Who were you with when you were first diagnosed?
What were you doing when you had that thought "something is wrong"?
When were you diagnosed?
Where were you when you first heard the D word?
Why do you feel your one of the lucky ones with diabetes?

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I was diagnosed with T1 at age 22 and many have assumed I was T2 because of my age as well! (People are also surprised when I tell them that I have diabetes because I'm not fat. It's kind of funny in a way.) My uncle was diagnosed with T1 in his late 30s, however, so I've known for a long time that T1 wasn't something that only small kids got. It's part of the reason that I think people need to be better educated about diabetes. There are a lot of misconceptions out there that could potentially make catching and treating either type harder.

Who: with Mom in ED
What: fading in and out of consciousness in ED
When: Feb 10, 1984- I was 15, glucose 696
Where: Waking up in the ICU, starving, a breakfast tray was delivered to me with French Toast and syrup and started eating it and having the nurse say " you can't eat that, you're a diabetic".
Why: not lucky, but grateful to still be here and with only minimal complications, considering it took me about 10 years to get out of denial and start taking care of myself

WHO: my dad was with me when I first heard the news
WHAT: I was visiting New York for a summer trip. Extreme thirst, extreme going to the bathroom, and then throwing-up let me know that no, whatever this was, I could not ride through it.
WHEN: Summer of 2006, I believe
WHERE: At my dad's apartment...doctor called.
WHY: That only God can answer, lol.

Who: I was alone with my primary care physician.
What: I was getting ready for bed and had horrible abdominal pain. I had class and work the next day so I decided I would go to the doctor afterwards.
When: October 4, 2012
Where: I was in the doc's office. Before I was "officially" told, I overheard a nurse talking to my doctor because she couldn't believe how high my BG was and that I was still up and walking.
Why: I'm still not sure yet. Maybe to get me back to the athletic person I was before I got sick.

who: with my doctor and the nurse who would also become "mine" with my diabetes.
what: looking in the mirror before getting in the shower and thinking i was looking thinner and thinner. getting up two and three times a night to pee and drinking oceans. water was like nectar, it never tasted so good!
when: november 2011, i was 36.
where: in the doctors office with her.
why do i feel lucky? i dont feel lucky to be diabetic at all. i do feel lucky i didnt have to grow up with this, that i got to be a normal kid and teen, without the fear of hypos and sweets deprivation.

Who: My opthalmologist. Went to see him for blurry vision.
What: See above.
When: 1995, Spring or Summer, not certain.
Where: First heard the D word when I was very young. Mother explained to me what it was; can't remember how the subject arose.
Why: Because I got my mental wake up call in time to take control and do something about it. Because I've gotten really good information about management and control, from both self study and this magnificent community. Because I have (somewhere) found the self discipline to do what's needed, and because it's working. Because without the D to motivate me, I probably would not be taking as good care of my health as I now do. And because otherwise I would not have met some of the truly wonderful people who hang out here.

Who? I was on my own
What? When I weighed myself and'd lost 2stone in weight although eating normally
When? 31st December(New years Eve)
Where? Doctors
Why do you feel your one of the lucky ones with diabetes? I haven't allowed it to affect me :)

oh i like that question, although it is an old thread
here we go
i was 8, so dont remember exact details, but im gonna try.
WHO: my mom was with me and also told me
WHAT: my mom found out. she is a nurse, so she thought something is wrong
WHEN: May 12, 2004
WHERE:so when my mom first told me (she got phone from doc) i was getting dressed at home. but that wasnt really the big thing. at that moment we thought we had to go to a local doc and it hadnt really sunk in with me. the moment i understood it was bad was when like 3 hours later, my mom came to the circus where we had a school project running at that time, and told me in tears that we had to go to the hospital in one hour. that is basically when i found out i was D
WHY: because i accepted it as a part of me, as something i can not change, only improve by my relationship with my diabetes. also, i have a great support team who helps me if i need help

I was with my former gp in his office when he told me you are "Diabetic" and I said are you sure- could something else cause the high bg and other lab results.

I don't remember, there were several moments over a two year period or so where I thought something was wrong. In the weeks before my dka I was at a farmers market and I felt ill, I started sweating and told someone- she said eat some sugar because it was probably low bg. Somehow I attributed a lot of my symptoms to early meno, my imagination and emotional stress from a bad break up. I went to several doctors but none of them did a simple bg test when I had obvious symptoms of high bg and my gp didn't hospitalize me when he finally diagnosed it. I almost died due to all of it. Symptoms were fatigue, mood swings, depression, stinging/inflammation in my whole body when eating acidic food, severe yeast infections which didn't respond to treatment very well, weight loss, trouble breathing, eating/drinking a lot, craving sweets- these were worse in the last 3 weeks or so), blurry vision, dizziness, sweating, pain/tingling and so on. I also had high ketones before the doc visit, nausea, vomiting and unclear thinking.

May 11 2012

I already knew a lot about D, type one oddly, I had watched a very good film about it
about 10 years ago and I recently found a paper I wrote in junior high about Type 1 and the whole physiology of it. Kind of prophetic I guess since I had it and didn't realize it. I did have other symptoms much earlier on too but I guess I was fighting it off my whole life.

I also had hypoglycemia which I confirmed with testing in the 10-15 years before it came on. I'm sure this was the beginning of it coming to a head since my body wasn't properly regulating my bg.

I don't think there is anything lucky about D. I hate this disease and what it has done to my life and I hope there will a cure and or better treatments one day. I do consider myself very lucky that I survived all of this and that so far I can afford to keep myself alive with the treatments we do have available.




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