Who were you with when you were first diagnosed?
What were you doing when you had that thought "something is wrong"?
When were you diagnosed?
Where were you when you first heard the D word?
Why do you feel your one of the lucky ones with diabetes?

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WHO: my mom was with me when i first heard the news
WHAT: i was in cancun for my dads buinsess trip and i was so tired and thirsty and weighed 106lbs. i definately knew something was wrong when i walked into my room one day back at home and saw empty water bottles everywhere.
WHEN: march 30, 2006
WHERE: laying in ICU. i was terrified! i had no idea what Diabetes even was. major shock!
WHY: i remember my sister calling me while i was in the hospital crying...i told her that i was glad that i diagnosed with this and not her or my brother because they both have a huge fear of needles and ive always been ok with it. i feel it has made me a stronger person and if i can fight diabetes i can do anything!
Who: Solo, Dr. left a message on my voicemail???
What: A truck full of H2O Bottles, tired, and bathroom breaks like a pregnant lady.
When, Thanksgiving 08
Where Work
Why lucky: Hmm still working through that one. interested in other responses.
Who? I don't know. Probably my Parents.
What? I didn't know anything was wrong. I was only 3.
When? Dec. 1961
Where? I don't remember but I was 6.
Why? I CAN control it.
Who: my wife had been telling me for a few weeks that I had classic symptoms of diabetes.

What: I had nose surgery and the pain and stress triggered the diabetes that was just waiting to happen.

When: Fall 1997.

Where: at home

Why: no major physical complications yet.
Who- my doctor at the time. I didn't believe it and wanted an a1c to prove it wasn't just a fluke. He refused, said it wasn't necessary, he would do one after I'd been on meds a few months.
What- I don't feel it, even when it is over 400.
Where- ?
Why- heredity mostly
Who: My wife and primary care physician.
What: I was brushing my teeth and realized I was too weak to do it. Couldn't life my arm. Couldn't quench my thirst no matter how much I drank.
When: June 15, 2006, around 10 AM.
Where: Room at my primary care physicians. As soon as we walked in, he ordered a blood and urine test. He came back in a few minutes and said something like "Bad news, you have diabetes. You need to go to the emergency room. We have already made the call."
Why: My BG was 500. I could have been dead. I am also an engineer and control freak so feedback loop systems ( poke, test, inject, poke test, adjust) work well for me and I CAN CONTROL IT.
What kind of an engineer? I worked in research, process development. Envinronment: approval and investigative field work. Pulp& paper process research. An last as a control engineer. Could not make a good living after 20 years so I became a janitor and general repair man.
Who: My best friend and husband, George.
What: Water, Hangovers without drinking, Confusion and to put it politely, general moodiness.
When: December 08
Where: ER for dehydration.
Lucky?: I'm lucky to have the time to control D, not the other way around.
Who: My mom
What: I was 5 so it didn't occur to me that anything was wrong. My kindergarten teacher yelled at me for drinking and going to the bathroom so often, but I couldn't help it so I didn't see how it was problem.
When: 10-23-1978
Where: Either at the pediatrician or the hospital since we straight there from the pediatrician
Why: Even though I didn't manage it well for many years, my health is still fairly good, all things considered, and I try to use my experience to help others avoid bad choices like I made.
Who: With the doctor the first time and with my mom and the doctor the next time.
What: I was learning how to take care of a 1 month old - being a new mom.
When: I had gestational diabetes... it went away for about a month after my son was born and then signs started to creep back.
Where: I heard it twice... Both times in the doctors office... but told the first time it would go away after the baby was born.
Why: It has helped to concentrate on me. To remind me to not take things for granted. Don't sweat the small stuff. And be forgiving with myself when I slip... and ultimately I have a choice on how things go with my health.
WHO: I was with my husband Kyle when the doctor told us the news.
WHAT: I was home in bed for about 3 days already with flu like symptoms; fever, weakness, dizziness, a lot of vomiting. I cannot take in any food nor lliquids.
WHEN: August of 2007. I lost contiousness. They had to rush me to the Emergency room.
WHERE: Recovery Room from my Internist.
WHY: It has been controlled now. I just have to take medication, diet and exercise. And I Have a wonderful amily who supports me.
Who were you with when you were first diagnosed?
My mom and my dad, at the pediatricians office.

What were you doing when you had that thought "something is wrong"?
It was a couple of weeks before I was diagnosed, I was only 11, and I didnt feel well. I lost alot of weight, and I was already small for my age. I always needed the bathroom, and was always thirsty. At first they thought side effects from medication for a sore throat.

When were you diagnosed?
May 1998

Where were you when you first heard the D word?
The pediatricians office

Why do you feel your one of the lucky ones with diabetes?
Im actually hoping thats meant to be sarcastic! Anyway, it doesnt run in my family or anything, I was always small for my age and I ate fairly healthy as a kid, played outside loads and all. The told me autoimmune due to the common strep throat. and thats that.




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