Simple word (unless someone can show me how to do a poll here) (:::Z

Yes or No... do you BELIEVE there will be a cure within your lifetime?!!? I'll start.


Too much money in keeping us diabetics... maintianing us....

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lol "not" in my life time for me with the science they only have to this day & the only ppl in the near future that may see a cure will only be new born & children. Every time I hear this question I wonder what science have been doing with all the billion$ & billion$ for years & years that have been donated to find a cure??? "42 yr's now still waiting for anything, something..... these ppl u give your money too to find a cure don't even have a lab to research a cure they are just an advertise company & give millions a job for the tiny bit of cash that gets to find a cure. sad Diabetes accounts for about 175 billion in government spending in the US alone. We're extremely profitable to keep sick. It's unfortunate, because I haven't found the ideal treatment for myself within the time since my diagnosis. I don't believe I'll live beyond 60 at this rate.

No because i'm now in my 50's.

me too, well, newly 50 ;) or 39 as my aunt would say...

i've been hearing 'just around the corner' since i was dx'd in 1964. well, ok, i was 2 so probably a few years after that :) unfortunately, i don't believe it will happen, i have to agree with stuart's opinion. 'research' is so heavily controlled especially in the us that real solutions never seem to happen for anything that can be profitted. however, if you have 'inadequate(or not enough)eyelashes'-i'm sorry, that commercial kills me-hey, you're in luck! i can only imagine the horrible research that went into that one. well, just my opinion...

I will repost that I do think that there will be a cure ( I volunteer in the Faustman Studies, giving blood yearly) in my lifetime. And I am 57 years old, have lived 43 years with type one, active and happy.. I do not think I will die from this disease, and I do not see my lifespan being limited by it. All the women in my family are strong and live LONG, into late 80's and 90's ;some close to 100... and I do not see my having diabetes to cause me to be an exception.. Yes My glass is almost always "half-full" ( Actually as I have posted before", My cup runneth over::) But That is JUST MY OPTIMISM AND FAITH..... Another poster called it "Livabetes" and that is what I will do until a cure is found...

And baby Peanut.. I laugh about the eyelash commercial with Brooke Shields, too.. If I want them longer, I can do the MAC mascara or false ones..Would not invest in a such a product.. Yet, everybody does what they feel is necessary for them..and evidently there IS a market(LOL).. I will give blood and a bit of money to Dr.Faustman.

God Bless,




There are many people saying no here, which I respect...the situation is currently frustrating indeed. However, I don't think we should give up. We are making progress. The money is there, the talent is there - it just needs to be used more effectively. That is what my origination, the Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance, wants to ensure, and is fighting for. We can't let all this effort go to waste. We realize that people are discouraged, but if we band together and work as an alliance, we can change things, and hopefully see a cure in our lifetime.

I think it is borderline conpiracy theory to think the only reason there is not a cure yet is due to special interest in the drug and pharm companies. If you want to play that card, federal funding and insurance companies are bleeeeding money from this and once the population ages and T2 increases at the rate it is, it would bankrupt many agencies. Keep in mind, the drug companies would still make a killing by funding the cures and being part of the solution. There will likley never be a change in the rate of Diabetes with current trends in the population.

Also keep this analogy in mind. Technology is exponential. Computers today are 5-10 times more powerful than they were 5 years ago... biotech is making huge leaps just in the past couple years. The reason we heard about a cure all these years and never got one...they simply did not have the methods in place. Keep the faith.

Watch this. We are closer than some people think... it will take time, but the focus and talent is more there than ever.

Think about it Josh. There IS a reasonable chance of a cure for Type 1, because the mechanism is pretty well known, and the issue is simply (hah!) to turn off the specific part of the immune system that has gone rogue and killed the beta cells, and then to encourage the growth of new beta cells or transplant them. Still not easy, but imaginable.

There is NO reasonable chance of a cure for Type 2 any time in the foreseeable future (and then some). Contrary to media oversimplification, Type 2 is not one disease; it is many, and they haven't even discovered all the possible causes of Type 2 (including MODY), and haven't come near to describing all the different systems that have gone haywire, much less have any clue as to what to do about it.

When you talk about a cure for "diabetes", I do sincerely hope one comes soon for Type 1's, even if after my death, but for Type 2, the road is impossibly long and hard, and since even the basic science is not completely there yet, I think it's unfair to hold out hope to people who are suffering, when it's not even close to a realistic hope.




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