I keep reading about how much everyone loves Spibelts and thought I should try one. I'm very tired of always having to use workout gear with pockets because it's hard to find pockets in women's gear, especially zippered pockets so things don't fall out.

I went to the Spibelt website and was confused by the choices. The pictures were not good enough to highlight the difference between the different styles. What is the difference between the original Spibelt and the diabetic Spibelt?

I'd appreciate any comments and suggestions. I would want it to hold my pump, my CGM receiver, and a roll of glucose tabs.

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I have a Spibelt but have come to prefer my Amphipod belt, and have 2 of them. They are "modular" so I can bring as much as I need. A few times, I'd reach a point where I decided I needed another pouch or bottle holder or whatever and can just add what I need. I put a binder clip on the edge of a front pouch to belay my pump tubing and headphones so they aren't flopping around.

I have running belt envy now :)

You can always try one youreslf! The bottles are very handy for longer training runs. I've hardly used them since the marathon I've mostly been doing 3-6 miles/ run. I also have a less elaborate one that I use for the 3 milers w/ just a bag of jellybeans/ Smarties and my ipod.

Oh, the other thing you may want to look into are Race Ready Shorts. Fellow member Jerry Nairn (50+ marathons!) mentioned them and they have an awesome mesh pocket that will securely hold a OneTouchUltraMini while you run.


I always check shorts out at the various running stores I've visited and have never seen any as useful as the Raceready shorts for capacity, except for regular pockets and I hate those for exercising as the stuff bounces around too much.

The difference between the original & diabetic belts is that the diabetic belt has a little opening on the back through which you can thread the pump tubing, so it is less obtrusive. I don't use it as there is enough gap at the end of the zip for the tubing to come out, & I don't like disconnecting the infusion set to thread the tubing through the hole. I hope this helps.

I actually have the diabetic spibelt..someone told me once that the difference between the orginal and diabetic is 1. the little hole in the back to put the tubing and 2. that it is a little bit bigger then the original... but I'm not sure if it is bigger or not..but it's a really nice belt to have :) I've been able to stick my poker, a tube of strips, AND a tube of glucose tabs in it...cuz usually I just clip my pump into the inside of my pants when im walking..although sometimes I do just stick it in the spibelt if I was running. It's a great thing to buy and it's not that expensive either. It arrives very quickly and you totally forget it's even there! Also it's very comfortable to wear...very stretchy material. When I first got it though I was worried because it looks so small and your wondering how the heck is ANYTHING gonna fit into that!? But it magically does! lol :)

Acidrock, thanks for the info but I don't need more than the Spibelt. My exercise isn't nearly as vigorous as what you do. I used to run when I was younger, but that's a distant memory. I do things now like walk the dog (fortunately I live in a very hilly neighborhood), walk for 18 holes of golf (also hilly), and do weight work at the gym.

Annabella and Shayla, thanks for the clarification on the diabetic belt vs. the regular one. I might get the regular one just so I can get one with color. Like you, I don't think I would use the tubing hole. I just can't imagine that they are that comfortable, but everyone claims that they are.

I am anxiously awaiting the Animas/Dexcom Vibe pump because I am so tired of carrying two devices. I am also anxiously awaiting the Cure so I don't have to carry any devices or glucose tabs....

I use the spibelt to hold my Dex. It fits perfectly, I put the Dex in "upside down" so when it buzzes I unzip a little and can see the number without having to pull Dex all the way out. works great. At night, the dex comes out to rest closer to my head and my pump (animas, belt clip and all) goes in. works perfect for me because I hate getting the pump all tangled and I tend to use nightgowns so it's hard to find a place to clip the pump! Usually I just clip my pump to my waistband on shorts/pants during the day so I don't use the spibelt for it then. I cannot easily get both pump and Dex in the same belt and have it be comfortable against me when working out. The more you stuff the belts the more they wiggle around when exercising.

I've had people get my PortaPocket for their insulin pumps and supplies, and know the medtronic minimed, animas ping and one touch all can each fit in the Medium (belt-loop style) pocket... if your Dex items are of similar dimension they should be fine. The difference between PortaPocket and Spibelt is that PortaPocket can work on your arm or leg as well as at the waist. That way you can also wear it discreetly with a skirt,dress or pocketless pants, too. PortaPocket pockets are all modular so they are detachable/interchangeable. Tubing is laced through the edge when the pocket flap is closed...it's never been an issue from what I've heard.
Spibelt's original design has the main pocket sewn onto the band.
Ultimately, I think you'd have success with either...it just depends on your needs and preferences. Good luck!

example photo w/pump in PortaPocket Medium pocket, worn under a skirt: http://twitpic.com/bbi43k

I didn't know this product existed so thanks for for this post!

I have been wearing my pump round my neck for a few months but it moves around to much when I do interval training, running etc and tends to get a bit sweaty.

Have just ordered the diabetic spibelt off Amazon.

Looking forward to putting it through it's paces.

I ordered a regular Spibelt. Black with a hot pink zipper. I'll see how it works and hopefully remember to report back.

I am out of town and accidentally pulled out my last sensor. I am loving just having a pump and not the Dexcom. I am really counting the days until the Animas Vibe is released in the USA. But I look forward to giving the Spibelt a try.

Thanks to everyone for your input.

Mine arrived 48 hours ago and haven't taken it off, expect to shower.

Bloody good bit of kit, I especially like the way you can keep the tubing in the pouch.

Been through a 10k run and two spinning classes and I couldn't feel it on.

Just ordered 2 more ha :)

Cheers guys!




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