Here's an article discussing a paper published in the Journal Nature yesterday.

Summing up the paper the article says "Like alcohol and tobacco, sugar is a toxic, addictive substance that should be highly regulated with taxes, laws on where and to whom it can be advertised, and even age-restricted sales, says a team of UCSF scientists."

Here's another quote concerning the cause of T2. "It's sugar, not obesity, that is the real health threat, Lustig and his co-authors - public health experts Laura Schmidt and Claire Brindis - say in their paper. They note that studies show 20 percent of obese people have normal metabolism and no ill health effects resulting from their weight, while 40 percent of normal-weight people have metabolic problems that can lead to diabetes and heart disease. They contend that sugar consumption is the cause.".........'The gestalt shift is maybe obesity is just a marker for the rise in chronic disease worldwide, and in fact metabolic syndrome, caused by excessive sugar consumption, is the real culprit,' said Schmidt, a health policy professor who focuses on alcohol and addiction research."

Although I'm not a big fan of social engineering thru taxing at least this is something from the popular press that shows a little more understanding of T2 as opposed to the recent Paula Deen media storm. I would also note that as usual the article make no distinction between T1 and T2.

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Let's outlaw sugar and put anyone that uses it in jail or a rehab program. Seriously, this whole thing is sad. It helps to perpetuate the idea that sugar is causing Diabetes, which my co workers are already CONVINCED of.

What about when us T1's get low? We won't be able to afford to treat it!

I'd need an FSA for jelly beans!

And type 2s :(

Can someone please explain to me why so many Americans are ready and willing to sacrifice our health to the multi-national food conglomerates? I don't get it.

Being intentionally poisoned by big corporations is "freedom" but trying to stop them from poisoning us is "big brother run amok"? How does that reasoning work, exactly? I haven't thought that way for forty years. I can't figure it out.

How did Americans get lulled into thinking that any metabolic poison that General Mills or Coca-Cola want to brainwash our kids into eating is benign but anyone who wants to stop them is evil?

Because they will see a commercial with horses playing football in 3 hours. I think that advertising will be found to have been a huge culprit in the collapse of our civilization when someone looks back at it.

I'm sure you're right. I worked in printing and publishing in my twenties. I've been a pretty darn critical "consumer" of advertising ever since, but they can still get under my radar. I killed my television in my early thirties (it's been over twenty years since I've owned one) and I hate commercial radio like I hate rabies -- but of course I'm still bombarded with ridiculously dishonest food ads everywhere I go.

Maybe someone needs to start making commercials showing T2 diabetics in extremis and have the announcer say in a voice-over, "This gangrene, blindness and kidney failure brought to you by McDunolds, Popsi, Burger Queen, and..."

But of course, no one can do that because it would be libel and their lawyers would rip you to shreds.

Just wanted to interject, my mom was never obese or even overweight. My aunt weighs 85 lbs and has been type 2 for 60 yrs my mom was always 100 lbs or less. Sure but how about blamming the disease for the weight not the type 2 diabetic. Genetics is in all of them, sorry this is a sore subject with me because this was never mentioned in the 50s just that I would get diabetes because it was in my geneds.

Well if you think about it the diabetes epidemic didn't really escalate until the last 30 years when they had corn subsidies and the HCF High Fructose Corn Syrup started hitting the shelves and into almost every product out there. So lets cut the Government intrusion of corn into our everyday lives as well as other ways white poisons such as flour and salt have increased the epidemic as well.

I think more is at play here, Ninjaken, in the frame of invironmental infecting. Yes, foods are at play....but there, we have a concern of gross modification from the staples we knew some 30, 50, 100 years ago. T
For one, the flour my grand mother used to make her bread varried greatly in structure from the flour we now utilize.
People, as well, have been better informed, better educated even before the age of widely available computer technology, and that along with medical advancement have led to a more astute awareness of developing ills.

At first I laughed when I saw the title of the article "Public health: The toxic truth about sugar." {Note: instant access to the article will cost you $32.00.}

At first it reminded me about some of those annoying ads you see all over the web that start out with "The truth about..." or "Revealed:..." However after reading the various news reports about the article it is clear that there is an agenda at work and that selling magazines/cashing in for web versions might have a role in what seems to be a bit of sensationalism. I'll not contest the idea that sugar consumption in large quantities is bad for many people. But according to news excerpts it is not deleterious for all people.

At issue is just what is the role of government in protecting people from their own choices. New York City regulates salt while many schools have taken steps to curtail sugar intake for students. What is appropriate and who decides? One story on NPR posits that cheese is so harmful and outright dangerous it should be banned. Should vegan activists be allowed to force their vision of healthy eating on those who go a different way? What level of scientific evidence is sufficient to serve as a basis for banning a substance or imposing economic penalties for consumption via draconian taxation? Taxation as a tool for ending consumption of otherwise legal but clearly unhealthy products like tobacco does not work, although for many it does curtail or stop use - but not for all consumers willing to pay the price.

Water itself - in sufficient quantities can have a toxic effect on some people who consume it in excess. Nobody wants to ban it - instead we shake our heads and move on.

Short version: this is an attempt to extend the stranglehold of the nanny state. I hope it fails.

To me its the HFCS thats doing it but they will never ban that, its in all the foods and its getting worse.




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