I was diagnosed. I was urinating fire, w/ 2+ for ketones and a BG of 498mg/dL. It's not easy, but the insulin pump and CGM are helping w/ my ctrl. , along w/ swimming workouts several times per week. Keep your head up, things could always be worse.
at the age of 41, with some fungal infection ,dr asked me to get tested and it turned out to be type 2 diabetes
My son was diagnosed T1 at 5. We take it one day at a time. And do a lot of basic math in our heads. :-)
I was 26....six months after getting married........ I tell my wife it was the shock of marriage that brought it on :) She sees the funny side of it.

How do I get through not doing it alone, no one can, it will drive you nuts. Talk, share, ask, it is the only way. You need a good support team, for me it is my family.
i was 4 when i became diabetic. I have days where i dont mind have it others i hate
I showed my first possible clue in 1991, when I was 43, and second possible clue in Aug. 1992, but in both cases, the docs had other reasons for disregarding what they considered to be ambiguous signs. Then in Aug 1993, I had a 160 on a fasting BG test, so in Dec. 1993, my PCP sent me to an endo, because I also clearly had thyroid problems, and he put me on Glucotrol, which did absolutely nothing, so I went on insulin in May 1994. At some point, he did a thyroid antibody test, which turned out positive, but never did any diabetes antibody testing. Then last year, I had a coma, and the CDE told me in no uncertain terms that I was to be treated as Type 1, because the hospital protocols for Type 2 did not work for me. Which doesn't surprise me -- Type 2 treatment never worked for me before -- why should it work for me now?

So I've had diabetes for about 20 years, and I'm approximately Type 1. Need a chuckle, anyone? :-)
I started suspecting something was wrong back in january 2010, frequent toilet visits, thirsty all the time, double vision. Strange thing i walked around with it for allmost 8 months.. During the time inbetween i got a fungus infection and strange skin rashes, loosed alot(!) of weight etc etc.. So I went to my doctor, came in his office. After a short exam he said; "I think we have to measure your bloodsugar levels". I've never seen anyone widen their eyes like he did - the meter said "HI" "HI" like 4 times and the 5th time it was at 27 mmol! A few minutes after that I remember he said "You would have had to come see me sooner or later, but then you wouldnt have remembered it, cause you'd be unconscious". After a few hours with learning to use a meter, shooting up insulin and a TON of more information it kinda slowly came to me how life would change. I remember the date, the year and the time i was dx: 18th of august 2010, 12:21 pm. I was 33 at the time.

How I cope? Well I read, read, read and read even more to learn everything i can (and follow up on whatever right thing to do). I eat healthy, drink very little alchohol, quit smoking, excersise - and some days i worry , some days I don't.

I'm just blessed to have an understanding family and friends that understands and care :)
13 and a half. I was diagnosed sept 9, 2010
Diagnosed with T1 at age 43 (end of '03) with an A1C of 12.4. For 6 months prior, they thought I had T2 so I did pills and the diet. Only thing "good" about that was that I really learned about counting carbs, etc. before I started shooting insulin. Would have been harder to figure out insulin and the carb issues all at once.

Cope with it fine. I do whatever I want and manage my diabetes around that. Exercise always throws a few wrinkles in the mix but nothing I can't handle. So far, no complications, emergency room visits, etc.
I was diagnosed december of 1998 and I was 8 Years old. I went to the Doctor 3 times and was diagnosed with the flu twice, then the thrid visit i was diagnosed with type 1.




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