I should be happy, 3 months ago I was 10.5 but a few Years ago on pills alone I was (5.8). I guess I just figure now that I am taking insulin, pills and eating almost no carbs or anything good, I would like it to be better.

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As indicated be carefull.

One of the major frustrations dealing with this mess is getting sufficient data in short time on all aspects of body, diet, exercise and body misfires to make a call and sweat/parse out the issue.

In my case, I have been working last 4 years in detail logging numbers , diets - carbs control , exercise and started on 30 tests a day fingerprick to now where I am on a CGMS and still 10 fingerpricks a day of the caveman machine.

I once said to my Doctor, how the devil do you work this stuff with so little data and feedback.

Answer was carefully, with great difficulty.

One has two choices - In a hospital day after day and technicians logging every data bit - guess what that costs?; or yourself at home trying to get as much data as one can, - hey wait a minute I have to work full time.

One quickly arrives at the point that diabetes is a full time riot/job on top of anything else one has responsibility to do and jobs.

i always think its gonna be lower and lower.. and it never is.

In over 20 years of Type 1 I've never had an A1c as low as 6.3%, and have only ever had two of 6.5% or below. And it hasn't been for lack of trying.

I would be very happy with a 6.3% A1c. That's great.

i just got bloodwork done this month and its 7.3 =(

Hello to everyone! I am new here and just joined a few days ago even though I have been reading post here for many months. Congrats to neilf66 on his 6.3 A1c. I finally got my A1c down to 6.5 on my last office visit 2 weeks ago and I feel that I have made great strides, along with my internist and his nurse assistant, to get my A1c below 10.0 which is what I was at for years. The one thing that I am learning is that there are no 2 people alike when it comes to which DM meds work and our BG readings. I have gotten much better since I was put on Levemir and Novolog by my doctor in Sept. and some of my complications have gotten better and I assume will continue to improve if I continue to be mindful of my weight and diet. I used to be ashamed to say that I was on insulin and that my TDD is 140 (Levemir split 35 - Novolog approx. 70 spread out over 2 meals and 2 snacks) because I thought that was too much insulin and that I was a failure, but I have since found out different after I started to read the informative post/comments here. My doctor says that I am insulin resistant and it is no fault of mine, which is a relief. I am 6'5" and weigh 270 and have been this size for most of my adult days. I am very active at work and need the energy so I tend to eat a few more carbs than most (a lot more), but so far I have had very good numbers including postprandial glucose readings of 95-120 most of the time. Now if I can bring the fasting BG's under 110 consistently. But this is an everlasting experiment as I am seeing. Again hello and thanks for all the welcomes!

Than you for writing and sharing.

You are working the problem and congratulations. No shame in that.

I would control carbs carefully and ensure sufficient hearty exercise.

Other than that - thank you for joining us, welcome aboard, best wishes and good luck with your health.

Thank you!

Congrats on the 6.3! :)

NB: i too am experiencing slight DP, im waking up with 6mmols now when beofre i was 4.5-4.9. Im thinking i need to bump my lantus :(

I assume 6 mmols is 108 (6 * 18). and the A1c of 4.5 - 4.9 looks pretty good.

I wish I had that. If my numbers are correct, you seem almost "normal" in some folks parlence.

Great to hear. Have good day!

On the original question which is well asked.

I was surprised when my eyes were found clear of hemorraghes, my kidneys stabalized and efficiency went up instead of further falling like a stone and my weight dropped from 330 pounds to sub 250 pounds. Off the actos and starlix, reefed back on the 75/25 insulin.

That was when I got to 155 bg average and a1c of 6.9. My latest a1c was 6.4.

As we all want to be back as we were young, much praise needs to shared with one who got to 6.3

Is 6.3 good enough? If one is stopping the rot, answer should be heaven's yes.

Best wishes and good health.




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